£750 Maypole Scholarship/Grant Funds for Women – United Kingdom 2022

Written by K Fisher on January 27, 2022

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Maypole Education Fund

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    South Africa
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    South Africa
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    Travel and visa costs
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    E-Mail: [email protected]

Back in the later 1980s, the Maypole Fund was set up during a women’s peace movement, that aided in the help of young academic women that were from difficult backgrounds, especially with Greenham Common. Currently, the group of women comes from several different educational and political backgrounds.

This foundation is classified as an unincorporated non-profit association. While the foundation has not chosen to seek a so-called charitable “green” status, they only work with voluntary organizations that are creating a greater good.

The funding amount is primarily donated by women for other women to utilize. As a matter of fact, the foundation is run by women in both the educational and political world. The collective award amount that is donated eventually becomes an investment to produce an income to each recipient, for each year to distribute as a scholarship/grant. This is considered an ‘ethical option’, this allows the foundation to not have any connections that go against their principles. That means avoiding companies involved in any illegal activity, tobacco, and environmentally damaging activities.

How The Maypole foundation was created was by allowing the awareness of women who could contribute to all matters of technology, education, financial success, and the future itself.

The foundation indefinitely welcomes applications from women that have creative ideas for projects and activities for any of the following subjects:

  • anti-militarism or illegal activity
  • to raise awareness about gun violence, action against the arms trade
  • awareness for children’s higher learning in impoverished areas, or action against nuclear weapons and weapons systems
  • action to support disarmament policies, processes, and related initiatives

This is a government scholarship/grant foundation that is looking to make a more peaceful place in the world for women.

This foundation is actually considered a government funding option, solely because part of the fundraising does come from well-known female political figures from around the world and featured in the African government.



  • The only individuals who can apply for this scholarship/grant must be female. Males cannot apply for this scholarship/grant.
  • This scholarship/grant can be used for educational organizations and for groups of women who want to help teachers, students, to bring S.T.E.M. classes, pay equipment fees, and so on.
  • With this scholarship/grant, there is a limited amount of funding that can be given to each recipient.
  • There can be no previous criminal offense when applying for this funding.
  • Anyone who is associated with the Maypole Foundation cannot fill out the application and send it in. This is an opportunity for women who have not had previous funding from an organization.
  • For young women that are from the southern regions of Africa.
  • There is a slight age restriction, however, an applicant can e-mail to inquire about the age limit.



Applicants are asked to completely fill in the blank areas (do not leave any blank spaces) when filling out the application.

• Applicants must describe with clarity the project they would like the Maypole Fund to support.
• All individuals who send in an application must show how the activity possibly fits in with Maypole’s dedicated direction and describe how they fit the eligibility listed above and how that applies to the project as a whole.
• All applicants must present and state clearly the total amount of funding needed. This maximum scholarship/grant is £750.
• Anyone sending in this application should give a detailed breakdown of the activity costs, round up to the nearest British pound.
• Most importantly, everyone should not exceed four A4 pages. And all applicants must utilize the A4 paper.

There is an age restriction to being 16 years or older, however, if a pre-teen is leading an encouraging safe organization, they can apply as the organization itself.


How to Apply

The only way to apply is through the application form that is located on the website. However, applicants will need to wait for the 2022 updated WORD document, since 2021 is still up. However, applicants can use 2021 as a proto-type and a great exercise to write out and have the essays planned out.

Applicants will be writing quite a lot and discussing the full ins and outs of the organization they have created, plan to create, or how they would be able to use the foundation’s reward towards higher education. In this latter respect, an individual would need to describe when their higher education experience would be needed and how they could use this in the future.


Reward – Extra Benefits

The maximum reward as of right now is £750. This equals out to about $1,004 in USD. The amount the recipient receives must go towards exactly what they have written out on their application form. If the funding does not go towards the step-by-step instructions given, then the amount will be refunded.



There are officially two sets of deadline dates available throughout the year. The first is January 1, 2022, and the second is June 30, 2022. As of right now, only the June 30th deadline date is the last one available for the year 2022.


Open Submission Window Time Frame

The current open timeline is available from late January 2022 to June 30, 2022. This gives applicants five months to go through their application form to make sure they have accurately filled out everything. If there are incorrect answers, the application will be ignored.

The next open submission window would be from June 30, 2022 – January 1, 2023. Which is another five-month timeline to go through and reassess anything that the individual has currently filled out on the application form.

Since there are two submission windows throughout the course of one year, if an applicant applies for early in the year and has not become a recipient, they can apply until they do become a recipient. There is no limit to how many times an individual can apply.



This is an annual scholarship/grant that is looking to expand their organization each year with new recipients.

Individuals looking at this scholarship/grant should visit the website weekly to see if any deadline dates have been moved or canceled.

The individuals who will be picked as the recipients of this scholarship/grant will need to be great leaders who can make an incredible and effective impact on the world for the greater good. This is why teachers are sought after for this organization.

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