€2500 Neufert-Foundation Scholarships 2022

Written by David on January 12, 2022

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

    Architecture and Environmental Design, Urban Planning
  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Bachelor's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    $3000 - $5000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

    Private sponsor
  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Rudolstädter Str. 7 Germany - 99428 Weimar-Gelmeroda Phone: +49 (0)176 37 460 688 [email protected]

International students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in architecture can apply for Neufert-Foundation Scholarships. The Neufert-Foundation awards scholarships to students pursuing a master’s degree in architecture, landscaping, or urban development after completing their bachelor’s degree.
The Neufert-Foundation is dedicated to preserving Prof. Ernst Neufert’s cultural and architectural legacy. The Bauentwurfslehre was written by Ernst Neufert, a Bauhaus student who traveled extensively to gain experiences and learn more about architecture. Ernst Neufert’s wide and internationally famous work was shaped by his study abroad. As a result, the foundation wants to assist young architects in gathering their own worldwide experiences.
The scholarship is open to all architecture, landscape, and urban development students who have completed their Bachelor’s degree at a German institution and are starting a Masters program at an international university.
If they are starting a Masters program at a German university, international students of architecture, landscaping, and urban development who have completed their studies abroad with a Bachelor degree, diploma, or similar academic degree may also apply.

About the Scholarship:

In 1914, Ernst Neufert started an apprenticeship as a mason, which he finished by passing the apprenticeship certification exam. In 1918, he took an exam at the Weimar School of Construction and worked for the Hannack & Ludwig company in Magdeburg. Neufert was one among the original students at the Bauhaus in Weimar, which began in 1919. He worked at Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer’s private architecture practice from the beginning until the winter semester of 1920. Neufert went to Spain to study alongside two other Bauhäuslers during the summer semester of 1921. He had a pivotal interaction with Antoni Gaud and worked at Ricardo Magdalena’s architecture firm, among other things.
Ernst Neufert, a Bauhaus graduate, published the first edition of his landmark work Bau-Entwurfslehre in 1936. The encyclopedic collection, which was one of the most successful architecture books to date, provided dimensioned floor designs for architectural projects ranging from bunkers to dog kennels to Zeppelins. Two years later, Neufert began working as a “norm expert” for Reichsminister Albert Speer, with whom he co-authored the Bauordnungslehre manual in 1943. The volume subjected building blocks, bricks, and human bodies to Neufert’s all-encompassing octametric system in order to offer a holistic system of measures for architecture as a whole.

Neufert’s published manuals are attracting more scholarly attention, both for their widespread impact on architectural production (which has previously been primarily examined through the influence of the so-called avant-gardes) and, more recently, for their charged political implications, which have surfaced after long-held assumptions of standardization as a technology supposedly free of ideology. Footnote8 Because, as architecture historian Nader Vossoughian has shown, ‘technical standards also serve a normalizing function’ in society, standardization efforts for the building industry proved a resilient platform for changing political ideologies in three different political systems in twentieth-century Germany.
Neufert’s most influential work, Architects’ Data, originally published in 1936, must be considered his most influential work. It has been published in 39 editions in Germany alone, with several changes. It was not until 1943 that it received its practical element, the Theory of Building Regulations. The Abbeanum and the Student House in Jena (1929–1930), the Ledigenwohnheim apartment building on the Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt (1952–1955), the main plant of the Eternit company in Leimen (1954–1960), and the Quelle mail-order firm in Nuremberg (1955–1958) are some of the architect’s most important practical works.

Scholarship Sponsor(s):
Host Country(s): Germany
Scholarship Worth €2500
Study Level: Masters
Nationality: International

Scholarship Offer:
The Neufert-Foundation Scholarships award a scholarship payment of 2500 euros.
The scholarship recipient must reimburse any money made to the foundation within one month if the student does not begin or interrupts his or her studies. This does not apply if there are special hurdles that prevent you from proceeding.

Eligibility for Scholarship

1. English or German are required languages.
2. Eligible Countries: Any country in the world.
3. International architecture, landscaping, and urban development students who have completed their studies in Germany or abroad with a German diploma. 4. If they are starting a Masters’ program at a German university, they must have a bachelor’s degree, a diploma, or an equivalent academic degree.
5. The submitted work’s architectural excellence and originality.
6. A detailed explanation of why you choose to pursue a Master’s degree in another country.
7. Professor’s recommendation
8. The Bachelor’s degree’s overall grade.
9. The application’s quality.


1. After completing the Master’s program, the student must deliver a copy of the Master thesis to the Foundation, both printed and digitally. The foundation retains the right to publish and display this thesis as part of the scholarship’s publications.
2. If the Master’s program is not finished within a month, the student must repay the money.
3. If the student has a compelling cause to leave the program, this rule does not apply.


The Neufert-Foundation Scholarships 2022 is open to all international students.

Courses Offered

1. Architecture
2. Landscaping
3. Urban Development

Program Period: 1.5 to 2 years

Application Procedure

To apply for a Neufert-Foundation Scholarship, please follow the instructions below:
(1) Complete the application papers listed below.

– Motivation letter – CV in chronological order plus spoken languages and a photograph
– A copy of your Bachelor’s (or other) degree that has been notarized.
– A transcript from any of the following disciplines of study: architecture, landscaping, or urban planning and development.
– Reference of a professor at the university, where the student has acquired the Bachelor degree.
– The reasons for selecting a specific overseas university or institution.
– International university admission/registration.
– A portfolio of at least four assignments, including the Bachelor thesis, which must be printed in DIN A3 format to be approved.
To apply for a Neufert-Foundation Scholarship, please follow the instructions below:

(2) Then sent them by mail to the below address:

Neufert-Stiftung mit Sitz in Weimar
c/o Maringo Computers GmbH
Stolberger Strasse 114a
D – 50933 Cologne, Germany

Admission deadline:
The deadline for Neufert-Foundation Scholarships 2022 is May 15th, 2022


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