Full-funded Comet Scholarship in USA, 2022

The Cometa Scholarship represents interest on the part of the Intercorp Group and the Peru Champs Association to promote the academic and professional development of young Peruvians, giving them the opportunity to access education under the highest international standards. 

However, this does not guarantee the admission or academic success of the scholarship students, who must follow the corresponding admission processes, subject to the conditions that are applicable in each case.

Peru Champs transforms lives through a good education. We identify low-income school children with high academic, artistic, or sports talent and we grant them scholarships to receive an education of excellence at Innova Schools.

Scholarship students will receive preparation and support to apply to up to three (3) universities of the eight (8) included in the program (which are: Princeton, Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Chicago, Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, Brown and New York University The preparation program will include English courses, TOEFL, SAT or ACT test preparation, essay writing, orientation and guidance, and application fees to all three (3) universities.

The Cometa Scholarship is subject to the provisions established by the Government of the Republic of Peru, including – without limitation – the Ministry of Education and the Government of the United States. In this sense, neither the Intercorp Group nor the Peru Champs Association will be responsible for the enactment of legal provisions, government policies, regulations in general, and/or similar instruments, which could make it difficult and/or impossible to grant and/or execute the Comet Scholarship.

Neither the Intercorp Group nor the Peru Champs Association will have any responsibility towards applicants who have not entered the universities of the program nor towards those scholarship students who are suspended or expelled from them.

If necessary, applicants may be required to provide additional documentation to prove the information declared, such as, for example, pay stubs, employment contracts, receipts for fees, or other supporting documents.

Notwithstanding what is described in this document, Grupo Intercorp and/or the Peru Champs Association may request the applicant to assume additional commitments within the framework of the program and/or as a condition for the awarding of the Cometa Scholarship, constituting the refusal to assume said commitments sufficiently causal for the automatic revocation of the Comet Scholarship.

Grupo Intercorp and/or the Peru Champs Association may, at their discretion and depending on the financial resources available, unilaterally modify the conditions established by the Cometa Scholarship. Therefore, they may stop attending applicants, which in no case should be considered as a breach of the obligations assumed.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Grupo Intercorp and/or the Peru Champs Association undertake to inform applicants in a timely manner so that they can make the necessary provisions.

In return for the Cometa community and Peru, the scholarship students undertake for an indefinite period of time to be part of the “Cometa Community”, in order to provide support to the community, actively participating in mentoring and sharing their experiences and learning with future applicants and scholarship recipients.

What benefits do Cometa Scholarships offer?

1. Scholarship students who have entered any of the universities in the program will be awarded a scholarship of 100% of the annual tuition of the university for a maximum period of four (4) years of the undergraduate degree. Any extension of the term will not be covered by the Comet Scholarship. In addition, in case the scholarship students fail a course, commit a serious offense, or are penalized for the conduct, they will automatically lose the Comet Scholarship.

2. Scholarship students who have entered any of the program’s universities will also benefit from medical insurance (if not included in the enrollment), an annual air ticket to visit their family in Peru, a computer (according to to the requirements of the degree), reasonable expenses stipend (according to the needs of the student for each degree – books, materials, personal expenses, and transportation) and annual room and board expenses (according to the program offered by the university). Any extraordinary expense will not be covered by the Comet Scholarship.

Application deadline: January 7, 2022

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