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If you are looking for a scholarship for kindergarten or children in early school, this one is for you.  This program was established with the newer generation in mind; encouraging them to code and create doodle projects at such tender ages. These doodles will then be showcased on the Google website. The organizers and Moderators are always excited to receive creative, intuitive and innovative doodles in each competition session.

Entering the Competition

  • Artists apply and combine any material of choice to create their unique doodles. Paints, colors, clay and other objects.
  • The child is expected to write about what they have created; explaining distinctively the art and how it relates to their inner strength.
  • Have a parent or Guardian sign off on the Entry form.
  • Submission of art and form confirms entry into the contest. It can be either on the online platform (recommended) or through mail.
  • The doodles will be assessed after being grouped into Grades 10-12, Grades 8-9, Grades 6-7, Grades 4-5 and Grades K-3.

You will see the application form email address on the last page of this list of scholarships.