Full Coverage for students of the MSc in Architecture – Liechtenstein 2023

Written by K Fisher on November 1, 2022

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

    Architecture and Environmental Design
  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Master's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    > 12000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Dipl. Arch. FH Jeannette Risch [email protected] T +423 265 11 24

A Master’s in Architecture while studying at the University of Liechtenstein can provide a new outlook on what architecture can be molded from centuries-old buildings to the newest modern design.

The University of Liechtenstein takes on 32 students from this specific program while the main course of language used throughout the program will be English. This scholarship is considered a competitive option.

The curriculum of this master’s program includes these classes:

  • Advanced Studios – Architectural and urban design – Project Studio
  • Preliminary Study
  • Master’s Thesis
  • Historical and Theoretical Studies
  • Technical Studies
  • Communication Design and Research Design
  • Project Management and Entrepreneurship
  • The choice of electives
  • Pro Bono Projects

Students will need to go through and look at what elective classes they would like to take. Technically students will need to sign up for these classes while before they receive the notification of what class order they are required to take.



  • The students who will be considered a high priority will be students from developing countries. This scholarship is not for Liechtenstein citizens.
  • Students that are looking to pursue their Master’s Degree in Architecture will need to fill out the application form titled ‘API Scholarship Application Form.’
  • Students will need to so that they come from a low-income background.
  • These scholarships are awarded per semester not per year.



The application form for the Master’s Program in Architecture will need to be filled out by the student and sent in.

It should be noted that there is no official guarantee that individual who have been awarded a scholarship for one semester beforehand will continue to receive one for the entire duration of their studies at the University of Liechtenstein. This is up to the university to decide who deserves to receive the benefits of this scholarship option. Students will need to stay up-to-date and follow the rules and guidelines to maintain a great track record with receiving benefits from this scholarship throughout the whole academic duration.


How to Apply

The application form titled ‘API Scholarship Application Form.’ This form will ask students to fill out these sections:

  • Surname
  • Title
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Current Address
  • Current E-mail Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Zip Code, City
  • Candidate direct monthly income or funding needed
  • Candidate savings
  • Bank Loans
  • Donors
  • Other scholarships or grants

Documentary of wealth and income may be asked.


Reward – Extra Benefits

First off students will need to pay the registration fee of CHF 100. Then the tuition fee per semester: CHF 950 (EU/EEA and Swiss citizens), CHF 1.250 (citizens from all other countries). Students will receive 2000 CHF at the beginning of the semester and this can continuously grow large in funds if the student comes from a low-income background.

The full reward and extra benefits for this scholarship is for students that will need total coverage of this program. Value amounts will differ between which students need more funding or not.

This can involve monthly allowance, travel expenses, equipment fees and more.


Student Visa

This scholarship is solely for international students. They will need to plan and inquire about a student visa before arriving. This is the best way to have a student visa as some countries do require students to have their student visa on them once they arrive at the student destination.


Deadline Time Line

Here are the deadlines:

  • Winter semester: June 30, 2023 (EU/EEA and Swiss citizens)
  • March 31, 2023 (citizen from all other countries)
  • Summer semester: November 30, 2023 (EU/EEA and Swiss citizens), September 30, 2023 (citizens of all other countries)


Open Submission Window Time Frame

The open submission window time frame follows the same time frame as the application processing window for admissions. That means that each student should look towards the actual deadline and open window date for when the university is accepting admissions applications for students to apply to study there.


Annual or Renewable Scholarship Options

This is an annual scholarship that lasts for the given time frame or how long the research project needs to be conducted. There is real potential for this scholarship to be renewed as it is a semester based scholarship. Here at Pick a Scholarship we offer a full range of scholarship databases for all students looking for varying degree levels. While we provide exact information for each scholarship application and when the deadlines/open submission windows are held. We offer a contact section on each post where the admissions of the university or the director of a private sponsor can be reached to give more information or details.

To be eligible for re-application, students must have completed a minimum of 20 ECTS in their previous semester at the University of Liechtenstein (including an Advanced Studio) and their overall performance (grade) must be above average. There is no guarantee that even if these criteria are fulfilled, the scholarship will be awarded.

All applicants should consult the contact webpage that is in the contact section of this page if a question has not been answered. Beforehand check the university’s FAQs page to see if anything can be answered right away.

All students should check with the university website about any delays or changes to the open submission window or deadline time frame. This is the best way to see if anything needs to be reviewed or changed before submitting their application.

Anyone can sign up to receive a university website newsletter to stay updated on the latest information.

Any student that is unsure about the rules and guidelines that are meant to be followed by the recipient should consult the website link provided. Anyone looking for more information that is not found on the website should contact the email address.

We also suggest that all applicants read through the information guideline page that is available through the original scholarship link. This way, the individual can navigate the website correctly and identify the real scholarship online application. So far there has been no mention of any delays for this opportunity or any cancellations.

Each foundation has its own set of guidelines that should be followed as well to maintain a scholarship for its full duration. Otherwise, contact the phone number to ask any other unrelated questions that are not currently answered.

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