Fully Funded External and Internal Scholarship at Qatar University 2023

Written by catherine.caoile on January 21, 2022

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    P.O. Box: 2713 - Doha Phone: (+974) 4403-3333 Email: [email protected]

For the academic year of 2022-2023, Qatar University offers a scholarship for local and international students who wants to commence their undergraduate degree in Qatar. Qatar University wants to support and provide a variety of scholarships to deserving local and international students who can demonstrate their abilities and knowledge that can contribute not only to their studies but also to the community and their country. The Internal and External Scholarships will be based on the student’s achievements and academic merits.

Scholarship Provider: Qatar University

About the Provider

Qatar University was known as one of the best universities in the Middle East that offers a high-quality education for undergraduate and graduate students in numerous degree programs, the degree program they are offering was the one that can help define the countries developments. The faculty teaches with dedication and diversity that is significant to regional concerns.

The University develops a program with the right knowledge and understanding to meet society’s ambitions, to fully reach their career goals. Annually, Qatar University offers numerous scholarship opportunities to attract students and as a part of their mission and vision, it is directly awarded to the students who can directly apply for the scholarships. For the academic year of 2022-2023, the University offers Internal and External Scholarships for local and International Students.

What is Internal and External Scholarship? 

Qatar University offers this scholarship to accepted students who can apply directly to the university. Nominated students may receive this scholarship during the spring and fall semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, all students are not allowed to pass the scholarship for the next academic year.

Internal Scholarship– The Internal Scholarship is intended for local students who can demonstrate their abilities and knowledge towards their academic excellence. The local students will be awarded the university’s third-party organizations.

External Scholarship– The scholarship opportunity is only intended for international students who want to further their undergraduate degrees at Qatar University. This scholarship type is one of the prestigious awards to be given for international students who can apply directly and can demonstrate their academic excellence.

Scholarship Summary

Academic Year: 2022-2023

Scholarship Duration: For up to one year

Nationality: Local and International students

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Course Offered: Any of the eligible courses offered by the university

Awards: Fully-funded

Country of Scholarship: Qatar


Local and International students who want to apply for the scholarship must meet the eligibility requirements of the university. As the scholarship will be divided into two categories, students must look over which “type of scholarship” they should be qualified for.

Internal Scholarship Qualification

  • Must be a local student, permanent residence in Qatar.
  • Students who will be enrolled will be able to receive the confirmation for the acceptance and not the provisional acceptance at the university.
  • Good academics on their secondary education.
  • The existing students must be able to complete the foundation semester to be eligible for this type of scholarship.

External Scholarship 

  • The students must be international students who can directly apply for the scholarship.
  • Must be able to recieve the final confirmation upon admission at the university.
  • Must be able to demonstrate their academic excellence
  • Outstanding grades during their high school

Keep in mind that the awarded scholarship for local and international students can be utilized in one semester they have applied for, the scholarship will be canceled if the students cannot attend the programs they have been enrolled in.

Application Process

Local and international students can apply through an online portal provided by the university. The international students may be able to do the admission in an online portal and be able to proceed and complete their scholarship applications. There are no additional documents to be submitted upon applications, but students are required to submit documents depending on their chosen program at the university.

Students must check the terms and condition and has to agree once they have completed the scholarship application online.

Scholarship Duration

All scholarship recipients must commit to a maximum duration of study equal to the proposed duration of the academic program in which he or she is studying, based on the requirements for completion of the program, the program is maximum up to one year and the duration will not include the summer courses or any courses drop or withdraw by the students.

  • GPA and number of credit hours enrolled during the program are not reported.
  • Completed the program in just 2 semesters (one year).
  • If the student has not passed the main course for 2 semesters

Internal scholarships: Scholarships are deferred; students are allowed to continue their studies at Qatar University but must pay their own tuition fees.

External Scholarship: The scholarship will be are deferred; student residency will be canceled and students will be issued a one-way ticket back to their country as long as Qatar University is their sponsor. However, the student may continue their studies at QU and be sponsored by QU as a paying student only if the student meets the international student policy to cover all costs or expenses.

All in all, the students must maintain their grades and must meet the condition of the scholarship for the continuity of the awards.

Scholarship Awards

Internal scholarship awards will be depending on the university terms and conditions for local students which may exclude the local student’s book fee, tuition, and or fixed fundings for the awards.

External Scholarship will be awarding the deserving international students a fully-funded scholarship in the following benefits:

  • Full tuition -fees
  • Students living expenses
  • Books
  • Other expenses in relevant to their studies.
  • Airfare ticket

If in case, that the students drop their courses, the students will be responsible for paying all their penalties or university dues. Local and international students must be able to maintain their GPA of 2.0 to be able to continue their scholarship award.

Scholarship Deadline 

All applications must be completed and submitted on or before February 6, 2022. Incomplete applications wil not be considered and reviewed by the scholarship committee of Qatar University.

The Qatar University Scholarship for local and international students will be offered annually.

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