Full Coverage International Master’s Scholarship – Finland 2022

Written by K Fisher on March 14, 2022

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Finland International Scholarship

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

    Biomedical Humanities
  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Master's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    $5000 - $7000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Phone Number: +358 29 450 5000

At the University of Turku, international students can seek out merit scholarships or “full coverage” scholarships that will cover everything from tuition, room, and board, to even receiving extra reward amounts to ensure a safe passage to Finland. This is part of the country’s initiative to bring in more international students to benefit from Finland’s educational system (which ranks about also within the Top 100 of all universities within the world). At the Univerisity of Turku, there is a set mission that focuses on cultural memory, biotechnology future (a.k.a biofuture), digital futures, and working with all ages who wish to acquire any degree level higher education.

The University of Turku has multiple programs available and with this scholarship being focused on Master’s level degrees, we will provide a list of Master’s based programs:

  • Future Studies
  • Global Innovation Management
  • Education and Learning
  • Biomedical Sciences: Biomedical Imaging
  • Biomedical Sciences: Drug Discovery and Development
  • Biomedical Sciences: Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics
  • Human Neuroscience
  • Information and Communication Technology: Cyber Security
  • Information and Communication Technology: Smart Systems
  • Information and Communication Technology: Cryptography
  • Information and Communication Technology: Software Engineering
  • Information and Communication Technology: Data Analytics
  • Food Development
  • Health Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering: Digital Design
  • Mechanical Engineering: Digital Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering: Smart Systems
  • Materials Engineering: Health Technology Materials
  • Materials Engineering: Materials of Energy Technology
  • Materials Engineering: Modern Industrial Materials
  • Physical and Chemical Sciences: Astronomy and Space Physics
  • Physical and Chemical Sciences: Materials Chemistry
  • Physical and Chemical Sciences: Materials Physics
  • Biosciences: Evolutionary Biology
  • Physical and Chemical Sciences: Chemistry of Drug Development
  • East Asian Studies
  • European Languages, Cultures, and Societies
  • Inequalities, Interventions, and New Welfare State
  • Gender Studies

These are just the English taught classes, there are Finnish taught classes available. It will be requested for all international students to learn the native language in Finland. Finnish and Swedish are the two most spoken languages in the country, it will be required for all international students to learn a basic level of fluency. As well as, providing an English proficiency test.



  • This scholarship is specified for only international students that wish to pursue their Master’s studies.
  • International students outside of the EU and welcome to apply.
  • Applying students should understand that to apply for this scholarship award, they must apply for admission to the university itself.
  • Students will need to be required for a study/student visa to study in Finland.
  • Students will need to present an English proficiency score when applying for admission.
  • On the application admission form, there is a box that students can checkmarks from that shares the university’s available scholarships. Students just need to check the Master’s International program to be entered into the scholarship drawing.



This scholarship will go on until 2024, which means students that successfully are picked to receive this scholarship will be under its direct rules until 2024.

After, students should acquire at least 45 of the 55 credits that are needed, by March 2023/2024. And then the official set of 55 credits should be acquired no later than June 2023/2024.


How to Apply

Any international student may apply for this Finland International Scholarship at the same time that student applies for admission to the University of Turku.

All students that apply will be subject to academic merit review. The University of Turku only chooses and picks students based on the best academically gifted. All individuals are judged on their applications process.

This means all applicants will have to give an admissions interview, 2 to 3 letters of recommendation, motivation letter, and ranking from the previous year.

It is stated on the university website that whoever may have marked at the top 10% of their class or program the previous year is an exact fit for the university and for this scholarship.


Reward – Extra Benefits

When it comes to the coverage of this scholarship there are multiple avenues involved, such as:

  • This scholarship covers the tuition fee
  • Then there is a 5,000 euro grant coverage when it comes to any travel expenses and living expenses

The 5,000 euro scholarship/grant can be expected to be paired to a Finnish bank account during the first semester after the student has enrolled as an attending student at the University of Turku and moved to Finland.

So effectively, the student who becomes a recipient will receive their entire reward the moment they arrive in Finland, specifically at the University of Turku.

This Finland International Master’s Scholarship does cover a single student who attends 2-years starting with a Master’s degree, fulfills the desired credits, and is in fact a full-time student, absolutely for free. That means 2-years of free tuition, along with an extra certain amount of money reward that can go towards living expenses.



There are set deadline periods, the first deadline is from January 5 to January 19, 2022.

There is a second application admission period that goes from March 16 to March 30, 2022.


Open Submission Window Time Frame

Any applicant that may have ended up on the waiting list for this scholarship program will receive an email saying so, around the month of May 2022.

Students will need to look at the two separate deadline periods that exist in the Early Spring semester.

From here the open submission possibilities are between January and a second is between appropriate dates in March of 2022. Since this 2022 timeline is soon to pass by, students should get ready to start submitting during March 2022.

All students should utilize the ‘FAQs’ section that is available through the website link provided. From there, students will be able to have their questions answered to ensure timely and dedicated time frames from admission deadlines to receiving notice that an individual has become the recipient of this award.



This is an annual scholarship that caters to international students only, also the excess amount that is gifted may fluctuate depending on how many students are accepted to the university that year.

All students should check and read the guidelines that are available through the website link, which is provided on this page. Afterward, if students have more questions they should feel free to use the phone number to contact the university to inquire further.

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