Catawba College: Scholarship, Tuition and Cost of Living 2022

Written by Michael Nz. on March 6, 2022

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

  • Country of the Scholarship

    United States
  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Bachelor's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    $3000 - $5000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    2300 W Innes St Salisbury, NC 28144 1-800-CATAWBA

Various questions have been raised regarding Catawba College such as; tuition, cost of living, and scholarship benefits.

All these questions and more have been carefully updated by the Pick A Scholarship Team in this article.

Catawba College is a private college located in Salisbury, North Carolina. This university, founded in the Reformed Church of Newton in North Carolina, was named Catawba County and then moved to its current home in Salisbury in 1925. The institution still shares boundaries with the Reformed Church of Christ, offering more than 70 courses undergraduate.

Catawba College was founded in 1851 by the class of the Reformed Church of North Carolina. Years after the university’s founding, the school enjoyed years of prosperity, but the civil war changed things as financial and student resources dwindled.

During the war period, the college became an academy from 1865 to 1885 and later regained its status as the College of Catawba. Catawba regained a co-educational status in 1890. Despite the addition of women, the number was still depleting as the university sought to overcome war-weariness.

Guardians, colleges, and churches closed the Newton campus and resumed at Salsbury in 1923.

The university is associated with the United Church of Christ, the successor to the Evangelical and Reformed Church in America.

College Catawba offers more than 70 areas of study in various fields.

There are special programs and universities, like the Center for Writers, the Center for Mathematics. , the sustainable catapult, the Volunteering database, the Environment Center, professional services, training program in educational materials, summer and winter schools.

Why study at Catawba College?

  • The Catawba Graduate and Evening School for Adults offers a Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • You can obtain a bachelor’s degree (BAE) in conjunction with the faculty of education.
  • Completed higher education courses also offer a master’s degree in basic education. RN for BSN and part of the evening program are also available.
  • The Honors program is designed to help students deal with the problem of learning by challenging interdisciplinary and intellectual processes.
  •  Most classes are taught by one or more processors, each providing information in a specific field.
  • This program includes opportunities to enrich the study abroad experience (for example, Greece, Germany, Great Britain, Arizona, and other areas, both domestically and abroad).
  •  Students may be invited to this program as undergraduates or enroll at any time during their studies at Catawba.
  • Undergraduate students in the honors program must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and an SAT score of at least 1150 and/or an ACT score of 25 or higher.


Catawba College offers a variety of institutional scholarships that help students maximize their potential, inspire and inspire others and the college community.

Catawba College Scholarships are awarded based on recognition, core areas of interest, financial need, and participation in college teams and programs.

All students automatically receive scholarships upon admission to Catawba College. Students can apply for FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) and other types of scholarships provided by Catawba College.


McCorkle Academic Distinction Scholarship  

The Scientist Grant McCormack is Catawba College’s most prestigious scholarship. Eligible students are invited to receive a full-time scholarship based on high school grades, severity, and standardized test scores.

To be counted, students must have a score of 3.75 or higher and an ACT score of 25 or a combined SAT score of 1220 and must be accepted into Catawba by November 1.


Once a student is qualified and invited to participate in the competition, all supporting documents or information for all competitions must be submitted or mailed by November 1, annually.

How to apply for the scholarship

Interested applicants should apply for the scholarship here

The Spirit of Catawba Scholarship

Eligible students can create self-service centers, find new clubs in schools, be recognized as principals or communities, start their own businesses, or complete research projects. To demonstrate this scholarship, students must be admitted to Catawba on February 22.

Any student who believes they will cover one or more of Catawba’s core values ​​can apply for this award. Students may receive awards in accepting or naming by teachers, school counselors, or members of the Church. Please note that family members cannot apply for this scholarship.

The Spirit of Catawba Scholarship Test Date:

Annual March.

Spirit of Catawba Scholarship Application Deadline:

Once an applicant is accepted and invited to participate in the competition, all supporting documents for the entire competition must be submitted or mailed by February of each year.

How to Apply for the Spirit of Catawba Scholarship

The application for the Spirit of Catawba scholarship is through this link.


SEGS Transfer Excellence Award Scholarships

You can get an award fund scholarship!

The Award for Excellence Award recognizes outstanding students who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree from Catawba College.

The prices allow students to receive qualified financial support with a high level of education and great potential for a future career. The criteria for the award are primarily academic degrees from a previous university education.

Prices are limited to a maximum of $500 per semester, up to four semesters, to a maximum of $2,000 per semester. Catawba College requires full-time student status and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 GPA for scholarship evenings and study time. Since this is a competing application process, everything on the application, including the essay, is important.

Scholarship Deadline:

The application deadline is April 1st for fall semesters and November 1st for spring semesters.

This scholarship is available only to students who have received at least 45 hours of transferable credit. Current students cannot apply for scholarships.

Apply Here

#two. Major-Based Departmental Scholarships

accounting scholarship

The Department of Business and Economics makes available to full-time students the opportunity to be considered for a great scholarship.

Not only does this scholarship offer assistance to students with their tuition and cost costs, but it also provides the possibility for the funds to assist with an external study abroad opportunity in their junior or senior year.

Scholarship deadline

December 1st is the deadline to apply.

Follow the link to complete the application process:

business scholarships

Regular full-time students may be eligible for the Department of Business and Economics Entrepreneurial Scholarship! If you are an applicant, please take the time to complete this application for scholarship consideration.

Follow the link.








Education and the cost of living

tag price


  • books and supplies $29,920
  • Other costs $0
  • Food and accommodation $10,488
  • Budget for other expenses $3,113

The annual membership fee for full study at Catawba College is $44,921 for all students. This fee is $29,920 for tuition, $10,488 for rooms and boards, $1,400 for books and accessories, and $0 for other expenses.

NET PRICE Average net price = $19,665

Catawba College’s disclosed the average annual net price for students receiving grants or scholarship aid is approximately $21,665.

student loans

To show you a more realistic picture of the cost of visiting Catawba College, it shows a student loan of 10 for default of $68,180. The loan balance of $68,180 is the 4 annual rate of $17,045.

This is an assessment of your opinion as to whether you are eligible for average financial support and how much money you really value. If you are not eligible for financial support, you can pay much more at the end of the course.

Based on these assumptions, a student loan of $712 per month may be required to complete the process. Financial support is only available to eligible students. Federal student loans are unsubsidized and must be repaid at interest. The current interest rate on student loans is 4.7%.

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