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£4,000 Vice Chancellor’s Indonesia Scholarship 

Students who have already completed their undergraduate or postgraduate studies and are now residing in Indonesia are eligible to apply for the particular yet competitive Vice Chancellor’s Indonesia Scholarship, which is worth $4,000. This opportunity is only open to people who are either students in Indonesia or citizens of Indonesia. The University of Dundee is searching for prospective students who are currently located in Indonesia and who are comfortable with the application process they will be required to complete. In all honesty, the only thing that is necessary for them to do in order to be considered for this scholarship is to submit an application to study full-time at the University of Dundee. This is an option available each year to new students who are coming from all over the world to study in Ireland or another member state of the EU. Although it does not specifically specify that this is a renewable scholarship, there are reasons to suspect that students are eligible to submit several applications for this discount. Students who want additional information about the opportunities to renew their enrollment will need to get in touch with the admissions office.