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Fully-funded East-West Center Rising Pacific Islands Leaders (RPIL) Fellowship for PICL Member Country in the USA 2023

The East-West Center Rising Pacific Islands Leaders (RPIL) Fellowship is a fully-funded program for citizens of the 15 member countries of the Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders (PICL). The fellowship offers an opportunity for participants to experience an unprecedented cultural and educational exchange in the United States. In 2023, the RPIL Fellowship will provide fellows with a yearlong educational and professional development program in Hawaii and Washington, D.C., alongside other Pacific Islander fellows.

Throughout the program, fellows will receive personalized guidance and mentorship from world-renowned scholars, as well as develop and hone skills needed to effectively lead in their respective fields. Through experiential learning and field trips to iconic sites across the US, fellows will gain knowledge about areas such as history, culture, politics, economics and diplomacy which can be used to create positive change in their communities back home.

The fellowship also provides access to networking opportunities with influential leaders from all sectors across both Hawaii and Washington D.C., allowing greater collaboration between Pacific Islander professionals in the US mainland and those working on the ground in PICL Member Countries. As part of their experience, fellows will attend policy forums hosted by renowned organizations such as The East-West Center in Honolulu laid out with the purpose of exchanging ideas and creating solutions tailored to address global challenges facing our collective future.

With this fellowship program, East-West Center provides a unique platform that promotes cross-cultural dialogue while encouraging professional development among Pacific Islanders who are committed to becoming active agents of social change within their home countries..