11 Reasons Why The University of Manitoba Has Successful Graduates

Written by K Fisher on February 6, 2022

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Successful Graduates

Most students may not know about the University of Manitoba since Canada may not be on their radar when it comes to touring different potential university campuses. Let alone, a huge fact that the University of Manitoba is the only university that has the prestigious qualities in line throughout the entire country of Canada.

It only takes a simple click of the mousepad to move over to a section playfully titled “Distinguished Alumni Awards” where previous alumni of the University of Manitoba are chosen to give a bit of insight into how their successful careers were crafted so by attending the institution.

This is the first look into the 11 reasons why the University of Manitoba has successful graduate students.

1.) Has a separate faculty in charge of looking to the future…

This may sound more like the movie “Back to the Future” from the 1980s, however, the University of Manitoba actually has a separate division of individuals who are part of the university’s faculty that averages out to about 1,000 people who ask the tough questions. Each year some new trend, movement, or discovery comes into play and this “future division” has the job of planning out the next 5 years of this institution. It’s called the “Taking Our Place: University of Manitoba Strategic Plan 2015-2020.” In reality, this is a team process that looks to better the involvement of one-on-one teaching, what new career fields have come into focus, and how those career fields can be implemented into the school curriculum.

This forward-thinking environment looks to encourage students to look at cultural diversity, indigenous cultures, and to ask the tough questions that we necessarily don’t think about because it simply wasn’t a question that had been asked before.

This is such a huge forward-thinking step that a lot of students may feel hits a personal note with them. The University of Manitoba is considered an institution of free-thinking and free ability to find a way to change the world, one successful career at a time. This has created a platform for individuals to build their highest dreams upon and see to it that their goals are eventually reached.

2.) The university creates a worldly experience for everyone that attends

That’s not just to say that the University of Manitoba enhances the view of their school to entice and bring in the best of the best academically. Instead, Manitoba goes for a different approach…

The institution goes out of its way to find hundreds of students per year, who can take part within the massive 90 plus exchange, co-op, or internship programs. All so every student can discover the chance to and feeling of what it means to travel the world. The university offers this available and affordable advantage to over 35 countries.

The university is considered a global school where their diversity levels far exceed their domestic student levels. This is incredible considering that the University of Manitoba may be considered not necessary a “first choice” simply because no one thought that this was a possible choice.

3.) Ivy-league quality – affordable tuition

The biggest step back for all students is finding out that the school of their dreams happens to be an expensive “ivy league” expensive nightmare. Not the University of Manitoba, but they do offer that exclusive ivy league education that seems impossible to find anywhere else. One-on-one tutoring and teaching are incredibly hard to find but luckily, this university has it all.

Domestic tuition barely passes the $4,000 CAD mark. And international is around $13,000 CAD which is still a winning solution since most students spend an average of $20,000 per semester on tuition.

4.) Close to 30,000 Healthcare professionals have graduated with a Ph.D.

Highly impressive! With 30,000 Ph.D. graduates from one specific school, it goes to show that medicine happens to be this university’s strong point.

Within the campus, there are nine campuses strung together to help create a healthcare facility complex called the Bannatyne campus. This is where any health/medical students go to excel in their studies and receive hands-on experience with medical fields.

5.) Competitive with a good heart

The University of Manitoba has received a stellar reputation by continuing to stay on top of research-intensive post-secondary educational institutions. This university has conducted more research per year than any other university in Canada. The fact that this is a competitive, academic, and research-based school, the greater identity of all cultures and mental health have always been of first and great concern and praise amongst the institution. Essentially, this is a college that wants its students to succeed and will help in any way to ensure that each student has a destined road with set goals, that they will find the most success within.

6.) Innovation moves forward here

If the University of Manitoba has to be summed up into one word, that word would be “innovation.” The college has a supreme legacy in life-changing research that stems from HIV/AIDS, nanotechnology, biotechnology, climate change, environmental changes, nutraceuticals, biomedical, and so much more. So may have heard of Smartpark Research and Technology Park, which is one of the leading research centers that take up 100 acres of land. This mega research business center has introduced radical changes within the world that most have heard of or will hear about soon enough.

The Smartpak Research and Technology Park is not only reserved for world breakthrough technologies, instead, but the park is also combining local and global ideas that will revolutionize everything as we know it. Since this tech center exists, it goes to show that the University of Manitoba has a clear sight with science and technology programs. This huge sector of inventions, creations, and discoveries are where scientists and doctors find the best of the best solutions.

7.) Each student receives a curated path to help them succeed

Maybe the true vision of this university is how the system was built by students, for students. University 1 was created in hopes of providing a student-focused first-year program, where it allows new students to find the flexible routine they need. Not all first-year students know the exact major they want, and this University 1 year was designed to help everyone find their path towards greatness.

With this curated first year for each student who attends the University of Manitoba, that fear and stressful “typical college freshman year” stops existing. Instead, a peaceful and well-balanced way is crafted to fit the needs of each student. This nurturing environment offers the potential for excellence to grow and for leadership skills to expand.

This vision is the foundation for why the university has become so recognized amongst its alumni. So of their alumni is:

  • G. Michael Bancroft – Knows as a chemist and synchrotron scientist. Became the first director of the Canadian Light Source
  • Kathy Bardswick – CEO & President of The Co-operators
  • Yvonne Brill – Inventor/Scientist
  • Wilfred Buck – Is known as a scientific facilitator and Indigenous star lore expert
  • Steven Fletcher – Known as a politician; former Conservative MP in the House of Commons; former federal Cabinet Minister
  • John Alexander Hopps – Known as the inventor of the world’s first artificial pacemaker, as well as, the father of biomedical engineering
  • Guy Gavriel Kay – Poet & Novelist
  • Amanda Lang – CBC News Coorespondent & Journalist
  • Bill Mason – Filmmaker
  • Marshall McLuhan – Media scholar
  • Frank Pickersgill – World War II Special Operations Executive Agent
  • Barry Posner- Scientist on Diabetes
  • Clay Riddell – CEO of Paramount Resources
  • Miriam Toews – Novelist
  • Meaghan DeWarrenne-Waller – Fashion model
  • Svetlana Zylin – Film director
  • Iain Stewart – Known as a theoretical physicist
  • Frank Trafford Taylor – Former president of Kiwanis International
  • Mary Ann Steggles – Known as a Commonwealth history scholar
  • Mitchell Sharp – Liberal Minister of Finance
  • Harry Seidler – Architect
  • Edward Schreyer – Former Governor General of Canada
  • Patricia Alice Shaw – Known for phonology – First Nation Languages
  • Alexei Maxim Russell – International writer & novelist

As one could tell there are multiple previous graduates who entered politics, who became international best-selling novelists, historical professors, and more.

8.) The History of the university is astounding, let alone… inspiring

Sometimes the history of a place can allow students to feel a sense of pride. This pride can easily help students to want to do better in their studies because they are proud to be there, as a representative of this institution.

The University of Manitoba has survived and exceeded two world wars. While this university is not the only one to survive world-changing events, in World War II the army was stationed at the main campus. Between 1940-1941 all male students were required and willingly participated in military training, weekly military tasks were worked on and nearly all of the female population had taken a course that would aid in the war effort.

And after the war, nearly 4,000 veterans enrolled the following year for higher education. This easily bumped up the student population to over 10,000 students in attendance.

As the years progressed each decade brought new life to the university. Like in the 1970s this was the decade where drama and theater really came into play. Or how in the 1980s they worked to have the first Ukrainian-language college open. Which was a huge victory considering that one of the only ones to exist in North America.

To type out all of the historical accomplishments the university has gifted this world is far too expansive. However, hopefully, the above has shed a bit of light on how the university celebrates everyone and all of the goals that they hoped to reach.

9.) Well over 100 programs available

Just to give some perspective on what programs are available at the University of Manitoba, here is a huge list:

  • Aboriginal Governance
  • Accounting
  • Actuarial Mathematics – Business
  • Actuarial Mathematics – Science
  • Aging
  • Agribusiness
  • Agriculture
  • Agriculture Diploma
  • Agroecology
  • Agronomy
  • Animal Systems
  • Anthropology
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Architecture (Masters)
  • Art
  • Art History
  • Asian Studies
  • Astronomy
  • Athletic Therapy
  • Biochemistry
  • Biological Sciences
  • Biosystems Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Business
  • Canadian Studies
  • Catholic Studies
  • Central and East European Studies
  • Ceramics
  • Chemistry
  • City Planning (Masters)
  • Civil Engineering
  • Classics
  • Commerce
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Cree
  • Criminology
  • Economics
  • Education – Bachelor of Education
  • Education – Post Baccalaureate
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering
  • English
  • Entomology
  • Entrepreneurship/Small Business
  • Environmental Design
  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Genetics
  • Geography
  • Geological Sciences
  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • German
  • Global Political Economy
  • Graphic Design
  • Greek

Above is not even a fraction of the programs available for students to choose from. There are literally several upon several more to go through, plus the sub-categories that exist within each subject. Like Computer Science, has information technology plus computer engineering that can be picked from. Also, the list above is only the Undergraduate section that is available on the university’s website.

No matter if a student decides to stick with their original choice or if they decide to change their major, the University of Manitoba is the place where students can make a choice. This very fact is different at other colleges where $40,000 goes towards a single year of tuition and it makes it seem impossible to switch majors unless that student wants to lose credits. Instead, the University of Manitoba works with students who want to change their field study course and will find ways to still use prior credits towards classes they would need to take instead.

10.) It’s easy to be accepted during admissions

This is a big deal for every person who has ever been on that wait-list for a college they had their whole futures planned out around.

At the University of Manitoba, students will receive an easy time with admissions. All that is needed is the basic information, an “about me” essay, and transcripts. While this can be a competitive university, it’s relatively incredible with accepting all students from anywhere. It doesn’t matter what native country a student is from, this university wants your individual vision and hopes to share that with everyone.

There are obviously guidelines that all students need to follow for admissions such as:

  • Instead of the standard basis requirements for Canada – this unviersity goes on the basis requirements of the country the student is from
  • Instead of the standard basis requirements for Canada, – they go on the general admission requirement based on a single students field of study or major
  • Students just have to pick the study they wish to move forward with and check those requirements
  • An english proficnecy test will be asked for but also, this university is willing to work with a student and provide english classes if they don’t pass the test

As anyone can see, Manitoba is all about working with students to see how well they do in certain subjects. Where will a student succeed versus what subject holds them back. This is so important for a university to notice in students because this acts as a “limitations guideline or outline.”

11.) Students can nominate each other for a Distinguished Alumni Award!

There is nothing better than when others pay respect to your accomplishments as well. This is a huge celebratory choice at the University of Manitoba. Really, this is how everyone can connect and reach out to one another by saying “your work inspired me” or “the reason I moved forward with S.T.E.M. was because of what you were able to share with the world.” Community is the number one rule at the University of Manitoba.

Extra! Never forget community

Community is one of the simplest outreach programs available, and all it takes is a nurturing environment that practices this very human element. On numerous research sites, statistics available for this university overstated again and again that this was the friendliest and most well-respected institution because students go there to help others.

Really, it’s a community that makes the college experience and why not research what the community brings out when it comes to looking up colleges? Right! Students should look into what the community has to say or if the community is represented when it comes to the university they have chosen as the one to attend.

According to reports, the number one reason a student changes colleges is the environment. If a student doesn’t feel like they can grow their study abilities or become the individual they hope to be in 5 years’ time… then why attend a college that stunts that growth? This is why the University of Manitoba shines above many others.

A university where this incredible history has been built upon but with student participation. Nothing changes the world like free-thinking and working together can. That’s why this university has one of the highest rates of doctors graduating at the top of their degree potential.

Final Thought

It comes down to the student and based on what they want to be at the end of their college career. The University of Manitoba creates a safe atmosphere and offers more than most universities ever could because they have changed with each passing decade. Whether it’s to accommodate changes or rest assured… kept a listening ear out for anything a student felt unsure about. The safety of students and the care for their natural well-being have become a huge part of the university’s focus. Students have the ability to take a wellness day or week if needed, all in return to help nurture the best outcome for each individual.

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