Oat Milk Market Statistics for 2022

Written by admin on May 3, 2022

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What stakes are involved when it comes to the oat milk market? The statistics involved show a wide-range view of how the consumer is switching to dairy alternatives in favour of treating allergies and general overall health.

Here is a summary of what you will find in this article:

Table of Contents

Oat Milk Statistics

The amount of research that goes into discovering if oat milk is healthy to the disadvantages of this delicious sugary drink, is intense… to say the least. We have compiled the ultimate list to figure out what questions are being asked about oak milk and what questions tend to fall to the wayside with no answers being given.

Did you know that there is a global oat milk market? That routinely is updated based on how much market size value has increased or decreased? As of 2021 the global market value of oat milk stands at 2.19 billion in USD. That is very close to the 2 billion and half a million mark.

What about the rate of growth that is estimated for the next 7 years? The retail estimate is just below 15% but that is still an impressive growth cycle.

However, a question asked most on the internet is what makes oat milk? A combination of steel cut oats or whole grain oats that have been blended until pretty much puree, then with a helpful cheesecloth the oats are drained until there is no oat flakes or small chunks that make their presence. Lo and behold, oat milk is made!

Maybe one of the more discussed avenues of research on oat milk is the fiber factor. With boy cow and almond milk barely scrapping by to collect 1 gram of fiber, oat milk comes in and stomps the rest with having well over 2 grams of fiber. The total catalog of nutrition in oat milk is as follows:

  • 120 calories
  • 5 grams total fat
  • 0.5 grams saturated fat
  • 2 grams fiber
  • 3 grams protein
  • 16 grams carbohydrates
  • 7 grams sugar

The only downside is that oat milk does raise the stakes with a larger sugar intake. Which, has become the most well-known downside to the oak milk phenomenon. However, oat milk still comes in with less sugar than cow’s milk which is almost double the amount.

Other vitamin and mineral factors include the incredible the 35% of allowed RDA or calcium per beverage, along with 25% Vitamin D included in the tasty drink.

What Has Led to This Great Change Away from Traditional Cow’s Milk?

Well, according to the global report established and collected in 2021, “Lifestyle changes, urbanization, and shifting dietary preferences have led to a rise in the demand for nutritive food in Asia Pacific, which is likely to drive the market statistics.” The biggest change has been lifestyle solely recorded in one generalized area that has caused this massive shift and cultural change. As people look for daily changes throughout their lives and finding better ways to look for organic substitutes rather than processed food choices… this has started to progressively alter the traditional food pyramid we all grew up learning about in grade school.

North America has slowly changed course since the nutrition label has become more exposed on any packaged food. This translates to “what do people want to eat and what minerals are essential to healthier lifestyle?” Oats has raised the bar when it comes to an all-inclusive meal source.  As individuals may sway away from red meat, they will need to look for protein alternatives that fills the gap. Ironically enough, “oats” has a high protein attribute that consumers have discovered.

This huge gap acknowledges that Oat Milk Market Statistics is going to fluctuate throughout the 2022 year. However, this does show considerable amounts of incentive to investors and why profits will skyrocket in 2026-2028.

The hidden source of oat milk, however, is the 15 grams of carbohydrates which allows massive amounts of energizing energy to course through an individual’s body. Essentially, this means at some point coffee may be replaced as an energy stimulant.

What Prominent Players in the Oat Industry Are Causing Waves for Competition?

It will come as no shock that the “oat milk” or “oat food” business is highly competitive. In that regard here are the top performing industry companies who are leading a revolutionary take on all things “oat”:

  • Elmhurst – Motto: “The diary that gave up diary”
  • Oatly – Motto: “The original oat drink company”
  • Danone – Motto: “All aboard the food revolution”
  • Thrive Market – Motto: “The future of grocery”
  • HP Hood LLC – Motto: “A commitment to quality and community”
  • Califia Farms – Motto: “Something different, something better”
  • Rise Brewing – Motto: “create the best tasting organic products on the planet and make them available for all to share”
  • Pacific Foods – Motto: “Grow better, farm friendlier, act kinder. And repeat”
  • Happy Planet Foods – Motto: “We make food that makes you smile”
  • The Coca-Cola Company – Motto: “Simply oat”

The table graph below shows which oat milk companies where ranked in which position.

Minor Figures#1
Planet Oat#4
Califia Farms#5
Thrive Market#7
Pacific Foods#11

Source: mashed.com

These 10 companies have driven some of the toughest ad campaigns and industry tricks when it comes to harvesting oats. All of these companies have a single and initial stand point, that the oats which are harvested are directly from farms that hold up the “organic initiative.” These means oats grown without pesticides and other hormone agents.

What is the Oat Milk Insight for 2022?

While it is fairly easy to predict growth revenue, what is happening right now during this year? The Expresswire published an all-exclusive look on March 9, 2022 that covers “analysis of market size, share, revenue, production, consumption, gross margin, and price.” Based on regions, top company players, and end user outcomes this is a summed-up variation of what the 2022 market will look like.

The Oat Milk Market Statistics for 2022 is demonstrating how a new product is gaining massive amounts of ground and continues to move towards a higher profit.

With a calculation of all of these regions:

North America: United States, Canada, and Mexico.

South & Central America: Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.

Middle East & Africa: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Egypt and South Africa.

Europe: UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Russia.

Asia-Pacific: India, China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia.

There was an estimate that the 15% margin in growth which is predicted for 2028, will steadily climb throughout 2022. Solely based on the worldwide measures and how fairly prices oats where at regional grocery stores. With steel-cut oats branded as one of nature’s organic must-haves, this made oats a primary included target that every kitchen should stock up on or at least have for future use. This tactic was seen throughout the 2019-2022 scale, where oats had risen well above the call to action. The company Oatly shares their example based on how they utilized the last 3 years to rocket their sales and shares. In 2020 the company reached a huge margin where shares went up 212%.

A Look at the Barista Market

The barista market consists of specialty coffee that such as:


While these companies are known as ‘gourmet’ coffees, specialist coffee comes down to roasting and brewing techniques.

During the full forecast from 2020-2030 shows a huge increase jump from the 2020 53 billion in USD to a at least 152 billion by 2030.

Just to show the huge jump between commercial and specialty coffee within the barista market would consist of this idea.

Since the barista market will grow to such an extent with specialty coffee, most gourmet and small owned businesses have experimented with oat milk to create these delicious and healthy beverages. This has allowed the oat milk industry to suddenly shift towards a higher 13.4% growth within the market.

The World Shifted How the Consumer Uses Milk

Remember when prices shot up and milk become expensive? Well oat brands found a route around that by producing organic and highly packed vitamin and nutrition “oat milk” would be better suited for families going through a tough time in the last handful of years.

Oatly has studied the graphs and steady rise of hand sanitizer when world hit the ground running. Within those graphs, milk started to steadily rise along with inflation in many countries.

Maybe with Oatly’s sure consumer following, celebrity backed endorsements, and all no-nonsense product with advocates for only organic and the purest unfiltered form of oats, has hit the ball out of the park with families in North America. As a matter of fact, oat milk has become the 2nd highest grossing food product in North America. Where Asia is starting to rival that sale indent.

BrandPercentageTotal Unit Sales Based on Country
Minor Figures100%United States
Planet Oat9.8%United States
Chobani4.6%United States
Silk3.9%United States
Oatly3.8%United States
Ripple2.3%United States
Private label1%United States
Good Karma0.3%United States

Source: vegconomist.com and statista.com

Why the focus on one oat milk company?

Because Oatly’s founder Rickard Öste invented the new health styled beverage. With the initial outlook and lookout for individuals who suffer from milk allergies and needed an alternative that allowed a packed variation of sustainable and healthy ingredients. What Öste found with oak milk is that oats are known for being an easy sustainable property within the farming industry. This also led to the now widely understood principle of “what is best of the environment?” 

And what has become the better alternative for the environment is greatly shaping how consumers from around the world are looking at food in grocery stores. The reason “healthy sustainable food” has received such high praise along with rival prices is that people have become conscious of what ingredients their body can either handle or is missing from their daily routine diet. This can also be determined as “health conscious.”

The Packaging Is in the Details

Another well rounded look into the oat milk market is what type of sustainable packaging is being used by these top companies. It all comes down to what will better help the environment by either being recyclable or biodegradable. With the shift focus towards plant-based milks or beverages, this means the packaging will need to look the part as well. Even Oatly (as mentioned above) has provided easy recyclable cartons that work as biodegradable materials that are easy to break down once done with essential use. By understanding who the oat milk consumers are and why they have shifted their focus to sustainable packaging, makes all the difference when investigating the research associated with oat milk.

The graph below depicts how alternative milk is needed for most of the population since a lactose intolerant allergy has grown in the last ten years.

What has been predicted is that carton form packaging will be given a stealthy rise while bottle will cease to exist. This comes down to what material can easily be recyclable or broke down to help filter out the overly used landfills and mass trash epidemic that a lot of countries face.

It was also tested that cartons provide a longer shelf life to the product, incur lower transport costs, and are convenient & safer to use for consumers.

Online Milk Market Vs. Grocery Store

It may come as no shock that the biggest increase in online retail for oat milk skyrocketed in 2019 through online retail. This was generally uplifted based on how families would use shopping apps and the discounts associated. This would be readily applied through the app checkout system. Where grocery stores have greatly limited the amount of people that could occupy the space because the covid-19 restrictions that came into place. This progressive shift from shopping online retail to in-person grocery shopping saw the greatest uplift in all of consumer shopping history.

The jump within the growth market for online retail verses in-store shopping showed that a staggering register of 14.10% for the 2019 – 2028 insight.

What Region Will Witness the Fastest Growth Margin?

This was hugely up to debate when there is a near 8-year gap difference however, the nearing details were able to predict that by 2028 the Asia-Pacific region would potentially lead the rest of the world in the oat milk market.

What New Companies Are on the Oat Milk Horizon?

We will look into what newer companies are on the horizon and have already been listed on multiple “try these” lists by magazines such as VegOut.

  • Oatsome
  • Mooala
  • Silk
  • Chobani
  • Minor Figures
  • Good & Gather
  • Simple Truth
  • Goodmylk co.
  • Dream
  • Better than milk
  • Trader Joe’s Oat Milk Brand

The table graph below shows the revenue from the previous year and how much of the consumer product has increased in April of 2022.

BrandsRevenue 2021Percentage increase 2022
Oatly$84 million22%
Largest Cow Milk Brands$56 million3.6%
Largest Plant-Based Milk Brands$20 million4%

Resource: ca.movies.yahoo.com

The bar graph above shows the fluctuation from the first quarter revenue in 2021 to the 2022 increased current quarter of revenue.

While a few of these companies like Silk have made a substantial name for themselves, it goes without saying that these companies may be 10-years old however, they are new to the oat milk revolution. And when a company jumps on board with a new product altogether, that means a reinvention is happening within that company.

Plant-Based Milk Alternative Types20182019
Flavored & Plain$155.5 million$173.8 million

Source: grandviewresearch.com

What Is the Estimate Amount that Oat Milk as a Whole Market will be Worth in this Time-Frame?

By the end of 2028, the market has indicated with relative growth that the oat milk industry will potential surpass $995.2 million.

This estimated amount has changed throughout the last 3 years which has seen a surge increase rather than any amount of decreasing inflation. As a matter of fact, as inflation rises in some regional areas like North America, consumers are turning to oat milk products which produce a longer shelf life than normal cow’s milk and almond or soy branded milk products.

What has become the most influencing segment within the growing section of the Oat Milk Market?

A common question has popped up numerous times indicating the most influencing segment within the growing section of the oat milk market is disruption factors. As the quantity of oat milk increases and has new consumers trying the product every day if not by every hour, this means distribution will see the largest shift. While oat milk companies pride themselves on quality over quantity, we will surely see the need for better distribution factors that will be “in need” of rectifying changes.

The distribution channels have been able to share what the largest demographic happens to be for the oat milk product. The demographic has shown that middle-aged men are the biggest buyers for the product. This actually makes the most sense, with health receiving a 2022 stamp of approval and overall look into anti-aging and health properties.

While many believed the target group for this product would be potential female health lifestyle influencers, they instead of changed their tactic to that of middle-aged men. Why? This is actually one of the hardest targeted groups to pitch ideas to as well as change perceptive lifestyle changes towards. If this demographic starts to change their daily routines to include oat milk, this shows that most parts of the world will be able to market oat milk above the traditional cow’s milk product. This may just be the biggest switch in all of consumer history.

What Key Trends Can We Expect in 2022?

Why has oat milk become the biggest trend of 2022? It comes down to evolution and science, multiple research outlets had discovered that in 2020-2021 there was a major shift in food allergies. Hundreds upon thousands of consumers ended up switching to oat milk and away from cow’s milk after discovering that they were either allergic or had developed a lactose intolerance reaction.

With bodily reactions to normal daily consumption, it shows that oat milk has become the better and smarter alternative that benefits the body’s organs. With oat milk providing an easy energy burst without the downfall like caffeine does, many individuals turn to oat milk to wean themselves off of that second or third cup of coffee. This is also why there was a rise of oat milk being insisted with Starbucks orders.

Is there an Oat Milk Shortage?

Technically, yes and no. The global supply of oat milk has steadily decreased because more consumers are buying. While Oatly may be sold out virtually everywhere, there technical outlook is to build up their distribution channels to ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy the beverage.

What Have Become the Key Benefits for Stakeholders

  • The massive market report provided enough detail into the quantitative analysis of the current oat milk market trends, size dynamic, and estimations, from 2019 to 2028 to identify the optimal opportunities that will be shared publicly.
  • The highlighted aspects, or pointed out probable points will benefit stakeholders, by sharing the potency of buyers and suppliers to help make profit-oriented business decisions and strengthen their supplier–buyer network.
  • This challenging analysis when it comes to the global oat milk market size and segmentation assist to determine the prevailing market opportunities.
  • We have presented the major region area that will see the greatest advancement in market production when it comes to oat milk. This oat milk market region will see more marketing going into all advertisements as well.
  • By providing a clear understanding of the present position of the market players in the oat milk industry, this will lead stakeholders in a prominent direction as well as for journalist when are marking the field in this new and hold steady venture.
Revenue %YearHow much
Increase in Revenue20212.19 billion
Increase in Revenue20286.45 billion

Source: alliedmarketresearch.com.

Stakeholders investing in oat milk will want to be on top of this 2022 increase which is looking to continue for many years to come.

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