Concectemos scholarship to study English at ICPNA, 2022

Written by Michael Nz. on August 10, 2022

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

    English as a Second Language
  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Bachelor's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    $3000 - $5000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    ICPNA Languages ??- North American Peruvian Cultural Institute (ICPNA) Tel.: (01) 7067000 The Applicant Must Write To The Following Email [email protected] Or Call 739-0201, In Case They Have Any Questions.

The Concectemos scholarship to study English at ICPNA seeks to promote access to English language education at a national level for people with academic talent and who present some socioeconomic problems, in order to promote their progress at a
personal and professional level. The application for the Connectemos Scholarship is managed by IPFE – Peruvian Institute for Educational Development.

1. Enable access to knowledge and understanding of the English language for people with socioeconomic needs,
2. Recognize through a scholarship program the academic and/or professional talent of people with socioeconomic needs.
3. Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

DURATION: The duration of the scholarship is thirteen (13) months.
SCOPE: The scholarship is national in scope.
FREQUENCY: normal daily

The North American Peruvian Cultural Institute (ICPNA) is the first binational center in the world to obtain international accreditation from the CEA – Commission on English Language Program Accreditation.

What benefits do the Concectemos Scholarships offer to study English at ICPNA?

You can apply for one of the 600 (six hundred) scholarships that will be distributed proportionally on a quarterly basis during 2022.

The IPFE Scholarship provides a discount of 70% up to 100% on the tuition cost of the English Program for Youth and Adults only for thirteen (13) months, in 100% virtual mode, and covers academic costs and materials other than our culture.

What are the requirements to obtain one of the Concectemos Scholarships to study English at ICPNA?

Requirements to apply

Not be currently studying at the ICPNA or be a regular student.
If you previously studied at the ICPNA, you must comply with the following:
• Do not submit previous disapproved cycles.
• Not having current continuity.
• Not have another scholarship or academic subsidy.

If the applicant is in school, they must have an average of the last two years of secondary education greater than or equal to 16.

If you are in an institute:
• It must be accredited by MINEDU.
• You must not present any failed course.
• You must have a weighted average greater than or equal to 14 from the last semester of study previously completed.

If you are in a university:
• You must be licensed by SUNEDU
• You must have an order of merit greater than or equal to the superior third, of the last cycle.

Prove that they do not have the economic means to cover an ICPNA pension, through an evaluation where their socioeconomic situation will be analyzed.

How do I apply?

If the applicant meets the aforementioned requirements, they must purchase the application folder (point f of the Connectemos scholarship considerations) and then enter the IPFE platform:, and follow the application steps and enter the documents required by IPFE.

– The Peruvian Institute for Educational Development (IPFE) is in charge of overseeing the scholarship process. e) The applicant must apply and follow up through the IPFE platform called SABE (Educational Benefits Administration System).
– The applicant must make the payment, for the evaluation right of S/55 to IPFE, so that they proceed to evaluate their application folder to the following current account:
Bank Entity: Scotiabank
Current account soles: N° 000 2232069
CCI: N ° 009 010 000002232069 01
It is important to mention that if the files turn out to be “inappropriate” – the payment for the evaluation right is not reimbursable since it covers IPFE’s administrative expenses.

– The applicant must pre-register and attach proof of payment at the following link:
– The applicant must enter the SABE platform, with their previously received credentials by email, fill out the application form and submit the documents as established by IPFE, information that can also be found on our website and social networks
– The applicant must complete the process within the dates established in the schedule, they are not received late requests.
-The applicant must not have disciplinary sanctions during the evaluation of the scholarship application or in the academic period prior to the application if he/she had studied at the ICPNA.
– Incomplete files submitted (that do not attach the documents on the socioeconomic situation that are detailed in “Requirements to apply”, as appropriate) for the purpose of requesting a scholarship are resolved as “Not Applicable”. This result of the evaluation is final and there will be no refund of the payment per folder.
– The files that result as “Not Applicable”, for not reaching one of the 150 quarterly scholarships, are unappealable to their result and there will be no refund of the payment per folder.
– Once the scholarship has been obtained, the applicant must follow the following:
• Accept to know the Student Guide, the Regulations for Students and Parents and the general public, as well as the instructions for distance classes published at
• Take the PLEX exam, in order to classify it accordingly.

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