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£10,000 GREAT Scholarship for Postgraduate Students at Robert Gordon University, United Kingdom 2023

Students from Bangladesh, Egypt, India, and Pakistan who are extremely motivated are encouraged to apply for the Great Scholarship, which is being offered by Robert Gordon University in collaboration with the British Council for the academic year 2023-2024. Scholarships are available through a government program that encourages students from other countries to seek higher education in the United Kingdom so that they can improve their chances of finding work after graduation and advance their professional or career goals. This prestigious scholarship was established with the intention of luring talented individuals to the United Kingdom for the purpose of partnering with educational institutions there. Students who are awarded this prestigious scholarship will have the opportunity to serve as ambassadors for their educational institution after they have completed their master’s degree program. In addition, these students will be expected to act as representatives for the GREAT scholarship and may be asked to discuss their experiences with other students who are interested in studying in the United Kingdom.