10 Best Social Media Marketing Courses for International Students

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Using social media to interact with others and discover new products and ideas is one of the most effective methods to do it. When it comes to developing a strong and noticeable online presence for your brand, it is essential to know how to traverse the numerous online platforms.

For digital marketing success, you need to understand social media advertising because it is an useful and varied platform. Taking a social media marketing course is a great method to increase your brand’s visibility and establish a following of devoted customers.

For those of you who are looking for the most up-to-date list of courses on social media marketing, you’ve come to the correct spot. The 10 trustworthy and accessible online social media marketing courses are included in the following paragraphs, both free and paid.

1. Social Media Marketing by Northwestern University 

Courses on Social Media Marketing are offered by Northwestern University and can be found on the online learning platform Coursera. This particular class is broken up into six distinct sessions, and the instructor for the class itself is Professor Randy Hlavac, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Marketing Synergy, Inc. This class is not only well-designed, but it is also presented by a very experienced entrepreneur who is well-versed in a variety of marketing strategies. This is a huge plus for the students.

In addition, not only does Professor Hlavac have a great deal of expertise, but the course material is also organized in a way that makes for a wonderful learning experience. This course will begin with a discussion of the principles of social media strategy, and then move on to provide training on how to maintain an active following across a variety of social media platforms. From a commercial point of view, the topics that will be discussed in the final three classes are content generation and how to appeal to an audience on social media.

2. Personal Branding: Crafting Your Social Media Presence (Skillshare)

Kate Arends examines the development of her blog in this class that lasts for sixty-five minutes in order to explain why it is important to have an authentic personal brand and how you can optimize your own personal brand to reflect what you want, who you are, and what you consider to be successful. The class is called “Authentic Personal Branding” and is taught by Kate Arends. The instructor, Kate Arends, is also the founder of the lifestyle website Wit & Delight. This website has blossomed into a brand that embraces a blend of clear expression and basic elegance while keeping an approachable, yet controlled point of view. Wit & Delight places an emphasis, above all else, on the development of its readers by highlighting the significance of self-discovery, advocacy for mental health, and wellness topics as the foundations of a life well lived.

Each condensed lesson is jam-packed with data and experience, as well as specific strategies and examples to illustrate those techniques. A strategic approach is maintained all the way through thanks in large part to the particular emphasis placed on social media.

Determining your content, developing information that is compelling, determining your channels, and working through a channel worksheet are some of the topics that will be discussed during this session. You will be able to put everything you learn into practice with the help of worksheets that are only available through this class. These worksheets can be downloaded and used. By reading the useful PDFs that have been supplied here, you will acquire the knowledge necessary to differentiate yourself from other people, how to be strategic about what you offer, and how to develop goals for your business. You will have tools that you can depend on repeatedly due to the fact that they are designed to be used and reused multiple times.

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3. Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking up Clients

This training course on social media uses the term “picking up clients using social media in less than 48 hours” as its primary marketing message. This provides a strong indication that this instructor goes about more advanced strategies for using social media. This lesson goes beyond more beginner methods such as setting up social media accounts and fundamental posting strategies. Specifically, it focuses on how to use Instagram. Instead, it makes the assumption that you are already knowledgeable with these subjects and offers advice on how to get the most out of the channels that you are already familiar with in order to maximize your potential for success.

You only need an active account on Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit to enroll in this course. Then, you’ll be well on your way to learning the tactics that will help you attract clients by utilizing social media.

4. Facebook Blueprint by Blueprint Learning

Blueprint Learning, the company that was responsible for developing Facebook Blueprint, offers a wide selection of free classes that might be of use to people as well as corporations. If you click on the link in the prior sentence, you will be brought to the main page of Facebook Blueprint. When you get there, you will have access to a vast number of different courses, all of which cover different areas of social media and digital marketing, as well as the creation of content.

Many of the available courses have anywhere from four to nine modules, and while many of the courses are exclusive to Facebook, you can also choose to take classes that teach you how to promote your content on Instagram. Although many of the courses are only available on Facebook, there are other options available. A user’s level of experience is taken into account by Facebook Blueprint, and it gives experienced digital marketers the option to increase their knowledge base by participating in specific training courses. Facebook Blueprint is a resource that provides knowledge on everything there is to know about running successful advertising campaigns using your Facebook Business Page. It is a one-stop shop that provides this information. It is a valuable resource for large and small organizations alike, particularly advertising agencies, marketers, and advertisers. This enormous collection of free, self-paced social media classes will cover best practices and top strategies implemented by some of the most well-known organizations in some of the most prominent industries all over the world.

Because Facebook is gradually becoming a “pay-to-play” network, this is the perfect opportunity for businesses and marketers to fully appreciate everything there is to know about making the most of the money they spend on advertising.


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5. Social Media Marketing (OMI)

Before moving on to a more in-depth discussion on how to promote to millennials, this course from the Online Marketing Institute will offer you with an introduction to a range of social networking sites. In addition to that, it delves into more advanced topics, such as paid marketing and figuring out the return on investment (ROI).

If most of the people in your target audience are members of the millennial generation, then you will definitely benefit from taking this class. Despite the fact that it is labeled as a Level 1 class, the curriculum focuses on the topic of “marketing to millennials” and places a great amount of attention on the social media platforms Snapchat and Instagram. As a consequence of this, the expenditure can turn out to be quite worthwhile.This course costs $859 total (or can be paid for in three installments of $286 each), and it is the only one that grants certification. Certification is not included in OMI’s standard monthly course subscription.

6.  Social Marketing Course and Certification by Hootsuite Academy

You can sign up for Hootsuite Academy’s free “Social Marketing Training” course by clicking on the link provided in this sentence. Eva Taylor, who is the Senior Social Marketing Manager at Hootsuite, was responsible for developing the training with the support of some of Hootsuite’s other marketing specialists. Because Hootsuite is one of the top platforms that can be used to manage sites for social media, it is without a doubt one of the greatest websites that can be used to learn about social media marketing.

In this course, students will learn skills linked to social marketing with the intention of boosting follower engagement and contributing to greater business development. Because the most skilled strategists from Hootsuite were responsible for developing this course, you can be guaranteed that you will have a priceless experience that will quickly transfer into results in your marketing efforts.

7.  Quick Sprout University by Neil Patel

The Quick Sprout University, which was established by Neil Patel, who was also one of the co-founders of Crazy Egg, provides a cutting-edge educational program that focuses not just on social media marketing but also on digital marketing in general. In the context of social media marketing in particular, he offers some of the most insightful counsel he has to offer regarding the acquisition of leads, the increase of engagement and traffic, the generation of income via social media, and other themes that are pertinent.

Due to the fact that Neil has served as a consultant for numerous big firms, including Yahoo, Mazda, Samsung, Microsoft, Viacom, and Walmart, his viewpoint is undeniably deserving of serious consideration.

There is a wealth of information that can be found online that can teach you more about the complexities of social media and digital marketing, as well as how to make the most of the many tools and options that are available to you in order to achieve your goals and be successful. Some of this information includes: how to make the most of the many tools and options that are available to you in order to achieve your goals and be successful. If you take these courses, you should have a better chance of being pointed in the right path, which should allow you to have a higher level of success with social media marketing.

8. . Chatbot Master Class by Isaac Rudansky

After completing this in-depth video course that lasts for a total of 12 hours, you will be equipped with a strong foundation for building chatbots and conducting marketing on Facebook Messenger. You are going to receive instruction on how to use your Facebook Messenger chatbot to create leads for your company, make event registrations, and take appointment bookings.

You will also learn how to set up advertising campaigns on Facebook Messenger, how to enhance sales, and how to set up chatbots for customer care. All of these skills may be used to your business.

The class is taught by Isaac Rudansky, who also serves as the founder and CEO of AdVenture Media. For the purpose of demonstrating how to build and utilize a chatbot (full disclosure), he makes use of my free chatbot builder, MobileMonkey.

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9. Marketing in a Digital World

Digital tools such as the Internet, smartphones, and 3D printing, all covered in this course, have resulted in a shift in the balance of power between firms and consumers in the field of marketing. class-central.com/report/top-moocs/) has named Marketing in a Digital World as one of the top 50 MOOCs of all-time. One of the most popular courses on Coursera, Marketing in a Digital World has over 150,000 Learners registered. This course is part of the University of Illinois’ iMBA program. The iMBA is a flexible, inexpensive, and fully accredited online MBA program that can be completed at your own pace. For further information, see the Resources page in this course or onlinemba.illinois.edu.

Thanks to modern digital technology, consumers can now take an active role in a wider range of marketing activities, such as the manufacture of their own products. Because of this, the balance of power shifts from enterprises to customers. You’ll examine the new digital world and debate how it has had a profound impact on both businesses and consumers. The general public will be taught how to make the most of these new technologies, while business leaders will be taught how to make better use of them in their own marketing efforts.

These basics will be reviewed and analyzed in relation to how the proliferation of new digital tools is reshaping these fundamentals in this course on marketing. Many hands-on activities are available to you, such as submitting new product ideas to Starbucks and creating new Wikipedia entries, as well as designing 3D printed objects. Our approach of teaching will be highly engaging.

10. TikTok Marketing For Business (YouTube)

In this 22-video training, you will be instructed by a TikTok specialist on how to make this platform work for your company. This YouTube channel with an emphasis on TikTok and small businesses is still in its infancy, but it has already established itself as a source of high-quality content for the TikTok community. It is only a question of time before it gets the attention that it justly deserves. Both content creators who are just getting started on the platform and marketers stand to gain a great deal from the information that is presented in this book.

This tutorial will show you how to utilize TikTok for a broad variety of business purposes, which is a feature that the app offers. Included in the list of topics is information on how to make your TikTok video appear in search results! The Complete Guide to Using TikTok for Search Engine Optimization and TikTok Duets: Hints & Tips Find out how to go live on TikTok and become a leader in your business, as well as my own TikTok sales hack and seven additional ways to make money off of your TikTok channel.

Final thoughts: The skills and strategies of social media marketing can be studied, practiced, and developed with the help of classes, software, and other industry specialists. You’ll find all of these methods and resources right here. As crucial as it is for you to know what you want to achieve by taking a social media marketing course, you must equally be conscious of your own needs and aspirations. If you want to use it for your own personal experience, look for a course that emphasizes building a social media following and creating content; if you want to use it for business, look for a course that also includes algorithms, data tracking, and other business strategies that can help you effectively track trends and create content. 

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