Callao Talent School Scholarships, 2021

Written by Michael Nz. on November 12, 2021

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The Callao Talent School scholarships respond to the name of this educational center where technology abounds and in which books and notebooks have been dispensed with. The only pens there are digital, for writing on tablets and touch boards. The Talent school has only fourth and fifth grade (100 students per grade). Entering this school is not easy and not just any boy can do it.

Before passing the rigorous admission exam, you must have been part of the upper fifth of a public school only in Callao. Those who enter are truly talented.

When you enter the classroom, it is inevitable to be surprised by the touch boards. This touch technology, which is applied in English and mathematics classes, allows the student to solve problems by touching or moving the alternatives that the teacher places on the screen.

In addition, the school has a virtual platform in which the teachers post the tasks that the students solve from their laptops in the classrooms, which are converted into tablets with just a couple of movements.
Facebook and blogs, so used by teenagers for fun, in the Talent School are used to learn.
The popular social network is for students and teachers to communicate and children can review their grades and progress on that platform.

Likewise, the robotics and education for work workshops attract powerfully. In the first, students develop their full potential to assemble and program. On the other, they design web pages with the study of programs that, once completed by the students, grant them Microsoft certifications.

Likewise, the school has implemented artistic and sports workshops. There are dance, theater, film, violin, and flute workshops. In addition, the students practice sports at the Callao Sports Village.

The Admission Process 2022 is regulated in the ordinary entry modality of the School of Talents, assuming personal and intellectual characteristics of the aspiring students and that they comply with the requirements that allow them to guarantee their academic performance during the development of the activity, to continue secondary studies during the 2022 school year at the Talent School, within the framework of the new transformative vision of education, according to the training proposals of the

To convene a student admission process, in order to carry out a strict and impartial selection of applicants, who to date have completed first-grade studies of secondary education and are studying the second grade of secondary education in an Educational Institution Public of the Callao Region, so that they continue high-performance studies in the 100 vacancies offered for the third grade of secondary education at the Talent School during the year 2022.

Promote the general student grant for the participation of students from Public Educational Institutions in the jurisdiction of the Callao Region in the 2022 admission process.
Disseminate and promote the scholarship in the largest number of Public Educational Institutions to select talented students specific from low-income socioeconomic levels.
Implement a process of psycho-pedagogical, emotional, academic aptitude, and knowledge evaluation, to filter and identify students with unique, creative, and innovative characteristics.
Make the admission process publicly known through different media, as well as to the authorities within the framework of the transparency law.
Direct with fairness and justice compliance with legal and administrative provisions within the framework of educational inclusion, guaranteeing maximum transparency and the order of merit obtained.
Prepare the final report with 100% (100 new entrants), according to the goal of the Talent School activity.
Apply the technological pedagogical and psychological criteria to carry out the student admission process.

What benefits do the Callao Talent School Scholarships offer?

Registration and coverage of enrollment in the SIAGIE of the entrants to the Talent School in accordance with the standards established by the Ministry of Education.

For what level is the scholarship?

High school

Who awards the scholarship?

Callao Regional Government

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