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$250 College for Creative Studies (CCS) Award by Online

A college degree is what everyone would want to have, but could not have- due to several of reasons. For some, getting a degree would mean leaving their hometown to go to a prestigious college. Others would say taking up college would eat most of their time, while some backs out from the thought of…

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$1000 to $2500 Scholarship Prizes for Video Contest

One of the things that students really prepare for early on is their college education. In terms of their grades or GPA, they prepare for it so that they could enter the degree program or online universities they want since most of them tend to have a requirement for the GPA. High school students also…

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$1,500 Lindsey Renee Cianciolo Family Memorial Fund Award

If you are a high school student, then you are probably no stranger to adults and authorities asking you on your plans for your college education? What degree program or bachelor degree are you planning to take? What university or college are you planning to enrol into? Have you passed your requirements for your college…

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