$19,104 British Chevening Scholarship, UK, 2024

Written by Liam Jones on January 2, 2024

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British Chevening Scholarship UK 2024

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    United Kingdom
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    Master's scholarship
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    Not Available

Introduction to the British Chevening Scholarship, UK, 2024

The British Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious international scholarship program offering students from around the world the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom. In 2024, the scholarship is valued at a substantial $19,104.60. This article will provide an overview of the scholarship provider, eligible applicants, host country, scholarship worth, level and field of study, how to apply for the scholarship, countries that can apply, eligibility criteria, and the actual deadline for application.

Are you passionate about studying abroad? Do you dream of pursuing higher education in the UK? Then read on to learn more about this amazing opportunity that could make your dreams come true!

About the Scholarship Provider

The British Chevening Scholarship is funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), aiming to develop global leaders and contribute to sustainable development worldwide. The FCO plays a crucial role in shaping UK foreign policy and maintaining relationships with other countries.

The Chevening Scholarship program was established in 1983 and has since supported thousands of talented individuals worldwide. The program enables them to experience academic excellence at renowned UK universities while fostering cultural exchange and diversity.

Eligible Applicants

The British Chevening Scholarship is available for students from over 160 countries and territories worldwide. However, certain countries cannot participate due to bilateral agreements or political circumstances. Applicants need to check the official Chevening website to confirm if their country is eligible.

Applicants must possess strong leadership qualities, academic excellence, and a clear vision for their future contributions to their home country. The scholarship program seeks individuals who can demonstrate the potential to become influential leaders, decision-makers, and ambassadors of positive change in their fields.

Host Country

The host country for the British Chevening Scholarship is the United Kingdom. Renowned for its high-quality education system, UK universities hold a global reputation for excellence in various disciplines. Studying in the UK offers international students a unique opportunity to enhance their academic knowledge while immersing themselves in British culture and establishing valuable networks.

Scholarship Worth

The value of the British Chevening Scholarship for the 2024 program is set at $19,104.60. This financial support covers tuition fees, living expenses, travel costs to and from the UK, thesis or dissertation grants (if applicable), an arrival allowance, and an optional five-day orientation program.

Additionally, scholars receive full access to exclusive academic and professional networks, ensuring ongoing support and opportunities even after the completion of their studies. This comprehensive package aims to provide scholars with everything they need to focus on their studies and make the most of this life-changing experience.

Level and Field of Study

The British Chevening Scholarship supports students pursuing postgraduate degrees at any accredited UK university. The scholarship emphasizes areas that contribute directly to the development needs of applicants’ home countries.

Various fields of study are eligible for funding under this program, including but not limited to economics, finance, law, public administration, international relations, media and communications studies, science and technology-related subjects, and environmental studies.

How to Apply for the British Chevening Scholarship

To apply for the British Chevening Scholarship, interested candidates must complete an online application form on the official website. The application process begins in August each year for scholarships to be awarded the following academic year.

Applicants must submit a series of documents, including academic transcripts, letters of reference, a curriculum vitae (CV), and a personal statement explaining their future goals and why they believe they deserve the scholarship. It is essential to carefully follow the instructions provided on the website and ensure all required documents are submitted before the deadline.

Countries Eligible for Application

The British Chevening Scholarship is available to students from more than 160 countries and territories worldwide. These include countries from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America, and Oceania.

It is worth noting that certain countries have different eligibility criteria or priority subjects due to specific bilateral agreements or regional needs. Therefore, applicants must review their country’s information on the official Chevening website to verify their eligibility and understand any additional requirements.

Eligibility Criteria for the British Chevening Scholarship

In addition to being a citizen of an eligible country or territory, applicants must have an undergraduate degree that will enable them to gain entry into a postgraduate program at a UK university. Applicants should also have at least two years of work experience (or equivalent) by the time they submit their application.

The scholarship program seeks individuals who have demonstrated leadership potential through their professional achievements and extracurricular involvement. The selection process evaluates candidates based on their academic performance, career aspirations, personal qualities, potential to contribute to society upon returning home, and how the scholarship will benefit their future goals.

Actual Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for applications for the British Chevening Scholarship, UK, 2024 is typically in November. However, checking the official Chevening website for the exact deadline information is strongly recommended, as this may vary slightly each year.

Applicants are advised to submit their applications before the deadline to ensure a smooth process and avoid any last-minute technical issues. Late submissions will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I apply for the British Chevening Scholarship if my country is not listed on the official website?

No, unfortunately, only applicants from eligible countries and territories can apply for the British Chevening Scholarship. Reviewing the official website to determine if your country is included in the list of eligible countries is important.

2. Are there any age restrictions for applying?

No, there are no age restrictions for applying. The scholarship program welcomes applicants of all ages who meet the eligibility criteria and demonstrate strong leadership potential and academic excellence.

3. Can I apply if I already have an offer from a UK university?

Yes, having an offer from a UK university is not a requirement at the time of application. However, successful applicants must secure an unconditional offer from their chosen university before receiving their scholarship award.

4. How competitive is the selection process?

The selection process for the British Chevening Scholarship is highly competitive due to its prestigious nature and limited number of available scholarships. Applicants are evaluated based on various criteria, including academic achievements, leadership potential, personal qualities, and their potential to contribute to society upon returning home.

5. Is it possible to apply for multiple scholarships?

No, applicants can only apply for one Chevening Scholarship at a time. However, they may be eligible for other scholarship programs offered by their chosen UK university or external organizations.

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