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We will cover various routes to find scholarships to study in the Maldives. There may be scholarships available from Maldives universities or higher education institutions, along with finding private sectors that offer scholarship funding. Private sectors tend to lead a hand in the funding aspect for universities that accept accredited scholarships.

The Maldives provides an excellent program that involves work-study along the maritime study fields. Interested students that are looking to further their maritime or oceanography degree should look for the Maldives National University.

Part of the Maldives National university college branch is the Center for Maritime Studies. This university has several programs that range from undergraduate to postgraduate that focuses on maritime studies.

Scholarships for the Maldives:

  • Common Wealth Scholarships
  • Maldives Government Scholarships
  • UCL International Scholarships for Maldives
  • Maldives Chevening Scholarship program
  • Maldives Government Award – President Award
  • Maldives Government Award – Higher Achievers Scholarship
  • Maldives Government Award – Bachelor’s Degree program
  • Maldivian Aviation Academy Scholarship program
  • Medical Doctors Specialization Scholarship
  • Laurentian University in Canada Scholarships for International Students – Available to students in the Maldives
  • Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship at uLeth in Canada – Available to students in the Maldives
  • Concordia University of Edmonton Entrance Scholarship – Available to students in the Maldives
  • Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Scholarships – Has over 39 scholarships available from undergraduate to postgraduate
  • SAARC Chair Fellowship Scholarship – One scholarship and one fellowship are available
  • Training undue Indian Technical Economic Cooperation – Around 25 scholarships are available to luckily candidates
  • Technical Cooperation Scholarship (TCS) of Colombo Plan – 5 scholarships are available
  • India Science and Research Fellowship – There are 10 scholarships available for students to apply towards

Scholarship spotlight:

The BML Scholarship Fund – The Bank of Maldives Scholarship is an annual merit-based opportunity for Maldives citizens. Only three students will be picked to become recipients of this annual award.

This award covers everything from tuition, airfare tickets, all visa fees, annual book coverage, monthly allowance, and even a housing establishment allowance. This is a full coverage scholarship award that helps any deserving student to cover all college costs no matter what.

Maldives Education

Maldives education has one of the highest percentages where higher education is offered to college aged students. Up to 95% of college students will have the opportunity to attend a university. Normally free education is provided from the ages of 0 to 12 years of age. Also, Maldivian students will be able to take advantage of free education more so than international students interested in attending or studying in the Maldives.

Over 90% of the population are taught the native local languages and dialects along with English. It would be best if any international student that intends to study in Maldives looks to learn the native and local dialects as well. This is a sign of respect.

Above is a compiled list that is both for Maldivian students who are looking to study abroad and for international students looking to study in Maldives.

Largely the capacity building and skills development happens to be a main ingredient in Maldives and as well as a key components of Government of India’s assistance program for Maldives.

Latest Active Scholarships from Maldives

Marine Biology Discovery Grant, Greece 2024

Scholarship Name: Marine Biology Research Bursary, Maldives, 2024

2 min read

Country: Maldives

Description: The Marine Biology Research Bursary In The Maldives Is A Fantastic Opportunity For Future Marine Biologists To Study In One Of The Most Beautiful Underwater Environments In The World. This Bursary Is Given By A Top Marine Research Center And Is Designed For Students Who...

Date Published: 21 March 2024

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Marine Conservation Innovation Scholarship Award in Maldives, 2024

Scholarship Name: Marine Conservation Innovation Scholarship Award in Maldives, 2024

4 min read

Country: Maldives

Description: Introduction The Marine Conservation Innovation Scholarship Award In Maldives, 2024 Is An Exciting Opportunity For Young Innovators And Conservationists To Contribute To Marine Conservation Efforts In The Beautiful Island Nation Of Maldives. This Prestigious Scholarship Aims To Support Talented Individuals Who Are Passionate About Preserving...

Date Published: 24 January 2024

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Scholarship Name: Villa College Scholarships for Maldivian Students

1 min read

Country: Maldives

Description: The Villa College Scholarship Scheme Was Presented At A Function Held At The Q.I. Grounds. The Scholarship Was Acquainted With Empowering The Chosen Students To Study In Any Of The Academic Projects At Villa College. This Program Is Granted To Two Remarkable Students To Study...

Date Published: 05 January 2018

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Scholarship Name: Villa College Open Scholarship

1 min read

Country: Maldives

Description: Open Scholarship Program In Areas Of Foundation Scholarship, Undergraduate Scholarship, And Postgraduate Scholarship Is On Its Way Of Accepting Scholarship Applications At Villa College In The Republic Of Maldives. Every Year The Same Category Scholarship Is Being Offered To All Students Studying At Villa College....

Date Published: 05 January 2018

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Scholarship Name: Villa College / Villa International High School Scholarship

1 min read

Country: Maldives

Description: Two Undergraduate Scholarship Program Called Villa College / Villa International High School Scholarship Will Be Awarded To The VIHS Graduates. The Scholarship Is Purposely Created To Give Support To Outstanding Students In Academics. This Is A Full Tuition Scholarship Grants And Can Choose Any Courses...

Date Published: 05 January 2018

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