8,000 Euros University of Lapland Master’s Scholarship – Finland 2022

Written by K Fisher on January 14, 2022

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Master's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    $7000 - $9000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

    Tuition fees
  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Phone Number: +358 16 341 341

The University of Lapland is located in the city of Rovaniemi, Finland. It was founded in 1979. While UiT The Arctic University of Norway is the northernmost university in the world, the University of Lapland is the most northern university in the European Union.

The university is divided into four faculties:

  • Faculty of Art and Design
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Social Sciences

In addition to faculties, there is the Arctic Center that is devoted to the arctic studies and research. The European Union has planned a resolution on the Arctic Strategy for the EU. The resolution includes paragraphs that are after the establishment of the EU Arctic Information Center as a networked undertaking with a permanent office in Rovaniemi at the University of Lapland, Finland.

The fields of education and research here are education, law, art and design, social sciences, and northern and Arctic issues. As a research-based higher education institution, we offer students and scholars the opportunity to pursue academic excellence at all levels – all the way to PhD studies.

Our strategic choices deal with

  • global Arctic responsibility
  • sustainable tourism
  • future services and reachability

All international students have to register as a student of the University upon their enrollment. Being registered as attending is a prerequisite for signing up for any courses or accessing the university information systems.

As a first-year student, they may register as non-attending if they are:

  • Be a student who is completing compulsory military service, voluntary military service (for women) or non-military service
  • For women on maternity, paternity or parental leave
  • Or if the student is unable to begin their studies due to illness or injury



  • All international students have to register as a student of the University upon their enrollment
  • All applying students must be studying for a Master’s Degree (no other students will be able to apply if they are not specifically studying for a Master’s)
  • This scholarship is open only to new students of Master’s level from outside the EU or EEA countries
  • Any students who reside or are a current citizen of Finland cannot apply, there scholarship will be thrown out if they do so
  • Most of the Master’s programs available are involved in the management and tourism industry
  • Both male and female individuals may apply
  • There is currently no age-limit associated with this scholarship application



The students applying have to be from outside of the EU and applying for a Masters Degree. These are strict rules to follow if a student wants to be accepted as the recipient of this scholarship.

Students applying must pick a relevant and currently available Master’s Program that is available:

  • Master’s Degree Program in Tourism, Culture and International Management
  • Master’s Degree Program in Northern Tourism
  • Master’s Degree Program in Arctic Art and Design
  • Service Design Strategies and Innovation Master’s Degree Program

Individuals who do apply will need to apply for a student visa to attend the university in Finland. This means all students will need to have all of their legal documents ready to send in to immigration and to the university to share that as a student, they will be attending to the full duration of a year.


How to Apply

Students may be required to pay a tuition fee, this fee is to be paid before registration.

Once the registration is complete, all students will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Student Services. The student does have the right to study  and enter into the university on August 1, 2022 (the first day of the academic year) at the earliest. Once an individual’s personal information has been entered into the system, the student will receive an automatic e-mail message from the University study system, but they can only activate their user ID once their Right to Study is in motion and accepted.

In order for students to enroll as an Ulapland student, they will need to pay for the Student Union Membership fee 53.00 euros and register for attendance.

All degree students are automatically members of the Student Union of the University of Lapland and have to pay the membership fee before registering to the university. As a member of the Student Union they are entitled to certain discounts, such as cheaper lunches at the university, discount on train tickets and long-distance bus tickets.

Payment may be made by credit card. Information on alternative payment methods is available at the Student Union web pages. Please follow the more detailed instructions for fee payment and registration provided in the e-mail sent to the student by the Student Services.

The only way to apply is through the online website scholarship portal and the link provided shares all of the information a student will need to apply correctly and successfully.

Here are a few tips to write a successful scholarship application.


Reward – Extra Benefits

This scholarship is provided by University of Lapland and the value of this scholarship is Partial Funding, 4,800 euros – 8,000 euros.

Candidates can have their scholarship renewed for the second year provided they progress in their studies and complete at least 55 ECTS credits in their first year. If a student does not hold a 55 ECTS credit, then they will not receive the renewed scholarship amount.

While this is not a technically fully funded tuition, 8,000 Euros can pay off at least 20% of a students first-year tuition fees and cost.



There is no official set date for a deadline and it varies depending on the students and which country they are coming from, however, a given rounded date is May 20, 2022. Since student visas are going through some substantially delays, students can ask for extensions when it comes to this scholarship.


Open Submission Time Frame

There is a whole year open submission time frame available to all international students. The rounded out deadline date is May 20, 2022. Yet students can ask for an extension and it will be given since student visa time turnarounds are taking longer than average.



This is an annual scholarship that happens once a year and awards a handful of students. Students who don’t win the full amount can win partial year awards that happens an annual basis too.

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