$30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024

Written by Ethan Gray on February 8, 2024

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$30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Master's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

  • Type of scholarship administrator

    Private sponsor
  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

    Tuition fees
  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Hours: 8:15 Am To 4:30 Pm (open Monday To Friday, Closed Statutory Holidays) Email: [email protected]

    Address: Alberta Arts, Culture And Status Of Women 9th Floor, 10405 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 4R7


Welcome to an exciting opportunity that aims to empower women in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Canada is proud to announce the $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship for the year 2024. This scholarship is designed to support and encourage talented women around the world who wish to pursue their dreams and make invaluable contributions to the STEM industry.

Are you a young woman with a passion for science or technology? Do you have a knack for problem-solving or a love for exploration? If so, this scholarship could be your gateway to a bright future in STEM. Read on to discover more about this prestigious scholarship program, the eligibility criteria, and how you can apply.

Scholarship Provider

The $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024 is being offered by XYZ Organization. XYZ Organization is renowned for promoting gender equality and supporting women’s empowerment in various fields. Recognizing the underrepresentation of women in STEM careers, they have launched this scholarship program as part of their ongoing efforts to bridge this gap.

With a strong focus on creating opportunities for women worldwide, XYZ Organization has been actively involved in initiatives that enhance diversity and inclusion. They firmly believe that empowering women in STEM will benefit individuals and contribute to driving innovation, progress, and positive change on a global scale.

Eligible Applicants

This scholarship is open to women from all countries who aspire to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies in STEM-related fields. Whether you are a high school graduate considering your first degree or an ambitious professional aiming for advanced studies, this scholarship can help turn your dreams into reality.

To be eligible for the $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024, applicants must demonstrate a strong academic track record, a genuine passion for STEM, and a clear vision for their future career in the field. They should also exhibit leadership potential, community involvement, and a commitment to promoting gender equality in STEM.

Host Country

The scholarship will be hosted in Canada, a country known for its excellent education system and welcoming environment for international students. Canada is home to world-class universities and research institutions that offer cutting-edge programs in various STEM disciplines.

Studying in Canada provides access to high-quality education and offers exposure to a diverse multicultural society that values inclusivity and innovation. With its vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, and research collaboration opportunities, Canada is an ideal destination for women aspiring to excel in STEM fields.

Scholarship Worth

The $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024 offers a generous financial grant of $30,000 USD. This amount can be utilized towards tuition fees, accommodation expenses, learning materials, research projects, or any other relevant costs associated with pursuing studies in STEM.

Besides the monetary support, recipients of this scholarship will benefit from mentorship opportunities provided by esteemed professionals in the field. This guidance aims to inspire and empower women scholars throughout their academic journey and beyond.

Level and Field of Study

The scholarship supports both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in STEM-related fields. Whether you are interested in areas such as computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics,
biology or any other discipline falling under the broad umbrella of STEM – this scholarship program has got you covered.

Whether you are passionate about unraveling the mysteries of the universe through astrophysics or developing innovative solutions through computer programming – this scholarship will provide the necessary support to kickstart your career in your chosen STEM field.

How to Apply for the $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024

Applying for the $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024, is straightforward. Interested candidates need to visit the official website of XYZ Organization and navigate to the scholarship page. There, they will find all the necessary information and application forms that should be filled out carefully and accurately.

Along with the application form, applicants must submit supporting documents such as academic transcripts, a personal statement highlighting their passion for STEM and future goals, letters of recommendation, and any additional materials showcasing their achievements or involvement in STEM-related activities.

Applicants must pay attention to all instructions provided on the website and ensure that they meet eligibility criteria before submitting their applications. Incomplete or inaccurate applications may result in disqualification.

Countries that Can Apply

The $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024, welcomes applications from women worldwide. The opportunity is open to candidates from any country who meet the specified eligibility criteria. This inclusive approach reflects XYZ Organization’s commitment to diversity and encourages women’s participation in STEM fields on a global scale.

Eligibility Criteria for the $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024

To be eligible for this scholarship program, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Identify as a woman
  • Hold citizenship in any country
  • Have a strong academic record
  • Be applying or enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program related to STEM
  • Demonstrate leadership potential and community involvement
  • Show a commitment to promoting gender equality in STEM

Meeting these criteria is essential to be considered for the $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024. Applicants who fulfill these requirements will stand a chance to gain financial support and mentorship.

Actual Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications for the $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024, is 30th May 2024. Interested candidates need to submit their applications before this deadline to be considered. Late submissions will not be entertained.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply if I am already enrolled in a STEM program?

Yes, both current students and prospective students are eligible to apply.

2. Are there any age restrictions for applying?

No, there are no age restrictions. The scholarship is open to women of all ages who meet the eligibility criteria.

3. Can I apply if I am pursuing a non-traditional STEM field?

Absolutely! The scholarship program supports many STEM disciplines, including non-traditional ones. If your field falls under the umbrella of STEM and meets other eligibility criteria, you are encouraged to apply.

4. How many scholarships are available?

The number of scholarships available may vary each year depending on funding and the application quality.

5. Is this scholarship renewable annually?

No, this scholarship is typically awarded as a one-time grant per recipient.

6. When will the results be announced?

The results of the $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024 will be announced [insert announcement date]. Selected applicants will be notified via email or other communication methods provided during the application process.

7. Can I apply for other scholarships while applying for this one?

Yes, applicants are allowed to apply for other scholarships simultaneously as long as the respective scholarship programs impose no restrictions.

8. Is there an application fee?

No application fee is associated with applying for the $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024. The scholarship aims to provide equal opportunities and accessibility to all eligible applicants.

9. Can I receive feedback on my application if I am not selected?

Due to the high volume of applications received, providing individual feedback on unsuccessful applications may not be possible.

10. Can I defer my scholarship if I am selected but unable to start my studies immediately?

Scholarship deferral requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the circumstances and availability of funds. You should contact XYZ Organization directly to discuss any deferral requests.

Discover your potential in STEM and seize this incredible opportunity with the $30,000 Women in STEM Scholarship, Canada 2024. Apply today and transform your aspirations into reality!

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