10 Advantages of Studying Abroad in 2023

Written by Michael Nz. on November 2, 2022

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Studying abroad

At Pickascholarship, we know that you are motivated by the idea of ​​continuing to study, and of reaching your academic goals. Sometimes, the idea of ​​studying abroad is what moves you the most, and we understand it, there are many reasons why this plan is really good, here we leave you just 10 advantages of studying in another country.

10 advantages of studying abroad

1. You open new horizons

It’s a bit like coming out of your shell, it’s one thing to get to know the places and the people, through books or movies, and another is to be there. Maybe the Eiffel Tower seemed more impressive in the photos, but maybe you never thought it was so impressive to stand under it.

2. Your perspective on your own country changes.

You can become the main critic of what is happening in your country, but you will also be the main defender of some issues. In addition, the people around you will make you see the place where you were born with different eyes.

3. You know another language or variations of yours.

Being in a classroom and studying a language is not the same as having to communicate with people to buy, make friends, or have basic services, you will become more agile to learn that new language. If you go to a Spanish-speaking country, you will realize that the fact that it is the same language helps, but what is said in one way in your country may not be said the same everywhere, you will get a couple of misunderstandings, but you will also enrich your vocabulary.

4. You discover new things about yourself.

Surely, while you study in another country, you will be involved in situations that you have not faced before, they can be funny, sad, or challenging, and once you go through them, you will be left with the feeling of having reacted in a way that you did not recognize, and you will feel proud of this new part of you. You are going to rethink everything you have learned and maybe you will discard some things.

5. You make friends from many parts of the world.

Like you, there are more people who do not belong to that new country, it is very likely that one of them will end up being your best friend, so at the end of your stay, you will surely have an agenda full of new contacts from all over the world.

6. You expand your culture.

It is not only about food or fashion, but about the way of thinking of a community, if you understand better the thought, you will understand better the behavior.

7. You learn to listen.

Through people you also get to know the world, you want to know more about everyone, those who are from the place where you are and those who are not. You pay more attention on the subway, you will be fascinated by the different ways people express themselves, and their phrases, and possibly you will become a connoisseur of accents.

8. You risk a little more.

By, if you want to go to another country it is because you have an adventurous spirit, you will dare to do things that you might not do in your city, take a trip alone, speak in public, and translate from one language to another.

9. You also take care of yourself a little more.

Being alone in another country will give you many opportunities to take risks, and you will also realize that you prefer not to try those that can put you at risk, because yes, you are alone.

10. Your CV will have a plus.

Whatever is said, always having a degree or experience as a student abroad is a good card to put on your CV. It will make you look like an adaptable, risky, and flexible person.

In addition to all this, once you return to your country, much of what you learned abroad will continue to serve you, not only in terms of studies but also in your life.

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    1. Hi. The process is quite easy. You just have to find a scholarship. Apply to it and wait then for approval from the University.

  1. Do you also offer scholarships to Africans like me becouse i have tried many times but i fail some one help me am biyinzika kenneth wakadala from uganda my phone number +256753201433 i want to go for a bachery in natural resource menegment so help me

    1. Hi Kenneth. We don’t offer directly scholarships. Only the Universities can offer that. But, yes, to answer your questions, some Scholarships are also for Africans like you.

  2. am very interested to apply scholarship but I applied for sevral time and I didn’t get it please can somebody help me please

  3. I want to get a fully funded scholarship to study aviation at University of Cape Town in South Africa
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