About scholarship for masters how do one get a grant?

Written by Geh Paul chu on July 24, 2022

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How can I get a scholarship to study masters in environment?


Hi. You have to visit this page: https://www.pickascholarship.com/find-scholarships/ and then choose as type of scholarship, Master and as area of study choose environment and click Search. It will find for you all the Master Scholarships in the Environment field from any country. If you want to target a specific country, also select the field of country of the scholarship and click again Search, but we don’t recommend that, as it will narrow greatly the search and the chances to find a scholarship will also be reduced.

But still, if you think you are lucky, and need another field selection you can do it. Our search form has all the necessary fields for a scholarship search, like expenses covered by the scholarship administrator and so on. Expenses covered means what the University covers your expenses during your studies with them. If you see the expenses covered set to “All” for example, it means it’s a fully funded scholarship, which means all expenses are covered by the University and you don’t have to pay anything.

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