$24,000 University of Arizona Scholarships – USA 2023

Written by Michael Nz. on June 19, 2022

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Scholarship details

University of Arizona UA scholarship awards are available for University of Arizona students. In general, all current and prospective students at the University of Arizona have one thing in common. They often wonder how they can best finance their studies at the university.

As a state-assisted public institution, the University of Arizona is generally unable to administer need-based financial aid for international students. Unless a merit-based scholarship is awarded, international students should plan to pay the full cost of attending UA.

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid administers federal programs for students who are US citizens (and eligible non-citizens). International students do not qualify for these programs.

The University of Arizona helps you estimate your cost of attendance, helps with cost planning and identifies scholarships and loans available to you.  

The University of Arizona offers the International Tuition Award which offers $4,000 – $24,000 per academic year for freshmen OR $5,000 per academic year for transfer students. Number of Scholarships: A limited number of merit-based scholarships may be awarded to students admitted for Fall 2022.

As the cost of higher education increases from year to year, it can be difficult for University of Arizona students to find a way to pay for their college degrees. One of the best ways for UA students to begin their scholarship search is to complete the FAFSA application form.

With this form, you can quickly find out if you can get financial support at the federal or regional level. After completing the FAFSA application, the next best place to look for scholarships is at the University of Arizona. Take a look at some scholarships for current and prospective students:

About the sponsor: University of  Arizona

As one of the most respected audiences in the United States. research institutions, the University of Arizona generates about $650 million in research and serves the diverse citizens of Arizona and the world.

With a prestigious faculty of Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, members of prestigious national academies, and world-renowned experts, we push our students to play their part in solving complex social problems.

Through hands-on, hands-on experiences, students launch their own startups, collaborate on research, take on internships, and work in offices and labs. These experiences lead UA students to full-time graduate study, postdoctoral positions, and careers with leading companies.

University of Arizona scholarship awards range from a few thousand to all tuition fees. The Phi Theta Kappa Tuition Transfer Scholarship and Scholarship are also available to help transfer students cover the costs of their studies at the University of Arizona.

Merit Scholarships for Freshmen:

The University of Arizona offers several scholarships based on academic achievement. This University of Arizona scholarship awards are available for new college students planning to join the University of Arizona.

International students may be eligible for merit-based scholarships. The International Tuition Award can be awarded to admitted students who apply for the scholarship and is based on grade point average (GPA) and test scores.

Some of this University of Arizona scholarships (such as the Wildcat Excellence Tuition Award and Regents High Honors Endorse) are only available to residents of Arizona.

Other University of Arizona scholarships, such as the Arizona Excellence Tuition Award, are open to non-Arizona residents only. These scholarships are based on the cumulative grade point average and standardized test results of the incoming student.

UA bridge study scholarships:

This scholarship is open to UA students enrolled in the UA Bridge program. Only students with a GPA of at least 3.0 will be considered for this award. Students must have at least 36 credits that can transfer from a community college, but their previous courses cannot exceed 72 credits.

Students must be located in AZ and in the United States to apply for or benefit from this scholarship. In addition, the candidate must be a candidate for the first degree. Students can extend this scholarship for a total of two years. Detailed information about this scholarship can be found here.

Foster Care Education Award:

This scholarship was created to provide education to AZ residents housed in nursing homes. The University of Arizona scholarship program covers all tuition, student fees, and other expenses of the student. Students are required to reside in the United States and were admitted to care facilities at the age of 16.

Only students with assets below $10,000 can qualify for this award. Additionally, students must be under the age of 21 and their care status must be verified by the AZ DCFY method.

All applicants must complete a FAFSA application by March 1 of the year in which they wish to receive a grant. More information can be found here.

When you submit your application for admission, you are considered for admission to UA. Merit Scholarships (consideration before May 1)

For details of all incoming merit scholarships, click on the link below:


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