Apply for this $1,000 Ascend Scholarship

Written by Stuart Ray on July 25, 2023

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Are you a student with big dreams and aspirations? Look no further! The $1,000 Ascend Scholarship for 2024 is here to help you realize your educational goals. Whether you’re passionate about sciences, arts, business, or any other field of study, this scholarship is open to all ambitious students seeking to take their academic journey to new heights.

In this video, we’ll tell you all about the value of this incredible scholarship, the simple application process, and the deadline you need to keep in mind. Don’t miss this chance to secure financial assistance that could make a significant difference in your educational pursuits!

12 thoughts on “Apply for this $1,000 Ascend Scholarship

  1. Hello my name is nasar khan sadath and I really need to a scholarship now and also I am an intalligent student please accept me

  2. Hello my name is Masela.I’m from Myanmar.I really want to study.i need your support financial. please

  3. Hello my name is rahim ramazani I’m Afghanistan I’m looking for work place cen you help me please I’m looking for work place cen you help me 🙏 0093728288776

    1. Thanks for reaching out, Rahim! Finding a job in Afghanistan can be challenging, but there are resources available to help you get started.

      The first step is to take advantage of the current online job portals available in Afghanistan. These websites list jobs from reliable and trustworthy employers throughout the country. Sites like, Indeed,, and have thousands of posted vacancies ranging from entry-level positions to executive roles in various sectors such as IT/Software Development, Manufacturing/Industrial, Medicinal & Pharmaceuticals and Finance & Banking among others. Make sure your profile on these sites highlights your skills and experience so that potential employers can quickly see if you’re qualified for any openings they may have available.

      In addition to seeking employment online, attending career workshops or networking events is a great way to connect with potential recruiters or learn more about trends impacting the job market in Afghanistan today. In particular educational institutions often offer training sessions tailored towards helping their students find employment after graduation – reach out directly to universities or specialized workforce development centers nearest you for more information about upcoming workshops where you could showcase yourself as a strong candidate! It’s also beneficial to join community groups related to professional networks or even follow local businesses on social media; this will help increase your own visibility while introducing you with key industry players who may have an opportunity fitting your profile come up soon!

      Finally don’t forget the importance of referrals when it comes time apply for jobs – reaching out through mutual contacts (such as friends or family) within companies that interest you can be a great way gain insight into internal hiring processes while increasing chances at success particularly if need rapid introduction as qualified candidate into organization looking hire someone new right away! Good luck with finding work place Rahim – we know that persistence patience combined with above strategies cannot only find perfect fit but also give enjoy greater success entering future revitalized Afghan labor market!

  4. Hi my name is Samuel Fordjour from Ghana I have completed University of education Winneba Ghana West Africa with second class in batchlor of education. I will like you to enrol me in your masters degree scholarship I’m highly willing to continue my education.

    1. Congratulations on completing your Bachelor’s degree, Samuel! Pursuing a Master’s degree is a great way to further your education and increase the range of possibilities for you to have an amazing career.

      There are many different types of scholarships available for Master’s students, so make sure you do some research into what will be best for your unique circumstances. Some general tips include being aware of deadlines early on and making sure that all application materials are sent in by the due date; having strong letters of recommendation which can demonstrate why you would be an excellent fit for the program; and demonstrating how serious you are about continuing your studies through things such as taking preparatory classes or pursuing other educational activities related to the field.

      Additionally, there are organizations in Ghana that offer scholarships specifically tailored towards students from developing nations like yours. The Rufford Small Grants Foundation is one example that offers financial assistance of up to £6,000 (about GHS 37,500) per year for costs related to protecting nature or conducting scientific research. A Google search should also point out any grants offered by universities or local governments in Ghana which may help with covering tuition fees or living expenses during your studies abroad.

      Good luck with finding a scholarship that works best for you! We hope this answer was helpful with providing tips and resources as guidance throughout this process.

  5.  I am graduated student. I need scholarship in order to continue my further education. but I need financial assistance . because  I am poor boy. please give me a chance to get scholarship and change my life .

    1. Congratulations on your graduation and for wanting to continue your education. It’s great that you are looking for financial assistance, and it is entirely possible to find scholarships and grants that can help with tuition fees.

      The first step is to make sure you understand what types of scholarships are available and the criteria required to be eligible for them. Many universities, educational institutions, organizations, employers, government agencies, churches/ faith-based groups etc., offer scholarship programs. Make sure you research all the options available in order to have a better understanding of which organizations you should look into further.

      It is also important to take advantage of any free resources in order to increase your chances of finding suitable scholarship funds or grants such as websites like CollegeBoard or Fastweb who provide free access to an extensive database of financial aid opportunities from various sources tailored specifically towards each student’s needs. As a part of searching through these sources make sure you also reach out directly with potential providers as not all opportunities will be advertised online so speaking directly can put ensure that no stone is left unturned!
      Furthermore, there are many initiatives set up specifically designed for low-income students such as formal fundraising campaigns either through friends/family or starting one yourself using platforms such GoFundMe or Scholarship Helpers – both services will provide guidance on how best deliver a successful campaign! Once applicants establish their eligibility criteria they can then apply directly through the relevant organization; Students need complete the necessary paperwork properly ensuring they meet all requirements before submitting an application which includes attending interviews if requested by institutes /organizations when applicable (this is often determined by country). And Don’t forget about leveraging networking opportunities with people who have already succeeded in being awarded scholarships – these contacts could help secure additional information crucial in making strong cases when applying or even guide applicants on how best create effective proposals ensuring success when bidding for particular programs!    Good luck!

  6. Good evening,

    Congratulation for your Amazing work in education world.
    I would want to have a scholarship in administration for studiying in Canada.

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