15 Best Online Doctorate of Ministry (Dmin) Programs in 2021 | Programs, cost, requirements

Written by Michael Nz. on December 8, 2021

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Online Doctor of Ministry (DMin) programs can help you advance and hone your ministry skills. It provides you with a thorough understanding of theological principles. The most important thing is that it gives you the facility to study from anywhere in the world.

Therefore, it would be advantageous for your career in theology to take the Dmin program online.

In this article, we will identify the online Dmin programs available in 2021; the requirements and cost.

Online Doctorate in Ministry (DMin) programs provides individuals with religious interests the opportunity to earn the advanced degrees necessary to assume leadership positions within their churches.

Although most assume that they must attend a seminary or religious institution, some public and private universities also offer these programs. This gives students the choice between studying at a school that has the same religious beliefs as them or attending a more secular university.

What is the doctor of the ministry?

A Doctor of Ministry degree is a specialized professional (rather than academic) doctorate; the difference is the purpose. Traditional academic doctorates, like the Ph.D., focus more on academic research; they are primarily for people who pretend to be teachers, writers, and researchers.

Professional PhDs, on the other hand, are for professionals, people who intend to actually be in the field rather than an academic setting.

So the DMin, as a professional title, focuses on the real work of the ministry: pastoral, missionary, and evangelistic service. Very often, in the United States, the prerequisite for a DMin is a Master of Divinity.

The best schools offer different concentrations and majors that students can use to personalize their degrees. They will also need to complete a dissertation, which is one of the final steps required to earn one of these degrees.

For many pastors and missionaries, the call to serve Christ comes unexpectedly, often without any warning, much less a plan to earn a Doctor of Ministry or any other degree.

But it also happens that after a while working, serving, and studying on your own, it becomes clear that to be the best pastor you can be, additional education is a must.

Many pastors stop at the Master of Divinity degree, but for the highest level of professional development and education, the Doctor of Ministry degree is the standard for church executives and ministry leaders.

Why an online D.Min?

Students most often enter the Doctorate of Ministry program after they have commenced their service; they are called first and then realize that they need more training and guidance to meet the needs of their communities.

That makes an online DMin a natural choice. Online or low-residency programs allow a hard-working pastor to earn his doctorate without leaving his church, moving family, or interrupting his life and ministry to move or study full-time.

Many online DMin programs are offered in a hybrid or modular format so that students have the opportunity to interact with teachers and classmates on a short, intensive stay or retreat, but the courses are conducted online.

Some require a formal, traditional dissertation, while others require a practical research project that is directly related to ongoing student service. There are several options for busy pastors and missionaries to choose programs that suit their needs and the needs of their family and community.

Online Ph.D. Programs You have searched the internet for hybrid and completely online Ph.D. programs from seminars, colleges, and universities in the United States.

What are the benefits of getting a DMin?

Doctoral degrees help open doors to new opportunities and strengthen your credibility. When you earn your DMin degree online, you will join ministry professionals who have been trained to research and implement practical service skills based on sound biblical principles.

With our DMin program, you can combine the theological foundation defined in your master’s course with the current working atmosphere in your field to address a specific service problem.

With our online degree as Doctor of Ministry, you can:

  • Earn the highest and most prestigious service-based degree you can earn at Divinity School
  • Prepare for church leadership roles, such as: B. as senior pastor
  • Depending on the institution, meet the requirements to teach at the university level
  • Get more job opportunities in the Ministry area.

What jobs are available to an online graduate of an online doctorate in ministry?

Doctoral students enrolled in ministerial programs may not want to work as advisers, but these students will find a variety of other jobs that are available to them upon graduation.

Many of these students want to work as pastors in their churches. Senior pastors are responsible for more of the daily tasks associated with running this church.

They are the ones who mentor church members and offer support to people in difficult times, make sure the church runs within its annual budget, hire new staff if necessary to fill the classrooms in the church and give sermons. Weekly.

10 percent of these men and women earn more than $ 67,000 a year, and some senior pastors earn up to six figures a year. Of all the professionals working in this area, the highest earners on record live in the Washington, DC region.

Students also find work as traveling and motivational speakers. These speakers travel across the country and speak to large groups.

They often travel between churches and give speeches to motivate parishioners, help more, and volunteer more for the church and community.

Can I teach with an online Dmin degree?

After completing an online Ph.D., a student can also find a job as a professor or dean at a university / seminary, work as an author and writer, or become a director of a non-profit organization. Some will also take teaching roles.

In fact, there are a large number of teaching jobs that are open to those with a degree. Parish and private schools need teachers who can work with younger and older students.

Prospective teachers can gain more experience working with students as substitute teachers in the school. Students can also work in church-sponsored day care centers and preschools.

How long does an online doctorate take in ministry?

The time it takes to complete a ministerial doctorate depends largely on the university program and you decide if you need to present a dissertation.

Some colleges offer accelerated programs that only take one year to complete. Others follow the traditional 3-year path.

Programs without a doctoral thesis award you the degree as soon as you have completed the required academic achievements. It may take another 1-3 years after writing your dissertation.

What is the difference between a DMin and a PhD in Ministry?

If you’re wondering, what the difference is between a DMin and a Doctorate in Ministry, the answer is what you plan to do after graduation.

Graduate students often remain in the university environment as full-time professors and department administrators, while DMin graduates can follow this path or try to apply their knowledge to the real world as chaplains, senior pastors, and other practical positions.

How much can I earn with an online Dmin?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), you can expect to earn up to $ 112,751 as a pastor or other church official.

Academically, undergraduate and graduate students who become professors have the potential to earn an annual salary of between $ 62,300 and $ 95,000.

Obtaining a Ph.D. can cost much more than many students can afford. Those who work for churches can spend money out of their own pockets to pay for mission trips and supplies needed by the church, which means they have less money for school.

Here is the list of the best online ministry programs for ministry doctors available to you.

  1. Luther Rice College and Seminary
  2. Piedmont International University
  3. Apex School of Theology
  4. North Greenville University
  5. Grace School of Theology
  6. Liberty University
  7. Lexington Theological Seminary
  8. Indiana Wesleyan University
  9. Bethel University
  10. George Fox University
  11. Regent University
  12. Drew University, Madison
  13. Amridge university
  14. Southeast Baptist Theological Seminary
  15. Phoenix Seminary, Scottsdale

Luther Rice College and Seminary, Lithonia, Georgia

Online Doctor of Ministry

Luther Rice College and Seminary distributes an online D.Min degree that requires four intensive one-week courses on campus. It is a 30 credit hour program with all other courses 100% online.

Tuition fees at Luther Rice College and Seminary are $ 316 per loan for the ministry’s online physician. The program requires a minimum 3.0 GPA in all graduate courses and a 10-15 page assignment for admission.

Courses in the program include ethics issues and in-service advice. M.Div is not required for the program.

Cost: $ 4,806

Piedmont International University, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Online Doctor of Ministry

Piedmont International University is a 30-hour program and has an online DMin program with seven focus areas: Pastoral Leadership; Exhibition of the Bible; Biblical advice; Missions; Followers; Christian education; and interdisciplinary. Training to become an online ministry physician at Piedmont International University costs $ 340 per academic unit.

Admission requirements include current ministry participation, past ministry experience, a call for proposals to the minister, and a writing sample, which may be a book review or a qualified academic paper written for a previous seminary course. .

Cost: $ 5,850

Apex School of Theology, Durham, North Carolina

Online Doctor of Ministry

The Apex School of Theology online DMin program is a 42 credit hour program consisting of online work combined with two intensive courses per year and peer group sessions in the fall and spring.

The doctoral program comprises four areas of competence: Biblical studies; Christian counseling; Development of effective and pioneering series for change in the congregation.

The school requires current ministry employees, three years of ministry employment, a $50 fee, 3 letters of recommendation, and a five-page personal essay as admission requirements. Apex University charges an online hourly rate of $ 358.33.

Cost: $4,200

North Greenville University, Tigerville, South Carolina

Online Doctor of Ministry

The D.Min online degree from the University of North Greenville is a 32-credit degree that can take up to three years. The final project of this effort involves an aspect of the Great Commission that has been examined in your personal service.

The program seeks applicants with at least two years of professional experience for MDiv, preferably. A current MAT assessment and five-digit reference forms are also required for approval.

The University of North Greenville charges $ 395 per lesson with the ministry’s online physician.

Cost: $10,800

Grace School of Theology, Conroe, Texas

Online Doctor of Ministry

Grace School of Theology’s online D.Min is a 30 credit hour degree. Effective biblical guidance and current theological topics are two of the required courses in this program.

Applicants are required by the school to submit a written agreement with the Doctrinal Declaration of Grace, three years of experience in ministry after completing the master’s degree, demonstrable academic abilities, and a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The $ 400 tuition at Grace School of Theology for the ministry’s online doctorate is $ 400.

Cost: $3,600

Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

Online Doctor of Divinity

Liberty University’s online Doctorate of Divinity is a 30-credit-hour program that includes ten majors to choose from: Biblical Studies; Pastoral care; Church revival; Followers; Evangelism and Church Planting; Expository preaching and teaching; Pastoral care; Ministry management; Theological apologetics; and worship.

Liberty University offers online tuition fees of $ 458.33 per class. The program can be completed in just two years and allows the transfer of up to six credits.

Cost: $8,051

Lexington Theological Seminary, Lexington, Kentucky

Online Doctor of Ministry

The 36-hour online D.Min degree at Lexington Theological Seminary offers an intensive session on campus for two core courses, 12 hours in electives, and 6 hours in a ministerial doctorate.

Admission requirements include a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the thesis and three years of professional experience after the master’s degree. The grade uses a cohort model in which the same group of students moves through classes each semester.

Tuition for the Lexington Theological Seminary online doctor is $ 480 per credit.

Cost: $9,120

Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana

Online Doctor of Ministry

Indiana Wesleyan is a 48-hour credit program and offers an online D.Min program with two weeks of intensive dormitory courses held each year. The remaining courses are completed online.

A three-year cohort group examines the concepts of transformative leadership and spiritual education. Indiana Wesleyan requires three years of service, a resume, three references, a spiritual journey, and a call-in essay, as well as an artifact demonstrating academic research skills to be considered for admission.

Indiana Wesleyan University offers a tuition fee of $ 515 per unit for the online doctor of ministry.

Cost: $13,000

Bethel University, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Online Doctor of Ministry

Bethel University prescribes 1-2 weeks of intensive courses each year (out of the three years) in St. Paul, MN or San Diego, CA, and has an online D.Min, a 48 credit hour program with six specializations.

Specialization options include biblical and theological engagement, church leadership, mission effectiveness, and community and family care.

Bethel University offers an online tuition fee per credit hour of $ 382 for the intensive options in St. Paul and $ 550 for the intensive options in San Diego.

Cost: $9,630

George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon

Online Doctor of Ministry

The online D.Min at George Fox University is a 36-credit, three-year cohort program whose course work is personalized by the student and a faculty advisor.

An annual academic retreat is held in Cannon Beach, Oregon, and the remainder of the course is completed online.

Hourly tuition at George Fox University is $ 560 for the Department’s online physician. Applicants are expected to have an M.Div or 72 credit hours equivalent.

Cost: $13,015

Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Online Doctor of Ministry

It offers four concentrations: Church Leadership and Renewal; Clinical pastoral education; Ministry of Military Affairs; and Ministry Leadership Coaching, D.Min’s online program at Regent University, has completed 36 credit hours.

Regent University charges a tuition fee of $ 650 per credit for its online Ph.D. program. The program requires a minimum 3.0 GPA for thesis, current ministry employment, at least three years of professional ministry experience, a recommendation from a current minister, and understanding and acceptance of the university’s statement of faith.

Cost: $12,726

Drew University, Madison, New Jersey

Online Doctor of Ministry

The Drew University Online D.Min degree is a 30-hour online loan, a cohort-based program of online courses combined with required intensive residential courses.

Offering four concentrations: public theology; Pastoral identity and prophetic fire; Courageous leadership in a changing culture; For the Bible, theology, and leadership in the Korean context, the program requires three years of ministerial work experience, current employment as a minister, a resume with a written sample, two letters of reference, certificates, and a $ 40 application fee. for admission.

Hourly graduate tuition costs at Drew University are $ 931.

Cost: $23,688

Amridge University, Montgomery, Alabama

Online Doctor of Ministry

The Hybrid Doctor of Ministry program, offered through Amridge University, is a 30-credit program. Students receive nine credits for research they do while working on their dissertations and three credits for passing an aptitude test.

The university requires all students to take this exam after completing one year of study. Test their knowledge and determine if students should remain in the program.

The program includes two courses on research methods and ministry. Students are required to take 12 elective credits, but can choose from several courses, such as ministering and leadership, ministry and controversial topics, as well as the psychology of grief, death, and death.

Tuition: $7,180 per year

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Online Doctor of Ministry

Although Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary offers an online Dmin program, it does not contain as many residency components as other programs.

Students in this program only need to attend campus for four sessions to graduate. The program consists of 31 credits and most students follow the same schedule.

Courses in this program include basics for preaching at the exhibition, fostering spiritual education across disciplines, biblical counseling on marriage and family matters, and developing a strategy for large commission mobilization.

Students spend their third year, which is their final year, working on the final project to complete a dissertation. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary uses a cohort system in which

Tuition: $10,500 per year

Phoenix Seminary, Scottsdale, Arizona

Online Doctor of Ministry

Phoenix Seminary created its ministerial doctorate as a hybrid because the school understands that many students have commitments that prevent them from attending a more traditional school.

Although the program includes some residency components, students only need to spend five days on campus to complete these components, and some residency modules only last four days.

This program does not offer a concentration because it contains courses that give students a comprehensive overview of various subjects and topics. Students take counseling courses for dysfunctional families, grow and expand missionary churches, counsel in contemporary cultures, and renew and revitalize the static church.

Although the seminar requires students to do a dissertation, students only need to complete 30 credits in total to graduate.

Tuition: $8,640 per year


Online Dmin Programs – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a DMin?

The ATS requires students to complete at least one year of course work followed by the completion of the doctoral thesis or research project. Typically, the degree requires between three and six years to complete.


How do you get a doctorate in ministry?

Most online ministry programs require students to complete a research project or thesis to earn their Ph.D. Typically, students take a workshop or series of courses in which they choose a topic to research and develop a proposal.


What is the difference between a PhD and a DMin?

Most people with a Ph.D. (especially in the humanities) pursue a full-time career in an academic environment focused on teaching, research, and writing. A DMin is concerned with identifying problems and challenges in ministry settings and applying existing research to create new solutions.


Is a DMin a terminal grade?

Therefore, the DMin is the highest professional title for those in the field of ministry, the final degree for ministerial studies, with the goal of increasing the effectiveness of the minister in his area of ​​the church. The DMin is a degree in action, while a doctorate is a degree in intellectual rigor.


Having familiarized yourself with the above information, you can now take advantage of it. If you are thinking of advancing your ministerial career, an online Dmin program is a professional degree that can help you achieve this.

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