500€ University of Tifariti Nursing Scholarship – Western Sahara 2022

Written by K Fisher on February 18, 2022

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Officially during the 2010’s era, The University of Tifariti became and was unveiled as the first Sahrawi university.

In an incredible turn of events, all of these universities are connected through a network of leading professors and teachers who have gone on the create the RocApply website. With that they can connect the University of Leeds (United Kingdom), National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (Nicaragua), University of California, Berkeley (United States), University of Pretoria (South Africa), University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), University of Havana (Cuba), University of Mentouri (Algeria) and a dozen others from Africa, America, and Europe.

Sahrawi has fantastically in the last few years awarded free education to the younger generation of students. While higher education was simply non accessible and students had to go abroad to fulfill a higher education, that has started to change for the better.

All applications for international students wishing to study in Western Sahara are online-based thankfully, the RocApply website is ahead of the game. They work alongside Western Sahara’s leading institution to ensure that all students receive the utmost attention during the entire process.

Now all potential applicants that fill out an application and hit submit, have the chance to be short-listed if a university has already filled up their quota for incoming freshmen for that year. However, the chances of being turned down are quite low and 95% of students who apply receive admission. But the sure way a student will know if they have been selected is by receiving a letter of acceptance from the university in question. Afterwards, then a student can proceed in applying for their Student’s Visa or a Student’s Pass.

Courses are mostly taught in English, French and Spanish in the Western Sahara univerisities. RocApply is devoted to making every student’s study application as effortless as possible. With a very high success rate, the website absolutely encourages students to take advantage of their user-friendly interface and as well as, their hands-on team that works tirelessly to help applicants towards their dream institution. RocApply was designed to help students and international students to study in the Western Sahara. As given general documentation would consist of the lists below:

Bachelor Programs:

  • Senior Secondary/High School Certificate
  • Signed online application form
  • International passport or travel document
  • Health report
  • Senior Secondary/High School Results

Masters Programs:

  • Bachelor’s certificate
  • Academic transcripts from an undergraduate program
  • International passport or travel document
  • Health report

Ph.D. Programs:

  • Masters degree certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Transcripts from a masters program
  • Transcripts from a bachelors program
  • International passport or travel document
  • CV/Resume
  • An interview assessment is efficient



  • Both male and female students may apply for this nursing scholarship.
  • Specifically students must be attempting their bachelor’s degree in nursing to qualify for this scholarship.
  • All potential applicants should note the required general documentation that is listed above.
  • International students may apply, however, they must understand the student visa rules and guidelines that is essential to the Western Sahara or Africa.
  • All applicants should work with getting connected with other students that are using RocApply and the website will help to introduce students to one another that will be attending the same university.
  • Applications are free, there is no fee when applying.



Applicants will need to sign up with the RocApply website to begin filling out their transcripts information and looking for a university. In this case, the University of Tifariti has a scholarship out for a Bachelor’s level in Nursing. There are many other Western Sahara scholarships available through the website.


How to Apply

All potential students who are interested in this scholarship for the Western Sahara must apply through the RocApply website. This is the leading application scholarship website in the Western Sahara. The website acts as a Western Sahara university guide that connects all of the regions universities so they can collectively work together.

Students will need to have all of their official government documents and have their transcripts ready.

The initial steps a student has to take would be this:

  • Finding the right program
  • Application to Universities
  • Receiving the Conditional Acceptance Letter
  • Receiving the unconditional Acceptance Letter
  • Obtaining Student Visa
  • Accommodation Reservation
  • Booking Necessary Flight to Western Sahara
  • Become Connected This Can Mean Receiving General Student Arrival University Information
  • Arrive
  • First Week Induction


Reward – Extra Benefits

It should be noted that any university accommodation is off the campus, this means students may opt to live is the residential areas that surround the university. Also, that means this scholarship does not cover any accommodation whatsoever and students can not ask for room or board.

An estimated 500 euros is awarded to the recipients that are chosen and that would be 500 euros per semester. Which actually in total equals to 1,000 euros for one annual academic year.

Also, it should be noted that transportation to the university (if students live further away) can access free buss lines and transportation if necessary.



The deadline official date is June 10, 2022. This is the only deadline date available.

As always, all applicants should check the RocApply website link that is given on this page to see if the scholarship deadline dates have changed before applying.


Open Submission Window Time Frame

The open submission window time frame is happening right now and continues until June 10, 2022. Since this open submission process is through the Western Sahara website RocApply, that means students will need to refer to that exact website. A website link is given on this page.

No matter what all applicants should utilize the contact e-mail if any problem occurs while they are initiating an application, submitting or have trouble locating the university of their choice.



This may become more of an annual scholarship however, students should check back with the website to ensure the scholarship appears for next year.

All applicants should either contact the e-mail that is given to ask more questions or to look through the RocApply website (the link that is given on this page) to see if any of their questions have been answered by the website itself.

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