Is a passport required to be able to get a Scholarship?

Written by Twongho Benjamin on August 9, 2022

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But I don’t have a passport for since in our country it is a bit difficult to get one.


Hi. In that case, we suggest trying harder to get a passport or in case you don’t succeed on that, try to learn in your own country with a scholarship that is made only for your country, not abroad. Unfortunately if you want to study abroad with a scholarship, you must get a passport, it’s impossible without one, because you actually cannot travel abroad without a passport. These are the international rules.

So, only in the worst case scenario that you can’t get a passport at all, better to focus on scholarships that don’t require for you to travel, maybe an online scholarship or something in your country. An online scholarship, would mean you would study exclusively online, on the internet, so you would not need to travel outside your country, so thus, you would not need a passport.

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