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Written by Mpho Nkoho on June 27, 2023

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Where can I get a list of such scholarships for enrolling in an undergraduate program for the year 2024?


Finding international scholarships for undergraduate programs can be a challenging task, but it is certainly doable. Many government and private entities offer fully-funded scholarships to students from all over the world who wish to pursue higher education in their chosen field. It’s important that you start researching early for the best opportunities available for 2024.

The most common avenues of funding are from your home country’s government, international aid organizations such as USAID or UNESCO, and private institutions located across various countries. You should also check out scholarship search engines such as Scholars4dev which helps connect students with relevant scholarship opportunities listed by various universities around the world.

To narrow your research down specifically for scholarships applicable in 2024, look out for announcements on university websites of their plans to give out any grants they may have allocated in advance over the coming year for certain student cohorts or courses of study. As well as looking at specific universities or initiatives, there are several cross-border structures providing assistance to those applying overseas – contact these directly if interested: Erasmus+, Global UGRAD exchange program (run by the US Department of State), DAAD Scholarship Programme (German Academic Exchange Service). Additionally, many United Nations organisations provide financial help through UN Volunteers programme and UNICEF internships that can often lead to full funding packages. You can also apply directly at each institution you wish to study at – typically some Universities have designated funds earmarked just for International students each academic year so make sure you familiarise yourself with all possibilities available before beginning your application process! When searching online use key words such as “scholarship + course/study + name of country + year” when looking up potential grants offered through governments across different continents; keep an eye open especially during political campaigns where ruling parties tend to make wide-reaching decisions that often benefit higher education priorities abroad too!

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  1. I am a South Sudanese refugee leaving in Uganda and I have completed A level and I wished to carry on with further studies

    1. As a South Sudanese refugee living in Uganda, you have already taken an important step towards achieving your educational goals by successfully completing A Level. Now that you are looking to move forward with further studies, there are many pathways and options available to you.

      First of all, it is important to consider the political context when seeking higher education as a refugee. There may be restrictions in place depending on the country or institution which could limit your study options significantly. It is therefore recommended to research thoroughly into any potential universities or educational institutions before making any decisions so that you can understand fully what opportunities exist for you.

      Once this has been established, assessing your particular interests and goals will be paramount when considering potential courses or programs of study at undergraduate or postgraduate level. For instance, if you are looking for a career in science then pursuing a bachelor’s degree such as biochemistry would be particularly advantageous; alternatively specializing in medical fields such as midwifery might provide more practical job prospects down the line if desired. Likewise, there might also be government-funded scholarships which enable refugees like yourself access higher education within their current jurisdiction (e.g., Uganda). Such programs can prove invaluable vehicles for boosting employment prospects and consequently positive integration into the local community once formal qualifications have been achieved – both factors essential for long-term stabilization and success after displacement due to war or conflict within home countries such as South Sudan .

      In conclusion therefore while studying abroad may not always be possible due to certain legal restrictions put on non-nationals; nonetheless continuing with further studies does remain an achievable objective even from locations like Uganda where refugees lose present citizenship rights upon forced relocation from South Sudan due warring factions therein .

  2. Je suis à la recherche d’une bourse étrangère ,pour un niveau master, entièrement financé j’ai une licence en Chimie ,en contrôle qualité et sécurité sanitaire des aliment à l’Université de kara, au Togo.
    Merci de bien vouloir m’aider.

  3. Hi I’m a Nigerian and I need a scholarship to study epidemiology, although I already have a diploma in it, I am interested in getting a full scholarship that covers expenses and accommodation.

    1. Congratulations on being interested in furthering your education in Epidemiology! It’s a great field, and one that has become increasingly important in our current world.

      The first step to receiving an excellent and full scholarship for studying epidemiology is to do research on the available programs. You should look into both local and international universities who offer courses related to your degree. You may want to also look into any grants or scholarships that are specifically offered by these institutions as well, such as those from organizations such as The Gates Foundation or The National Institutes of Health. Additionally, you could reach out directly to potential schools that match your criteria and inquire about their eligibility requirements for funding aid programs.

      Additionally, there are several other resources available online where you can search for scholarship opportunities based on specific criteria such as field of study, type of institution offering the program, financial need requirement etc.. Websites like Scholarships4U (https://scholarshiplips.com/) have databases filled with great options from various sources like corporations, foundations or government agencies; all geared towards helping students pursue higher education regardless of socio-economic background.

      Other scholarships which might be highly relevant for Nigerian students include the Ahmadu Bello University Scholarship Program (http://www2.abuadmissionservice20192020/ABU_SCHOLARSHIPS) which provides tuition waiver plus living allowance support during course duration; while AACI’s Nigeria Study Abroad Scholarship Program (http –//aaciworldwidecharityfoundationnigeria/) offers scholarships worth up to $1 million USD per annum covering travel expenses & study materials costs along with annual stipend support towards housing & other basic needs while abroad at select institutions within Canada & Europe among others whom offer accredited degrees in health sciences including epidemiology related studies – so be sure to check them out too!

      Finally we suggest networking with colleagues worldwide through professional associations such as the American Public Health Association (APHA) where members can access exclusive resources related to grants & fellowship opportunities present within global healthcare circles beyond simple course admission assistance; ultimately taking more charge over how&where they decide best suit themselves when aiming for good quality tertiary educational experiences !

    1. Hi Esther. Just to clarify, we are not a school. We are just a website that offers a lot of free scholarship information.

  4. Hello sir/ma
    Am Mmesoma from Nigeria. I need a fully funded scholarship to study pharmacy in school. A scholarship that comprise both accommodation, stipends and health insurance.

    1. Hello Mmesoma, I recommend checking out PickAScholarship website for a comprehensive list of fully funded scholarships for studying pharmacy. You can filter the results based on your specific criteria such as accommodation, stipends, and health insurance. Best of luck in your search for the perfect scholarship!

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