Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship in 2024

Written by Michael Nz. on August 7, 2023

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The Smallpeice Trust offers Arkwright Engineering Scholarships to talented 16-year-old students who want to pursue a career in engineering. Eligible students should apply now. It’s a great opportunity.

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More About the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship

About Arkwright - Arkwright Scholarships Trust

Image Source: About Arkwright

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship stands as the epitome of excellence in the UK, aiming to ignite the aspirations of school-age students and foster future leaders in the engineering sector.

Supporting High-Caliber Students for a Brighter Future

Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are awarded to exceptional 16-year-old students who undergo a rigorous selection process. These chosen scholars receive unwavering support throughout their two-year A-level, Scottish Advanced Highers, or equivalent qualifications journey.

Diverse Sponsorships Paving the Way

Arkwright Scholars are fortunate to receive sponsorships from various sources, including business enterprises, trade associations, universities, professional institutions, military services, government agencies, respected businesses, charitable trusts, and personal donors. This wide array of sponsors ensures comprehensive backing for deserving scholars.

The Abundance of Support

The support provided to Arkwright scholars encompasses valuable hands-on experience, assistance with curricular projects, and access to a personal mentor dedicated to guiding them through their studies and career planning.

A Pathway to Engineering Excellence

The Arkwright Scholarship extends its embrace to 16-year-old high school students who dream of a career in engineering. This prestigious opportunity enables them to pursue their passion and pave the way for a remarkable future.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship, aspiring students must meet the following criteria:

– Be enrolled in a school or university affiliated with Arkwright Engineering Scholarships.
– Be in Year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland), and Year 12 (Northern Ireland), about to take GCSE, Scottish National 5, IB Standards, BTEC level 2, or equivalent.
– Possess a strong desire to pursue a career in Engineering, which includes computer science and technical aspects of design.
– Be in the school year where you will sit your GCSE, Scottish National 5, International Baccalaureate Standards, BTEC Level 2, or equivalent exams where applicable.
– Commit to studying mathematics at A level (England, Wales, and Northern Ireland) or Advanced Advanced (Scotland).
– Plan to live in a sixth form school or college for two years to study A levels, BTEC level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma, Scottish Advanced Highers, or International Baccalaureate top level.

For the complete eligibility criteria, please refer to Section 2, pages 5 and 6, of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Handbook.

How to Apply for the Arkwright Scholarship

Applying for the Arkwright Scholarship is straightforward, provided the applicant’s school is affiliated with the Arkwright Scholarships Trust. If not already affiliated, the applicant’s teacher can fill out the school affiliation form easily and free of charge.

As an aspiring scholar, you should submit your application during Year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland), or Year 12 (Northern Ireland). The scholarship will be awarded as you begin Year 12 (England and Wales), S5 (Scotland), or Year 13 (Northern Ireland) to prepare for an undergraduate degree, higher level apprenticeship, and a fulfilling career in engineering, computer science, or technical design.

Applicants must pay an administration fee of £40.00 in April to cover the cost of the rigorous selection process conducted by Arkwright. The payment process can be coordinated between the school, the applicant’s parents, and the teachers.

A Comprehensive Selection Process

The Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship’s selection process encompasses five distinct stages:

1. Arkwright Online Student Application: An online student application approved by a teacher between September and December marks the beginning of the journey. Students are encouraged to apply through the provided online portal.

2. Student Aptitude Test: In February, students undergo a two-hour aptitude test to assess their potential and suitability for the scholarship.

3. Interview with Arkwright: Those who pass the initial stages will undergo a 20-minute interview at a university between April and May.

4. Arkwright Sponsorship: Scholars will be connected with sponsoring organizations once the Arkwright standard is met. The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is awarded between May and September.

5. Arkwright Awards Ceremony: The prestigious scholarship is bestowed upon scholars at award ceremonies held in London and Edinburgh in October/November.

It is crucial for applicants to demonstrate their practical ability through technical project work completed at school or home, as this forms an integral part of the application process.

Important Dates for the Arkwright Scholarships 2024

For the year 2024, the application process is expected to commence in September and conclude in December. Here are the key dates to keep in mind:

Teacher Nominations: Teachers should nominate students through the portal by noon on December 18.

Online Application Submission: Students must submit completed online applications to teachers through the portal by noon on January 16.

Master Submission: Teachers must submit completed applications to Arkwright through the portal by noon on January 23.

Aptitude Test: The aptitude test is scheduled for the afternoon of February 5.

Interviews: Interviews will take place in April and May.

Administration Fee Payment: The administration fee should be paid before April 24.

For further information on the Arkwright Scholarship, projects, interviews, and more, refer to the scholarship website

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship?
The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship in the UK, aimed at inspiring and encouraging school-age students to become future leaders in the engineering sector.

2. Who is the Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship for?
Arkwright Scholarships are awarded to senior students applying in Year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland), and Year 12 (Northern Ireland).

3. Who can apply for the Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship?
The application is open to students between the ages of 15 and 16 who are in the year they do all or most of their GCSEs or 5 Scottish Nationals.

4. When does the Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship open?
The online student application window opens in September and closes in December of each academic year, with slight variations in the exact dates.

5. How Much Does Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship Application Cost?
Each student application costs £40.00.

6. Can I take the Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship Exam at home?
Under no circumstances should the test be taken at home to ensure fairness and integrity in the selection process.

By adhering to the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship’s strict criteria and showcasing dedication, passion, and practical abilities, students can embark on a rewarding journey toward becoming future engineering leaders in the UK. Take the first step toward this prestigious scholarship; a brilliant future awaits!


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