35 University Scholarships for Developing Countries 2022

Written by Michael Nz. on March 13, 2022

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Do you want to study in one of the best universities abroad? In this article, I will list the best international university scholarships in the world in 2022 for students from developing countries.

The best universities in the world can be found in different parts of the world: the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, France, many of these best universities offer scholarship programs for outstanding international students.

We list the scholarship programs offered by Universities included in the Top 250 Universities Worldwide in 2022.

Undergraduate scholarships at the best universities 

1. International Leader of Tomorrow Award at the University of British Columbia (Canada)

The award is open to new international undergraduate students applying to study at the university.

This scholarship offers talented international high school and post-secondary students from developing countries the opportunity to study at the prestigious University of British Columbia (UBC).

The award ranges in value up to the full cost of the program and applicants’ living costs. The value of each award will depend on the financial need of the applicant.

The awards will be renewed for up to three additional years of university study or until the completion of the degree.


2. Get Oxford Scholarships (UK)

This approach of « Scholarship offers students from developing countries, who due to poor education facilities, political unrest, or financial reasons are unable to pursue university studies in their home country. The scholarship will cover college and university expenses, take care of living expenses, and one return ticket per year.


3. Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London (UK)

This is one of the international university scholarships available for students from developing countries. The Dutch Denys offers scholarships to university students from any country who without a scholarship will not be able to finance their studies at the University of London (UCL). The scholarship is worth $9000 per year which recipients can use all or part of the tuition costs.


4. University of Canterbury First Year International Scholarships (New Zealand)

This is also an international university scholarship. The UC First-Year International Scholarship is one of the ways the University of Canterbury helps excellent international students starting their undergraduate studies to finance their studies. 

The scholarship is currently awarded with values ​​of $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000.


Bachelor/Master Scholarships at Top Universities

5. University of Bristol International Office Scholarships (UK)

The scholarship offered is worth £8,00-12,000 which can go towards the cost of tuition. The University of Bristol is one of the best international universities in the world offering these International Office Scholarships to new international students who wish to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate program at the University.


6. Monash University International Merit Scholarships (Australia)

Outstanding international students who wish to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Monash University are offered a number of scholarship programs, including the Monash University International Merit Scholarships.

This scholarship is worth up to $50000 based on a five-year course.


7. Utrecht University Excellence Scholarships (Netherlands)

Utrecht University one of the best international universities offering some of the world’s scholarships offers Utrecht University Excellence Scholarships to outstanding prospective students who want to pursue a Bachelor or Master’s degree in various fields from Utrecht University.

The scholarship award will cover tuition and living expenses of 11,000 euros each year.


8. University of Bologna Study Scholarships for International Students (Italy)

The University of Bologna, one of the most famous international universities in the world, known for awarding scholarships, offers deserving international students who wish to enroll in the first cycle (bachelor’s), second cycle (master’s), or single cycle programs in the University of Bologna.

Each scholarship awarded for an academic year amounts to a total of €11,059 gross of all expenses in the beneficiary’s account.


Master’s scholarships in the best universities

9. Clarendon Scholarships at Oxford University (UK)

The Clarendon Fund is a major postgraduate scholarship program at the University of Oxford, offering around 140 new scholarships each year to eligible postgraduate applicants (including international students). 

Clarendon Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and potential in all degree subjects at the postgraduate level at the University of Oxford.

All Clarendon Scholarships cover full tuition and university fees and a generous grant for living expenses.


10. Gates Cambridge Scholarships (UK)

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships is one of the World Scholarships that offer full-cost awards for postgraduate study and research in any subject available at the University of Cambridge. 

These international university scholarships are open to all international students from around the world. A Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers the full cost of studying at Cambridge, namely: university fees, maintenance allowances, airfare, etc.


11. Edinburgh Global Online Distance Learning Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh is one of the best scholarship universities that will offer 4 scholarships for any distance education master’s program offered by the University. 

Each scholarship will cover full tuition and will last for three years.


12. Developing Solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham (UK)

Are you from Africa, India, or one of the Commonwealth developing countries who want to study for a Masters at the University of Nottingham? Developing Solutions scholarships are designed for you.

As one of the best universities in the world, each year 105 scholarships are awarded of which 30 are fully funded scholarships, while 75 will cover 50% of the tuition.


13. TU Delft Excellence Scholarships (Netherlands)

This scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship that covers full tuition and a monthly allowance. The Delft University of Technology, one of the best international universities in the world, offers a number of excellent scholarship programs for international students.

The Justus & Louise van Effen Scholarship is one such program and its aim is to financially support excellent international Master’s students who wish to study at TU Delft.


14. Maastricht University High Potential Scholarships (Netherlands)

Maastricht University High Potential Scholarships is one of the world scholarships made available by the UM Scholarship Fund with the aim of encouraging excellent students from outside the EEA to pursue a master’s program at UM.  

The scholarship offers Enrollment, living expenses, visa expenses, and insurance.


15. Leiden University Excellence Scholarships (Netherlands)

The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LExS) program is open to outstanding students from outside the EU/EEA who enroll in a Master’s program offered at Leiden University.

Scholarships come in the form of the following: €10,000 of tuition, €15,000 of tuition, or full tuition minus statutory tuition.


16. Erik Bleumink Scholarships at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

The Erik Bleumink Fund Scholarships are generally awarded for any 1- or 2-year Master’s program offered at the University of Groningen.  

The scholarship covers tuition fees plus international travel costs, subsistence, books, and health insurance.


17. VU University Amsterdam Scholarship Program (Netherlands)

The VU Scholarship Program (VUFP) offers talented prospective students from outside the EU/EEA the unique opportunity to pursue a degree in a selection of Master’s programs at VU University.

The scholarship is a tuition fee waiver and does not provide any additional allowance for study or living costs.


18. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (Netherlands)

The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (AES) award scholarships to exceptionally talented students from outside the EU to pursue eligible Master’s programs offered at the University of Amsterdam. 

The AES is a full scholarship of €25,000 that covers tuition and living expenses.


19. University of Twente Scholarships (Netherlands)

The University Twente Scholarships (UTS) are scholarships for excellent students from EU/EEA and non-EU countries, who apply for a postgraduate program (MSc) at the University of Twente.

The scholarship amount is €6,000 – €25,000 for one year.


20. ETH Excellence Scholarships (Switzerland)

The ETH Excellence Scholarships are open to excellent students from both the ETH and other universities (national and international) who wish to pursue their master’s degrees at ETH Zurich.

The scholarships consist of a full/partial grant that covers living and study expenses as well as a tuition fee waiver.


21. University of Lausanne Masters Scholarship for Foreign Students (Switzerland)

The University of Lausanne in Switzerland offers scholarships to international students who wish to pursue a Masters at the University through the UNIL Masters Scholarships.  

The amount of the grant is 1,600 Swiss francs per month, from September 15 to July 15, for a duration not exceeding the statutory minimum period of the program.


22. University of Geneva Excellence Masters Scholarships (Switzerland)

The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Geneva, in collaboration with several sponsors, has established an Excellence Scholarship Program to support outstanding and highly motivated candidates who intend to pursue a Master of Science in any of the disciplines covered by the Faculty.  

The Scholarship of Excellence consists of a grant of CHF 10,000 to CHF 15,000 per year.


23. Lund University Global Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA Students (Sweden)

The Lund University Global Scholarship Program is a selective, merit-based scholarship program that recognizes the best academic students from outside the European Union/European Economic Area (and Switzerland) who wish to apply for a bachelor’s degree or program master’s degree offered at Lund University.

Scholarships can cover 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of tuition. Does not cover living costs.


24. Emily Boutmy Scholarships for International Students at Sciences Po (France)

Sciences Po created the Emile Boutmy Scholarship after the founder of Sciences Po in order to attract the best international students from outside the European Union who are first-time applicants and have been admitted to an undergraduate or master’s program offered in University.

The Emily Boutmy MSc program can take different forms ranging from €5,000 to €16,000 for 2 years of postgraduate study or €3,000 to €12,300 for 3 years of undergraduate study.


Masters / Ph.D. Scholarships in the best universities 

25. Adelaide Scholarships International (Australia)

The University of Adelaide offers the Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) program to attract high-quality international postgraduate students to areas of research strength at the University of Adelaide to support your research endeavor.  

Scholarships include course tuition, annual living allowance, and health insurance.


26. Melbourne Research Scholarships (Australia)

The Melbourne Research Scholarship (MRS) was established by the University of Melbourne and is awarded to high-achieving domestic and international research students.  

Melbourne Research Scholarship benefits vary depending on your circumstance and may include one or more of the following: living allowance, relocation allowance, thesis allowance, and limited sick, maternity, and paternity leave.


Top 20 USA Universities With The Best Campus Life In 2022

While looking for the best education offered at a particular university, the reputation of the school and the social life of the academic institution.

A university with innovative research, a rigorous curriculum, and the most diverse program options is not complete without an active social community for its students.

While looking for the best colleges in the US, students also tend to look for colleges with the best student life, colleges with the friendliest students, fun colleges with good academics, and also the happiest colleges.

The study shows that students, with balanced campus life, tend to be proactive in society. Balanced campus life Includes extracurricular activities, leadership skills, social life, academic skills, etc.

Just take your time and go through this article, the World Scholarship Forum has arranged all the details you need to be an applicant in any of the USA universities with the best campus life. 

List of the best universities in the USA with the best campus life

After rigorous study, we came up with the Top 20 US Universities With the Best Campus Life.

  • Auburn University, Alabama
  • Spring Hill College, Alabama
  • University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska
  • Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage
  • The University of Arizona, Tucson
  • Prescott College, Arizona
  • The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
  • Hendrix College, Conway
  • Stanford University, Calif.
  • Harvey Mudd College, Claremont
  • University of Denver, Colo.
  • Colorado College, Colorado Springs
  • Yale University, Conn.
  • Connecticut College, New London
  • University of Delaware, Newark
  • Wesley University, Dover
  • The University of Florida, Gainesville
  • New Florida College, Sarasota
  • Emory University, Atlanta
  • Piedmont College, Demorest

Auburn University, Alabama

Auburn University Alabama tops our list of the best United States of America Universities with the best university life. Established as a public university in 1856, Auburn University sits on a sprawling 1,800-acre campus, furnished with student housing, restaurants, health services, counseling, and recreational facilities.

More than 300 student-led organizations meet on campus, including the famous Auburn Tigers football team at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Auburn University offers more than 140 for students to choose from, with 38 in the College of Liberal Arts alone.

The university conducts cutting-edge research on nuclear science, world hunger, aerodynamics, early childhood education, and supercomputing.

With a thriving student body of over 28,000 and faculty members of 1,500, the school maintains a 19-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio.


Spring Hill College, Alabama

Spring Hill College is the fifth-oldest Roman Catholic college in the southeastern US established in 1830. SHC is one of the US colleges with the best campus life. SHC offers a wide range of majors, including programs in business, communication arts, English, fine and performing arts, foreign languages, interdivisional studies, nursing, philosophy and theology, science, social science, and teacher education. Located in Mobile, the university has an average of 17 students per class.

Despite its size, the school is home to more than 50 student-run organizations, including fraternities, sororities, academic clubs, ministries, and sports teams.

Spring Hill College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).


University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska

The University of Alaska Anchorage was established in 1954 as a community college, began offering upper-division courses in 1969, and became a full-fledged university in 1976. UAA is the largest institution of higher education in Alaska with more than 16,000 students and about 800 full students. time faculty members.

UAA offers quality programs aligned with major Alaskan industries including oil, gas, aviation, education, health and welfare, arts, sciences, business, public policy, engineering, and technical skills.

The University of Alaska Anchorage is ranked 2nd among the best online universities in Alaska and US News & World Report ranks the University of Alaska Anchorage 2nd among the best public schools in the country. It is among the top-rated US universities with the best campus life.

The University of Alaska Anchorage is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).


Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage

Alaska Pacific University is a liberal arts school that emphasizes applied research and experiential learning. The 174-acre campus is located in Anchorage’s U-Med district, home to the newly renovated Mosley Sports Center and the world-renowned Nordic Ski Club.

The school offers unconventional study programs in areas such as Alaska Native Governance, Outdoor Studies, and Sustainability Studies. And also mainstream programs in education, environmental science, liberal studies, psychology, human services, literature, philosophy, pre-law, pre-med, religious studies, and writing.

APU focuses on small class sizes with a small community of approximately 550 students and an active, kinetic learning environment. Students can explore the Alaskan wilderness through kayaking, ice climbing, skiing, backpacking, and rock climbing. Alaska Pacific University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). It is also one of the most student-friendly universities.


University of Arizona, Tucson

The University of Arizona, established in 1885, is a public research university. The 380-acre UA campus is home to several tree species and a student population of more than 43,000, with more than 2,600 full-time teaching staff.

UA currently offers more than 300 degrees through 17 different universities and is home to more than 700 recognized active clubs that empower students with hundreds of opportunities for campus involvement.

The University of Arizona ranks #2 among the best online colleges in Arizona, and #9 among the top 100 online colleges in the United States. The University of Arizona is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).


Prescott College, Arizona

Prescott College is a private liberal arts college established in 1966, located between Phoenix and Flagstaff. The 200-acre campus is nestled among striking mountain ranges, flat desert plains, and abundant forests.

The school enrolls about 700 students a year and employs more than 50 full-time faculty. Prescott students can research sustainability and marine science at the Kino Bay Center in Mexico or promote indigenous rights and environmental justice at the Dopoi Center in Kenya, and aspiring teachers can learn how to integrate nature into education at the Center for Nature Place-Based Early Childhood Education.

The university currently offers programs in the arts, creative writing, environmental studies, and interdisciplinary arts and letters. Freshmen live in the Village, a new LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) platinum-certified sustainable community. Seniors live in off-campus housing.

Prescott College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). When it comes to having a balanced campus life, Prescott College is among the US colleges with the best campus life.


University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

The University of Arkansas was established in 1871, on its 412-acre campus overlooking the iconic Ozark Mountains.

The university offers degrees in more than 200 areas of study and is home to 380 student organizations, including 33 fraternities and sororities, and an active student government. The Sam M. Walton College of Business, named for the founder of Walmart, has corporate sponsors and industry connections.

The Fulbright College of Arts and Letters encompasses 19 different departments and more than 30 programs. UA annually enrolls about 27,000 students.

Students can attend lectures by notable figures like the Dalai Lama or concerts with acts like the Foo Fighters.

The school’s athletic teams, the Razorbacks (often called the Hogs) are major competitors on the college football and basketball scene, winning more championships than other schools in the NCCA Southeastern Conference.

The University of Arkansas is ranked #23 in the Top 100 Online Colleges and #1 in the Top Online Colleges in Arkansas. 

World Scholarship Forum rates them among the best universities in the USA with the best campus life. The University of Arkansas is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).


Hendrix College, Conway

Although affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Hendrix College teaches a secular curriculum. This contributed to its success as one of the US universities with the best campus life.

Established in 1876, the four-year college is home to a variety of sports teams and more than 70 active clubs and student organizations, including the Outdoor Club, Culinary Club, and Climbing Coalition.

Hendrix practices some unusual traditions like a dance competition between dorms. Considered one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country, admission to Hendrix is ​​highly competitive.

Hendrix enrolls about 1,300 students with a GPA above 4.0 and employs more than 100 full-time faculty.

Despite the small size of the student body, diversity is an integral part of the campus dynamic, as its students hail from across the United States and represent 14 foreign countries. Hendrix College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).


Stanford University, Calif.

Stanford University is a private research university conducting more than 6,000 externally funded research projects in areas such as recombinant DNA, disease management, digital music, economic policy, astrophysics, and world peace. The founders of Google were Stanford graduate students.

Other companies founded by alumni include Netflix, HP, eBay, and Tesla Motors. The 8,100-acre campus is located in Silicon Valley, between San Francisco and San Jose.

The university was established in 1891 as a coeducational school with no denominational affiliations, students can associate with more than 650 student groups and 35 recognized religious groups.

US News & World Report ranks Stanford University #5 among the best national universities in the country, #1 among the best universities for veterans, and #2 among the 100 best universities in the world. It is also currently ranked among the US universities with the best campus life.

Stanford University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).


Harvey Mudd College, Claremont

Established in 1955, Harvey Mudd College is a private, coeducational liberal arts college focused on engineeringscience, and mathematics. Its 44.5-acre campus only educates about 800 students annually.

Harvey Mudd College offers degrees in biologychemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics, and physics. It also offers a number of joint or double programs, students can combine chemistry with biology, computer science with mathematics, or mathematics with biology.

Despite its technical focus, Harvey Mudd has seriously considered a liberal arts school, as it offers students a stable foundation in political science, art, history, and literature. Harvey Mudd is part of the Claremont University Consortium, a group of local colleges that allows students to take courses and use services at different campuses.

U.S. News & World Report ranks Harvey Mudd College 12th among the best national liberal arts colleges and 7th among the most innovative schools. Harvey Mudd College is accredited by the WASC Higher Commission on Colleges and Universities (WSCUC).


University of Denver, Colo.

The University of Denver is a private university established in 1864, on a 125-acre campus located in the Rocky Mountain region, seven miles from downtown Denver.

The university offers over 100 undergraduate programs and over 120 graduate programs, including international human rights, bioengineering, materials science, literary studies, forensic psychology, and educational leadership.

DU enrolls more than 11,000 students and more than 70% of undergraduates study abroad, with options in 55 countries around the world. Hundreds of students participate in DU’s distance learning programs and online courses.

U.S. News & World Report ranks the University of Denver 56th Best Value Schools and 49th Best Colleges for Veterans. The University is ranked #16 in the Top 100 Online Colleges and #1 in the Best Online Colleges in Colorado.

The University of Denver is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).


Colorado College, Colorado Springs

Established in 1874, Colorado College fosters personalized education for each student through close relationships between faculty and students.

CC students take an individual class every three weeks and teachers only teach one class per block, so they can be fully engaged with their students.

This immersive format promotes long-term learning and memory, rather than learning for the sake of trying. The school enrolls more than 2,000 students and offers more than 40 majors in fields such as anthropologyarticle, biology, classics, and education.

CC offers one of the best and most diverse study abroad programs in the country for students who hope to travel during their undergraduate careers.

The 90-acre campus is surrounded by natural landscapes in the heart of Colorado Springs. Students can participate in unique extracurricular activities such as hiking through canyons, working on the school farm, and learning to dance in the ballroom.

US News & World Report ranks Colorado College #1 Most Innovative Schools and #23 Best Liberal Arts Colleges in the country. Colorado College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).


Yale University, Conn.

Established in 1701, Yale University is home to some of the most prestigious academic, arts, and theater programs in the nation. All Yale University affiliates have this culture of valuing student life.

Yale University, Connecticut is another of the universities in the United States with the best campus life. Its Alumni are occupying world center stages.

As part of the ultra-exclusive Ivy League, Yale has been at the forefront of medical advances, being the first to enforce the use of antibiotics in the US and the first use of chemotherapy to treat cancer.

The 837-acre campus features an on-campus golf course, museums, and a collection of precious artifacts. Yale enrolls more than 12,000 students annually.

Yale University is home to 35 varsity teams and one of the most respected athletic programs in the country, but it does not offer athletic scholarships.

US News & World Report ranks Yale University #3 among the best universities in the US Yale University ranks #11 among the top 100 universities in the world today. Yale University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).


Connecticut College, New London

The liberal arts college is located in the old port city of New London, between the River Thames and across from an arboretum. Connecticut College enrolls fewer than 2,000 full-time students while maintaining an average class size of 18.

The university currently offers 40 majors and several majors, allowing students to essentially customize their degrees to match their individual goals and interests.

Connecticut College also offers excellent financial aid packages valued at $35,000, almost half of the students receive this financial award. Forbes ranks the university 84th in the country among private universities and 105th overall.

U.S. News & World Report ranks Connecticut College 46th among the best liberal arts colleges in the country. Connecticut College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The University is also currently ranked as one of the US universities with the best campus life.


University of Delaware, Newark

The University of Delaware is a small private university established in 1743, with campuses throughout the state, including in Dover, Wilmington, Lewes, and Georgetown. UD ‘s 75 research facilities are among the best in the nation, conducting research in political communication, diversity, fuel cells, disaster response, financial analysis, corporate governance, and cardiovascular health.

The school’s research ship, Hugh R. Sharp, sails the Atlantic Ocean to investigate marine mammals, fisheries, and ocean chemistry.

The student population is about 23,000 students. Although it receives government funding, UD is privately governed. The university currently offers 143 bachelor’s programs, 143 master’s programs, 67 doctoral programs, a handful of associate programs, and 15 dual degree programs.

U.S. News & World Report ranks the University of Delaware 33rd among the best public schools and 81st among the best universities in the country. The University of Delaware is ranked second among the best online universities in Delaware. They are among the top 2 universities in the US with the best campus life.

The University of Delaware is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).


Wesley University, Dover

Wesley College, established in 1873, is a private college affiliated with the United Methodist Church but offers relevant values-based education to students of all faiths. This has recruited them among the universities in the United States with the best campus life. 100% of the school’s 1,500 students receive financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, work-study opportunities, and on-campus employment.

The welcoming 50-acre main campus is located in the state capital of Delaware and offers attractions such as pre-revolutionary buildings and the Dover Downs International Speedway. Students often take road trips to nearby cities like Washington, DC, New York, and Philadelphia.

Wesley College currently offers 30 areas of study in five different departments: arts and sciences, business, health sciences, education, and fine arts. Most students pursue a degree in arts and sciences, with options in American Studies, English History, International Studies, Mathematics, Media Arts, Music, Political Science, Psychology, and Professional Studies.

Wesley College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).


University of Florida, Gainesville

The University of Florida is a premier public research university established in 1853 and considered one of the public universities, UF offers rigorous programs in engineering, medical sciences, law, and business administration.

UF maintains 16 faculties and more than 150 research centers, offering more than 100 undergraduate degrees, 123 master’s programs, and 76 doctoral programs.

The school has a massive student population of more than 52,000 enrolled on its 2,000-acre campus.

Some of the more interesting buildings on campus include an art gallery, the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, the Florida Museum of Natural History, and Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, which seats 84,000 fans.

The school is home to more than 10,000 active research projects including Gatorade, brain cancer research, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, diabetes research, and Sentricon termite control.

U.S. News & World Report ranks the University of Florida 9th among the best public schools and 42nd among the best universities in the country. The University of Florida is ranked #2 in the Top 100 Online Colleges and #1 in the Top Online Colleges in Florida.

The University of Florida is accredited by the Southern Commission on Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC).


New Florida College, Sarasota

New College of Florida is a public liberal arts college established in 1964. The 144-acre campus located on Sarasota’s north bayfront, just a few miles from downtown, is home to a gracious blend of modern structures and historical buildings.

New College of Florida is known for individualized education for each student by providing narrative assessments. Fewer than 900 students are enrolled in the university.

US News & World Report ranks New College of Florida #6 among the best public schools in the country. New College of Florida is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).


Emory University, Atlanta

This private research university was established in 1836 by the Methodist Episcopal Church and is home to one of the most famous law schools in the world.

The 631-acre campus is located in the Druid Hills neighborhood of metro Atlanta.

The school is highly selective, accepting fewer than 25% of applicants who graduated in the top 10% of their senior year in high school.

The school is divided into nine academic divisions and students can choose from 70 undergraduate programs and more than two dozen graduate and professional degrees. US News & World Report ranks Emory University 21st among the best universities in the United States and 17th among the best value schools.

Emory University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).


Piedmont College, Demorest

Established in 1897, Piedmont College is affiliated with the United Church of Christ and the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches and features small class sizes, civic engagement, career-oriented programs, and ACBSP accreditation.

More than 90% of the school’s 2,200 students receive financial aid valued at $15,294. The college operates two campuses, one in Demorest (186 acres near the Appalachian Trail and the Chattahoochee National Forest) and one in Athens (near the Georgia Museum of Art, Bear Hollow Zoo, and the Georgia Botanical Garden).

Piedmont college students can choose from more than 50 different programs in art, science, education, business, nursing, and health.

The school is also home to several NCAA Division III athletic clubs, organizations, and teams. U.S. News & World Report ranks Piedmont College 68th Best Colleges in the South and 28th Best Value Schools.

Piedmont College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). It is also one of the universities with the friendliest students.



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