£9,000 Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University in UK, 2024

Written by Michael Nz. on April 5, 2024

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£9,000 Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University in UK, 2024

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    United Kingdom
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    Master's scholarship
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    Tuition fees
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The Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University, valued at £9,000, stands as a distinguished beacon of academic excellence and leadership, offering an unparalleled journey into postgraduate studies at one of the most esteemed universities globally. Founded in 1902, this scholarship initiative is designed to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow, selecting individuals who excel academically and show remarkable leadership qualities and a deep-seated commitment to bettering society. Every year, this prestigious program handpicks scholars from across the globe to step into a transformative educational experience at Oxford University.

Scholarship Provider

The Rhodes Scholarship is a legacy of Cecil Rhodes, manifested through the Rhodes Trust—a charitable entity devoted to fostering global understanding and leadership among young talents. The Trust’s mission is to support individuals poised to make significant societal contributions, emphasizing the importance of moral character, intellectual vigor, and altruism. It’s a competitive arena where only the exemplary, capable of effecting global positive change, are awarded.

Host Country Overview

The United Kingdom’s Oxford University, with its venerable history and commitment to academic and research excellence, offers a fertile ground for intellectual and personal growth. Oxford, a city rich in culture and history, provides scholars with an environment that’s both traditionally British and vibrantly modern. The University’s state-of-the-art facilities, alongside Oxford’s cultural depth, create an ideal backdrop for scholars to flourish.

Eligible Applicants

The Rhodes Scholarships target exceptional individuals worldwide, demonstrating academic prowess, leadership capacity, and a fervent desire to contribute positively to their communities. Candidates are expected to embody attributes such as integrity, empathy, and the resilience to navigate global challenges, aiming to foster change and innovation on a worldwide scale.

Scholarship Benefits

Recipients of the Rhodes Scholarships are endowed with £9,000 covering Oxford University’s tuition fees and a stipend for living expenses. The scholarship also provides additional support for travel and research, enriching the academic experience. Furthermore, scholars benefit from mentoring by distinguished academicians and professionals, enhancing their educational and career trajectory.

Level and Field of Study

This scholarship opens doors to postgraduate studies across various disciplines at Oxford University—from the humanities and social sciences to STEM fields, law, and beyond. Scholars are encouraged to pursue their intellectual passions, engage in interdisciplinary research, and contribute new knowledge to their fields.

Application Process

Prospective scholars must submit an online application detailing their academic journey, leadership experiences, community involvement, and a personal statement that narrates their aspiration for postgraduate study. The selection process involves a comprehensive review of academic credentials, leadership records, and personal statements, followed by interviews for shortlisted candidates. The final selection is merit-based, aiming to identify those who best fit the Rhodes Scholarships’ ethos.

Eligible Countries

With a global scope, the Rhodes Scholarships welcome applications from about 220 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, India, China, Japan, South Africa, and numerous European nations. Applicants should verify their country’s eligibility and any specific requirements before applying.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible candidates must showcase significant academic achievements, leadership capabilities, and a commitment to effecting social change. Applicants, typically between 19 to 25 years of age and holding an undergraduate degree, should also demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a readiness to embrace different perspectives, and the ability to think innovatively.

How To Apply

Interested individuals should visit the Rhodes Scholarship’s official website to find comprehensive application guidelines, deadlines, and eligibility details. Applicants should meticulously review all provided information and seek guidance from mentors or academic advisors to strengthen their application.

Application Deadline

Applications for the Rhodes Scholarship are due around October or November each year, with exact deadlines available on the scholarship’s official website.

Application Link

Please visit the official Rhodes Trust website for detailed application instructions and access to the online form.


The Rhodes Scholarships not only offer a gateway to advanced study at Oxford University but also a transformative experience that molds scholars into future leaders poised to tackle global challenges. Through financial support, mentorship, and access to a diverse and dynamic community, this scholarship sets the stage for personal and intellectual growth, community service, and the pursuit of excellence. Aspiring scholars worldwide are invited to apply, embarking on a journey that promises to be both enriching and impactful.

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