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When it comes to studying abroad and in a different country like Haiti, it can be a taxing moment when it comes down to researching what available scholarships there are to pursue. From government grants, to university entrance scholarships that are handed out upon sending in the submission admissions application.

We will break down what scholarships and fellowships are available in each country, along with the title of those scholarships. This way it can be much easier during a student’s research when they decide to look up the full details of that scholarship to see if they are an eligible match.

Along with scholarships, we will place any internships or work-study programs that may be readily available for international students.

Below is a list of scholarships available to both domestic citizens of the Haiti and international students interested in studying in the country.

Scholarships in Haiti:

  • Everyone Can Learn Python Scholarship
  • Fully funded UKRI CDT Artificial Intelligence at Swansea University
  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees Scholarship
  • Saint Patrick’s Day Greening Scholarship
  • Taught Master’s Scholarships
  • OAS – Scholarships – Organization of American States – French Speakers from Haiti
  • Haiti Rising Christlike Scholarship from Bold.org
  • Haiti Scholarships | MAMA Project
  • Awards & Scholarships – Haitian Studies Association
  • JustHaiti Scholarship Program
  • Chevening Scholarships for Haitians
  • The Scholarship Fund – Haiti Partners
  • GAHCCI Scholarship
  • Haiti Medical Scholarships – Free Methodist Church USA

When it comes to a student visa, students will need to have the correct documentation to show they are a resident or citizen of the current country they live in.

Yes, international students will need to acquire a student visa before arriving in Haiti. As standard procedure it is easier on the student to acquire a student visa before arriving so there is no problems with crossing the border into the country. At times, it can be difficult for student upon arrival if they do not have all of their paperwork stating which university, they are attending in Haiti, or what they intend to study. Along with not having a student visa to all the student to stay the full academic term.

EU students do have different terms and conditions when it comes to a student visa, because most EU citizens do not need a visa in another EU country.

Learn the Local Language

This is one of the bigger points for any country. Each country releases a huge amount of ‘language scholarships’ that is dedicated to the students who are currently learning the local language and who intend to pursue a higher education in the cultural history of Haiti.

Each country will have a language proficiency exam to place the student in classes where they are familiar with the language. This is a regular occurrence to ensure that the student does not immediately fall behind in their coursework because simply they do not understand the language.

Most universities will place international students into free language programs so the students can begin basic level exercises to help them to learn the local or official language of the country.

Latest Active Scholarships from Haiti


Scholarship Name: $2,500 The Haitian American Caucus - Haiti 2024

5 min read

Country: Haiti

Description: The Haitian American Caucus (HAC) Is A Non-profit Organization That Works To Empower The Haitian-American Community Through Education, Advocacy, And Community Development. The Organization Was Founded In 1996 By A Group Of Haitian-American Professionals Who Recognized The Need For An Organization That Could Address The...

Date Published: 18 April 2023

View Details

Scholarship Name: Fully-Funded Haitian Education & Leadership Program - Haiti 2023

6 min read

Country: Haiti

Description: Why Should Students Choose To Study In Haiti? We Will Provide A Few Reasons And Deep Dive Into The Haitian Education & Leadership Program. Cultural Immersion: Studying In Haiti Offers Students The Opportunity To Immerse Themselves In A Rich And Vibrant Culture. Haiti Is A...

Date Published: 17 April 2023

View Details
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