Fully-funded Argelander Academy Grants for International Postdoctoral Researchers at the University of Bonn, Germany 2023

Written by catherine.caoile on January 20, 2023

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

    Aerospace, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Health Studies, Mathematics, Molecular Biology, Science Technologies
  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Ph.D. scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    > 12000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

    Monthly subsistence allowance, Travel and visa costs, Tuition fees
  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Dr. Robert Radu

The University of Bonn encourages the eligible international postdoctoral researcher to work on the research questions related to the Six Transdisciplinary Research Areas (TRAs) of the University for the academic year 2023-2024.

Four International scientists will be invited to do postdoctoral research in a similar interest to pursue their research at the university in a period of two to eight weeks. The Argelander Academy Grants will provide fully funded awards to successful candidates. The point of this funding line is to cultivate networks, support early freedom, increment worldwide permeability, energize work on inventive research questions, and advance cooperative research projects

Transdisciplinary Research Areas 

Transdisciplinary Research Areas (TRAs) make regions for investigation and advancement in research and education at the University of Bonn. Exceptional researchers work together across resources and spotlight key logical, innovative, and social issues.

Six Transdisciplinary Researh Areas

  • Mathematics, Simulation, and Modelling of the Complex System- The production of models is at the core of numerous quantitative sciences. While past logical ages have zeroed in on the comprehension of individual pieces of nature, it is one of the greatest difficulties of our chance to comprehend how these parts cooperate. This yields a comprehension of how the undeniably perplexing system around us really works. Researchers from an expansive scope of disciplines make models that depict complex systems, however, can analyze their way of behaving.
  • Building Blocks of Matter- One of the research which is highly recognized and supported internationally and several research programs. Chemists, Physicists, geologists, pharmacists, and other related fields will address this research.
  • Life and Health- Transdisciplinary Research “Life and Health” of the University of Bonn centers around understanding life – from the level of the littlest particles to the association of perplexing systems with the environment. One of the primary targets is the development of new systems to improve and keep up with health.
  • Individuals and Societies- The scientists in this TRA are exploring key impacts on our social and financial choices: Asset preservation, security of craftsmanship and social resources, profound quality and morals, and determinants of human organization and inspiration.
  • Present and Past Worlds- adopts an interdisciplinary strategy for the research of past social, political, cultural, and economic groupings implanted in a wide geological setting and verifiable profundity. Its work centers around the communication of contemporary difficulties and cycles and similar peculiarities before. The information about the working of societies created by such a verifiable relative methodology can prompt a superior comprehension of the present.
  • Sustainability- An innovation and technology for sustainable futures, the researchers will apply an interdisciplinary approach that will focus on the solutions with basic research and engage actively in the global networks and with the collaboration of the UN organizations.

Scholarship Provider: University of Bonn 

About the Provider 

The University of Bonn is one of the well-known university for excellence in Germany, they are also the university that holds as many Cluster of Excellence, won a Nobel Prize and Field Medals in recent decades. The University of Bonn is a 200-year university with a history of excellent research in a wide range of disciplines.

An open and intercultural approach is reflected in both regular university tasks and the scope of key organizations and expert organizations. Playing host to nearly 5,000 students from 130 different countries, the University makes an extraordinary commitment to the worldwide energy of the city of Bonn. Worldwide researchers coming to Germany esteem the University of Bonn as a host establishment.

Situated in Bonn, a focal point of research and the academic community, their Rhineland area places them at the core of Europe. As the German city of the Assembled Countries, Bonn has 20 UN habitats and a scope of worldwide associations. Bonn is a cutting-edge, cheerful, and cosmopolitan city with an outstanding quality of life. Studying at the University of Bonn implies gaining from the absolute best: showing in our more than 200-degree programs is performed by globally driving academics working at the front line of their subject. A great many subjects educated at the University allow the students the opportunity to adopt an interdisciplinary strategy for their studies.

Scholarship Summary 

  • Academic Year: 2023-2024
  • Applicant’s Nationality: International
  • Degree Level: Postdoctoral Research
  • Duration: Eight Weeks
  • Scholarship Country: Germany
  • Scholarship Awards: Travel allowance, accommodation, visa application, conference fee, and other related awards
  • Number of Awards: Four
  • Renewable: NA
  • Offered Annually: Yes

 Scholarship Eligibility 

  • Postdoctoral International researchers who can work on research questions in related to the Transdisciplinary Research Areas of the University of Bonn.
  • Must be able to meet the criteria of the university.

Selection Criteria 

  • Applicant’s relevancy to the research of the university.
  • CV of the applicants
  • Innovative potentials to the research questions.
  • Concrete goals and aims of the academy.
  • Involvement in activities related to research projects, for example, guest lectures, seminars, and participation in international science.

Application Process 

Applications will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary scholarship panel comprising delegates from all resources included, led by Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmer, Minister for Research and Early-Vocation Researchers.

Required Materials 

  • Letter of Motivation which includes the goals, aims, and impact of the academy must be a maximum of one page as well as outlining the budget plan for the conference and the visit to Germany.
  • Letter of support
  • An outline of the research questions and their potential including the relevance for the TRA of the university.
  • An employment contract or scholarship agreement at the University of Bonn
  • Letter of Support, only for the scholarship holder at the University of Bonn.

Scholarship Awards 

The University of Bonn will be providing the following awards:

  • Travel Expenses
  • Accommodation Expenses for up to eight weeks 1200 € / month
  • Travel Allowance
  • Visa application fees
  • €5,000 will be provided for the conference or symposium visits.
  • Upon the request cost for the accompanying partners and children of the international scholars.

Scholarship Deadline 

  • March 15, 2023
  • June 15, 2023
  • October 15, 2023

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