$2000 Independent Artist Scholarships Are Available At Musician Institute, USA (2022)

Written by David on February 13, 2022

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

  • Country of the Scholarship

    United States
  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Bachelor's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    $1000 - $3000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Musicians Institute 6752 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, CA 90028 800-255-7529 (Toll Free) 323-462-1384 (Local & International) [email protected]

Applications for the Musicians Institute Scholarship are now being accepted. If you are interested in music, you can apply for the Musicians Institute’s Artist Producer Entrepreneur international prizes. Foreign students and US citizens who wish to apply for a Certificate or Degree in Guitar, Bass, Vocal, Drum, or Keyboard Performance, or a Degree in Music Composition, are eligible for the prize.

International and domestic students are eligible for Independent Artist Scholarships at Musician Institute, USA (2022). The scholarship covers Bachelor’s degree programs at Musicians Institute California in the discipline of music. The scholarship deadline is March 31, 2022. Applicants enrolled in the Independent Artist Certificate Program who demonstrate exceptional potential are eligible for Independent Artist Scholarships.

About the Scholarship:

The Musicians Institute, also known as MI, is a contemporary music college that was founded in 1977. It was founded on the belief that musicians should teach and learn from one another in a supportive, creative environment. The Guitar Institute of Technology was established in 1977 as a one-year vocational school for guitarists and bassists. Guitarist Howard Roberts designed the institute’s curriculum and teaching method. Musicians Institute was co-founded by Pat Hicks, a music business magnate from Los Angeles. Howard Roberts’ pedagogical concept was quickly developed into a significant music school because to his organizational edifice and management. Formal instruction in rock and roll at institutions of higher learning was restricted at the time it was created, primarily to the few colleges and conservatories that offered jazz studies. Jazz studies were, at the start of the MI, a solid component of the curriculum offerings, as they are now. The demand for musicians and music industry experts with broad academic qualifications in the field of contemporary music was limited during the MI’s early years. Nonetheless, there remained a considerable need for existing music experts. The Musicians Institute offers a wide range of music degrees and specialties in modern music. Students in a range of occupations have numerous options to develop their talents and build a promising future. Instrumental playing, DJ & producing abilities, composing for video games, audio engineering, guitar construction, music business, and instruction in the latest music technology are all available at Musicians Institute. Students can obtain a range of degrees and certificates while networking at its state-of-the-art Los Angeles campus, thanks to real-world experience and mentoring from working professionals. MI provides students with all of the tools they need to advance their careers and fulfill their artistic goals by connecting them to the worldwide music industry. Musicians Institute offers a cutting-edge curriculum that prepares students for creative and professional professions in today’s music industry. MI is committed to offering comprehensive training, facilities, and other resources to support and inspire artistic and professional development.

Formal education in rock and roll at universities and conservatories was restricted at the time of its creation, with just a few colleges and conservatories offering jazz studies. Jazz studies was, and continues to be, a prominent component of the Musicians Institute’s curricular offerings. The need for musicians and music industry professionals with extensive university credentials in the subject of contemporary music was limited in the early days of the Musicians Institute. Nonetheless, there was a great need for current music specialists. When Roberts started the school, he sought to provide a conservatory experience for budding rock and roll musicians. . Nowadays, comprehensive music education in higher education, from bachelor’s to doctoral degrees, includes literature, musicology, history, performing arts, technology, business, and law, among other subjects. Proficiency in rock & roll is expected of musicians pursuing degrees in performance, especially aspiring session musicians. Over the last 50 years, there has been a rise in the number of contemporary musicians with comprehensive academic credentials, which is partly due to more universities offering programs in the field, which has increased demand for contemporary oriented music educators with academic credentials at universities. Because the Musicians Institute was a pioneer in rock and roll higher education – and was one of the first to provide bachelor’s degrees in music — its graduates are well-represented as contemporary music educators at a variety of institutions. Instrumental performance programs for bass, drums, guitar, keyboard technology, and vocals are available at the Musicians Institute. Audio engineering, the Independent Artist Program, the Guitar Craft Academy, and music business are just a few of the music industry programs available. In addition to certifications, the institution provides Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Bachelor of Music degrees. Musicians Institute was ranked 13 out of 40 in the United States by the Institute of International Education in its assessment of “Top 40 Specialized Institutions, 2009/10” from its publication, International Students: Leading Institutions by Institutional Type. The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education in California has registered Musicians Institute and its programs. Since 1981, it has been a member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) as an approved institution.

The Musicians Institute, according to new musicologist Robert Walser, is one of the most well-known schools for guitarists, one that has thrived beyond the ivory tower, offering students broader professional training. A lack of academic accreditation – notably from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges – can make it difficult for students to transfer credits from MI to academic institutions, according to a review in the October 2012 issue of Performer Magazine. The Musicians Institute has a relationship with adjacent Los Angeles City College (LACC) to study English, mathematics, natural science, social science, and humanities in order to complete the academic requirements for a Bachelor of Music Degree – 45 quarter units or 30 semester units in liberal arts. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges has granted LACC accreditation. The Musicians Institute has been designated as a “Special Focus Institute in Music” by the Carnegie Foundation. The Musician’s Institute Stage was established as a site for the Annual Mayhem Festival when it celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2007. Its facilities featured approximately 75,000 square feet of studios, concert spaces, schools, and rehearsal rooms spread across several blocks in central Hollywood. The ESP Company, LTD announced intentions to develop its Campus Hollywood complex of schools in Los Angeles in December 2013. ESP spent $47 million on new property between 2010 and 2013, and it plans to extend its facilities to over 180,000 square feet of adjacent buildings on or around Highland Avenue between Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard.



Scholarship Sponsor(s):  Musicians Institute California

Host Country(s):   United States of America

Scholarship Worth:   $2000

 Study Level:  Bachelor

Nationality: International Students


Scholarship Offer:

The Musicians Institute will award winning candidates between $1000 and $2000. Only tuition credit will be granted as part of the scholarship.


Eligibility for Scholarship

  1. International students and US citizens are eligible.
  2. Valid only for the Independent Artist Program. (The MI Select program is excluded.)
  3. This offer is only available to newly enrolled students.
  4. To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must apply to a program at MI and submit the Admissions Application.
  5. For as long as the student maintains a 2.75 GPA, the total scholarship amount will be divided by the total number of quarters in the particular program and credited toward each quarter’s tuition in equal amounts.
  6. Scholarships are non-transferable and may not be used for any other person, program, or start date than the one for which they were given.



The Independent Artist Scholarships Are Available At Musician Institute, USA (2022) is open to to all international students


Application Procedure

To apply for the scholarship, go to the Apply Now page and fill out the form.

Sound recording

Including the 2-3 songs you submitted with your original program application, as well as a minimum of two and a maximum of five additional songs.

Wav, mp3, and aac are all acceptable formats.

List of Credits

a detailed credit list for any songs you performed or submitted as part of your application

Include a list of who played each instrument, who engineered it, and who produced it.

PDF lyric sheet

If you wrote any of the lyrics that were sung or submitted with this application, please let us know.


Each song should have a lyric sheet.

Word Essay on One Page

Defining your short- and long-term professional goals.

Include explicit details on how you intend to achieve your goals.

URL to YouTube

In a solo performance or in a band/ensemble context, a video recording featuring at least two original songs is required.

Audio Files with Multiple Tracks

Please send us a screenshot of the Logic/Pro Tools/Ableton/DAW sessions you utilized in your multitrack recording sessions as documentation.

Imges in the following formats are accepted: jpg, png, and pdf.

The maximum file size allowed for upload is 5MB.

URL to YouTube

A video recording of your writing/creative process that is no longer than 10 minutes long.

Acceptance Letter from the Musicians Institute

Musicians Institute Admissions Department Welcome Letter or Acceptance Letter


Application Deadline

The application deadline for Independent Artist Scholarships Are Available At Musician Institute, USA (2022)  is  31 Mar 2022.


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