$700 Historical Research Grant in Egypt, 2024

Written by Ethan Gray on April 4, 2024

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$700 Historical Research Grant in Egypt, 2024

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The $700 Historical Research Grant in Egypt for 2024 presents an exceptional chance for budding historians and scholars to explore the depths of one of the world’s most ancient civilizations. Sponsored by the International Historical Preservation Society (IHPS), this grant is crafted to aid those dedicated to unraveling the enigmas of ancient Egypt through comprehensive research endeavors. Set against Egypt’s storied past and its remarkable archaeological marvels, this grant empowers recipients to contribute significantly to historical scholarship.

Scholarship Provider

The International Historical Preservation Society (IHPS), renowned for its commitment to safeguarding and exploring global historical sites, champions the cause of deepening our understanding of past civilizations and their influence on contemporary society. Through its commitment to fostering research that brings to light unseen historical wonders, IHPS’s $700 Historical Research Grant in Egypt for 2024 stands as a testament to the organization’s dedication to enriching historical knowledge and exploration, particularly within the rich tapestry of Egypt’s history.

Host Country Overview

Egypt, the cradle of pharaohs and pyramids, beckons historians and academics with its allure. Its ancient edifices, from the Great Sphinx’s grandeur to the Giza Pyramids, offer a window into a civilization that flourished millennia ago. The grant recipients will find themselves in a landscape teeming with historical intrigue, poised to dissect untold narratives and solve puzzles that have long captivated the minds of historians worldwide.

Eligible Applicants

The $700 Historical Research Grant in Egypt, 2024, welcomes applications from undergraduates, graduates, and seasoned researchers in history, archaeology, anthropology, or closely related fields who show a fervent interest in Egyptian history and culture. Applicants are expected to propose original research that promises fresh insights into historical studies.

Scholarship Benefits

Recipients are awarded $700 to support various research-related expenditures, including travel, lodging, research materials, and entry to Egypt’s archaeological sites and museums. Beyond monetary aid, grantees gain mentorship from leading historians and archaeologists, enriching their research journey. Additionally, opportunities to present findings at academic symposia or publish in esteemed journals underscore the grant’s value.

Level and Field of Study

The grant, open to undergraduate and postgraduate scholars, supports studies in history or archaeology, emphasizing research projects centered on Egyptian historical or archaeological themes.

Application Process

Applicants must submit a comprehensive research proposal that outlines the project’s aims, methodologies, timelines, bibliography, and expected outcomes. Alongside the proposal, academic records, letters of recommendation, and other pertinent documents are required. All submissions should be sent via email by the stipulated deadline.

Eligible Countries

The grant is globally inclusive, inviting scholars of any nationality with an interest in undertaking historical research within Egypt. Projects may span political, social, economic, cultural, or religious facets of Egyptian history. A solid historical background and a novel research approach to studying ancient Egyptian civilization are crucial.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility hinges on enrollment in an accredited institution or a proven track record in historical research. Criteria include a demonstrated passion for Egyptian history or archaeology, independent research capabilities, excellent communication skills, proficiency in English, and the ability to conduct fieldwork in Egypt legally.

How to Apply

To apply, compile the required documents, including a CV, research proposal, transcripts, and recommendation letters, into a single PDF. Email the compiled file with the subject line: “$700 Historical Research Grant Application – [Applicant’s Name].” Complete applications received before the deadline will proceed to the selection phase.


The $700 Historical Research Grant in Egypt, 2024 is a gateway for scholars and researchers to delve into the heart of ancient civilization and unearth stories buried with time. Supported by IHPS, grant recipients are poised for a journey of discovery and scholarly contribution, shedding new light on historical narratives. Those with a zeal for deciphering the past’s mysteries are encouraged to seize this opportunity to immerse themselves in Egyptian history’s legacy.

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