$28,854 Flinders University 2022 Research Scholarships (FURS)

Written by David on September 5, 2022

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Research studies

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Ph.D. scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    > 12000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Sturt Rd, Bedford Park South Australia 5042

Scholarships for research at Flinders University are given to postgraduate students who have demonstrated both academic excellence and the capacity to make significant contributions to the field of research. Those who are eligible for the scholarships will have the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree or Doctorate degree that is based on research and requires full-time study. Research conducted at Flinders University Scholarships at Flinders University can be held over for up to three years for a Doctorate by Research or up to two years for a Masters degree, provided that the student is making adequate progress. The total number of possible years of employment will have the total number of study periods already completed toward the degree subtracted from it.


About the Scholarship Sponsor:

A prime example of a contemporary educational institution is Flinders University.s. Flinders University will equip you with the knowledge and abilities essential to your future success. You can accomplish a lot with Flinders’ support. Flinders University of South Australia (Flinders) provides students with a progressive, student-centered, and career-focused learning environment in which to pursue their academic and professional goals. Students at Flinders University have the opportunity to study in cutting-edge facilities with peers who share their passions and inspire them to perform their best. One must be bold, resourceful, and risk-taking to truly make a difference in the world. The academic achievement of our students is a key indicator of the university’s own quality, and this is something about which we are deeply concerned. It makes us happy that graduates from Down Under think our job market is the greatest. When you graduate from one of our courses, you’ll be prepared to enter the workforce in your chosen field. They are the best choice due to their experience and prominence in the industry.


Internships, mentoring programs, and other experiences in the sector are also available. The current global and Asian/Pacific rankings place Flinders University at #271 and #43, respectively (THE World University Rankings 2020). We hope to continue collaborating with organizations, sectors, and regions all over the world. We also hope to improve communication amongst the world’s academic institutions. An education from Flinders University, a prestigious institution recognized across the globe, will set you up for success in your chosen field. Business giants CISCO and BAE Systems are two of the many organizations that collaborate with Flinders University.

Because of this, you will be able to participate in internships in the real world, giving you a leg up on your competition after you graduate and enter the workforce. Many visitors to Flinders University’s Bedford Park campus have remarked on the university’s cutting-edge facilities and technologies. It’s in a great spot because it’s near the city’s main shopping district, the CBD, and the beach. As part of this 63 million dollar project, a Student Hub and Plaza will be constructed. Aside from the locations to study, eat, and drink, there will also be shops, restaurants, cafes, and a bar.


Flinders University places a premium on providing assistance to its students. Because of how crucial it is to the future of our students, we focus heavily on it. Our many programs and services are designed to ease international students’ transition to Adelaide and Flinders University. You are encouraged to make advantage of our excellent facilities for international students both at your first arrival and throughout your time here at the university. Our international students have consistently expressed their appreciation for the student support services we provide. Approximately 90% of the university’s international students are satisfied with the support they’ve received. Flinders University. A new train station and track will be constructed near to the Flinders Medical Center as part of the Flinders Village development plan. By the year 2020, the average commute time for city inhabitants to go to and from work, school, or other destinations will be just 22 minutes. The Flinders Village will be home to cutting-edge universities, nightclubs, and boutiques. It will also serve as a bustling metropolis. More than 20,000 Australians call Flinders University home, so you’re sure to make some new friends here.

You’ll also have the chance to talk with students from more than a half-dozen additional nations. Our company has expanded its internet offerings significantly. It’s fantastic to know that Australian schools provide their students with the support, motivation, and tools they need to thrive academically and socially. The University of Adelaide maintains a presence in the heart of Adelaide, at Victoria Square, in addition to its cutting-edge facilities at the Tonsley campus. The university’s creative and entrepreneurial programs receive support from the Flinders New Venture Institute, a global leader in the field of entrepreneurship. The Bedford Park campus is home to a student center that has received numerous accolades for its innovative approach to fostering student engagement and academic success via the integration of technology and group work.


All of Flinders University’s courses are regularly updated with the support of industry partners to reflect the most cutting-edge discoveries and technologies. Adding additional classes and material to existing ones, as well as giving students more money for their study, will be helpful. Molecular and cellular science and technology, military and engineering, water and the environment, and water resources management are just a few of the numerous fields in which Flinders University excels in its research.

Other areas include molecular and cellular science and technology, water and environmental studies, and the health and medical disciplines, including mental health and human behavior. It conducts extensive research, and the standard of that study keeps rising. According to ERA4, at least 90% of American research is of international quality. Through solving issues on a global, national, and regional scale, our researchers hope to better the lives of all people. They do this by fighting against existing beliefs in a powerful and aggressive way, by pursuing new perspectives, and by pushing the bounds of knowledge in order to find new ways of looking at things and essential lessons for life.


Scholarship Sponsor(s):  Flinders University

Scholarship Country: Australia

Scholarship Worth: $28,854

Scholarship Type: Postgraduate

Nationality: International Students


Scholarship Offer:

  • The scholarship provides a taxable allowance in the amount of $28,854 per year, which is indexed (2022 rate). The RTP fee Offset will cover the tuition fees charged by the university for a recipient’s first four years of study if they are an Australian citizen, a citizen of New Zealand, or hold permanent residency status in Australia. This benefit will be offered to recipients who qualify. International students may be eligible to apply for one of a restricted number of scholarships that cover their tuition costs. Students from other countries who are not recipients of a scholarship that covers tuition costs will be expected to pay those costs out of their own pockets.


Eligibility for Scholarship

The following criteria will be used to determine who is eligible for awards:

  • Are either nationals of Australia or New Zealand, or have been awarded permanent residence status in either of those countries;
  • are a foreign student who has graduated from an Australian university with an honors degree or a certificate that is comparable to an honors degree within the past three years previous to the date that applications will stop being accepted;
  • Have successfully completed at least four years of higher education studies at a high level of achievement and possess a suitable undergraduate degree with an Honors 1 or high 2A (or equivalent);
  • are starting to attend school on a full-time basis;
  • Will start or are currently enrolled in a program leading to a Master’s degree or Doctorate through research;
  • possess an endorsement from the academic community in the field in which they intend to pursue their studies indicating that they are eligible to do so.
  • The Scholarships Committee will choose the recipients of the awards based on academic merit and potential for further study.
  • The applications will be ranked in accordance with the HDR Ranking Guidelines established by the university.
  • Students who are brand new to the process of earning a graduate degree through research will be given preference by the university.


Students from Zambia who are interested in pursuing their engineering education in Ireland for a Master’s degree during the academic year 2023-2024 can apply for financial assistance through the Frank Ferguson Fellowship, which was established in collaboration with the Engineering Institution of Zambia and the Irish Government. This fellowship will be available to students who meet the eligibility requirements



The Flinders University 2022 Research Scholarships (FURS)  is open to all International Students


Application Procedure

  • Select the Submit an application button below. In this section, you will have the option to either build your profile from scratch or log in if you are already a student or have already graduated. It will be possible for you to submit your application as soon as you are able to successfully log in to the Student System. If you are currently enrolled in the Higher Degree by Research program or have a current offer for admission and you are merely applying for the scholarships, please navigate to the option labeled “My Scholarships” located in the top menu in order to locate the scholarship application. If you are applying for admission as well as the scholarships, you should pick the item labeled “My Application” from the main menu at the top of the page and then follow the procedures to indicate that you are doing so as part of a combined application for admission and scholarships. In both of the portals, the Scholarship is referred to by its full name, which is the Higher Degree Research Scholarship Main Round – Grouping Reward.
  • Only one application needs to be submitted in order to be considered for both the AGRTPS and the FURS, as well as any other scholarship opportunities that may become available during the round.


Application Deadline

The application deadline for Flinders University 2022 Research Scholarships (FURS)  is October 1, 2022

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