Duke College Scholarships 2024

Written by Michael Nz. on May 2, 2023

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If you’re interested in attending Duke University, you might be worried about how to pay for it. But don’t worry, there are resources available to help you pay for your education, such as the Duke University Scholarship Program 2024.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of scholarships available for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. students at Duke University. To find scholarships that you may be eligible for, you can fill out the FAFSA form. This will tell you if you qualify for any public or government funding.

It’s also important to check out scholarships that are specifically for Duke University students. We’ve compiled a list of Duke College Scholarships that you should consider.

Table of Contents

  • Benjamin N. Duke Scholarship Program
  • How to apply for this scholarship
  • MasterCard Foundation Scholars
  • Duke University undergraduates

Benjamin N. Duke Scholarship Program

This program is meant to assist future student leaders who want to attend Duke University. It’s for students who have shown academic excellence and have leadership skills, and who come from North Carolina or South Carolina.

Students who receive this scholarship will be expected to be actively involved in both the campus and the community. They will receive a complete package to cover their expenses at Duke University, including free tuition, no student fees, and four years of accommodation and meals. They’ll also have the opportunity to participate in two summers of community service, one abroad and the other in North Carolina or South Carolina.

In addition to financial support, students will receive guidance and support from the program’s faculty.

How to Apply For This Scholarship

To be considered for this scholarship, all you need to do is apply to Duke University before the admissions deadline and be located in North Carolina or South Carolina. If you meet these criteria, you’ll automatically be considered for the scholarship.

If you’re selected to receive the scholarship, you’ll be notified in March.

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Duke University Application Deadlines

It’s really important that you follow the application deadlines for Duke University’s programs. Here are the deadlines:

– Bachelor’s Degree (regular decision): January 3, 2024
– Master’s Degree: January 31, 2024 (Note that different master’s programs may have their own specific deadlines.)

Duke University Tuition Fees for International Students

When you’re studying abroad, you may need to have a lot of cash on hand. This is because there are many expenses to consider in addition to tuition, such as room and board, transportation, and books.

If you need help to finance your study abroad expenses, Duke University offers scholarships for international students. Currently, there are three scholarships available, each with its own requirements, benefits, and application processes. We’ve compiled a list of these scholarships to help you find the one that’s right for you.

How hard is it to get into Duke?

The admissions process for Duke University’s class of 2023 was the most competitive it has ever been. A record-breaking number of almost 50,000 students applied for only 2,855 spots, resulting in an acceptance rate of just 5.8%. This represents a 25% increase in applicants from the previous year, and it’s likely that admissions will continue to be extremely competitive due to Duke’s small student body.

What does this mean for students who are interested in applying to Duke University? Basically, it means that getting accepted into Duke is going to be very difficult, and luck will play a significant role in the admissions process. You should consider Duke to be a “reach” school and plan accordingly when creating your list of potential colleges.

However, there are ways to increase your chances of being admitted to Duke. In the following sections, we’ll discuss how to exceed Duke’s GPA requirements, achieve the regular Duke SAT scores, and participate in effective extracurricular activities.

What is the average GPA for Duke University?

Students who are trying to figure out how to get into Duke University often want to know what GPA is required for admission. GPA, or grade point average, is an important factor in the admissions process because it measures a student’s academic preparedness for challenging coursework.

Duke University does not officially state its GPA requirements for admission. However, due to the large number of highly competitive applicants, you can expect that the average GPA of admitted students is close to 4.0. Therefore, you can consider a GPA of around 4.0 to be an unofficial requirement for admission to Duke University.

MasterCard Foundation Scholars

Students who are accepted into the Duke University MasterCard Foundation Fellows program are provided with several significant benefits. As a fellow, you will be given the opportunity to work on a project in Africa and receive financial support from the university to do so.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must demonstrate strong academic achievement and financial need. Additionally, only students from Sub-Saharan Africa who have a desire to contribute to the betterment of African communities are eligible to participate in this program.

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Duke University undergraduates

The Scholars program offers students a full scholarship to attend Duke University, which covers tuition fees and four years of accommodation and meals. In addition to the financial benefits, students in the program will have access to academic mentoring, special seminars, and cultural events.

However, Scholars are expected to meet certain requirements, such as participating in interviews, hosting cultural events, and responding to invitations. Students who apply to Duke University will be automatically considered for the scholarship, regardless of their financial need. For more information about the undergraduate scholarship program, visit the Duke University website.

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