Can I get a scholarship to study at Canada direct from doing my form four exams?

Written by calvin Matonda on August 16, 2023

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Can I get a scholarship to study at Canada direct from doing my form four exams?


Yes, you can definitely get a scholarship to study at Canada after doing your form four exams. In fact, there are many scholarships specifically aimed at students from the African continent who have either just finished their secondary schooling or completed a specific year of university.

For example, Canadian universities offer the African Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship for international students from Africa and the Commonwealth countries to pursue post-secondary studies in Canada. The aim is to support future leaders in Africa by providing them with an opportunity to gain knowledge from some of the best universities in North America. This scholarship covers tuition fee and other education costs associated with studying for an undergraduate degree program in a Canadian institution.

Similarly, organizations like Global Educational Consultancies also offer scholarships which cover tuition fees and living expenses such as food and lodging costs for applicants wishing to pursue their higher education abroad at places such as Canada. Other such organizations which provide financial aid/scholarship opportunities tailored for international students including those from Africa wanting to continue their studies abroad.

In addition to these funds/grants available through institutions or dedicated organizations above, you may also find local NGO’s or charitable foundations that can support your aspirations financially toward pursuing your Higher Education dreams – especially if you come from low-income backgrounds in rural areas across Sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya being one such country). It’s worth researching these options when considering coming up with a full study plan that encompasses both financial planning and academic requirements necessary prior making any decisions about admission into various universities abroad (in this case Canada).

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  1. I’m from Mozambique. I have been looking for a scholarship abroad to enhance my skills at the course of Business Masters administration (MBA). If I get an opportunity I’ll be running at this curse. Please


    1. Congratulations on your decision to pursue an MBA! An MBA can open many doors and can be quite useful for a range of career paths. Fortunately, there are numerous scholarships out there that may be able to help you fund your degree from Mozambique.

      One possibility is the Open Society Foundations Southern Africa Fellowship Program (OSF-SAFP). This scholarship program provides financial support to master’s students from Mozambique studying within any subject field at a university located in Southern Africa or abroad that is accredited by the respective country’s higher education accreditation body. Through this fellowship program, selected fellows will receive full tuition fees as well as travel grants and living stipends depending on their needs.

      Another option is the Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress Initiative which supports young people who are homeless or at risk of being forced into homelessness due to poverty or lack of access to educational resources. This initiative provides funding for post-secondary studies in technology, business and finance disciplines including MBA courses that can lead towards long term employment opportunities for youth aged 16–24 living in countries where Citi has a presence such as Mozambique.

      A third opportunity comes through UNESCO which offers International Fellowships every year under its Man and Biosphere Programme (MAB). This fellowship program supports doctoral research projects related to sustainable development issues based at universities and research institutions worldwide. Scholars receive round trip tickets; tuition/registration fees; health insurance coverage; study materials, visa fees etc., with some additional allowances awarded depending on personal circumstances thus allowing them a flexible study plan while focusing their research results towards achieving international objectives.

      Finally if none of these options work out then it might be worth looking into private donors such as foundations or individuals who have shown interest or expertise in subsidies /business administration areas – this could apply both locally within Mozambique but also internationally if you look hard enough online or contact potential organisations directly without hesitating!

      Regardless, good luck with your search for scholarship opportunities! With enough effort I’m sure you’ll find one that meets your needs perfectly!

  2. I have just finished my form five at Eswatini and in need of a scholarship to help me study medicine. Can you please help me, where can i obtain funding.

    1. Congratulations on your recent completion of Form 5! Securing a scholarship to pursue a career in medicine is an attainable goal. To get started, you should become familiar with the various types of scholarships available and seek out those that are best suited for your needs.

      First, you should look into local scholarships offered by universities or government entities in Eswatini. Scholarships at this level can often include tuition waivers or even full funding packages, setting up a great opportunity for students interested in medical studies. Additionally, taking advantage of national-level grants through the Ministry of Education and Culture could also be beneficial as they may offer financial assistance tailored for medical students.

      In addition to local opportunities within Eswatini, there are many global initiatives offering generous medical scholarships as well. Organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Bank provide substantial funds specifically dedicated to aiding individuals pursuing higher education in medicine internationally. These organizations typically have eligibility requirements regarding GPA scores or country residency status but are worth researching further if they appear suitable to you.

      Finally, seeking out private funders is another option when it comes to finding scholarship money for medical studies abroad; many organizations grant need-based awards intended for emerging healthcare professionals from underprivileged backgrounds who wish to pursue their studies overseas. Also be sure to look into programs run by charities like GlobalGiving or The Open Medicine Foundation which offer fellowships designed specifically with aspiring doctors like yourself in mind!

      Good luck with your search – remember: never give up hope when it comes to achieving your educational goals!

    2. I am from Ethiopia. I have big dream to change this world for that reason i need this golden opportunity. How to gate this scholarship please help me

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