The Best Scholarships to Help you Pursue Your Studies in France by 2022

Written by Michael Nz. on January 19, 2022

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Eiffel Tower

France is one of the great nations in the world to study and work simultaneously. Its beautiful and serene setting presents the warmth of success to both international and local students.

This is why France has become one of the ideal places to study abroad for your degree. Thanks to its rich culture, gastronomy, architecture, and thriving student life.

The country is also known to have attractive tuition fees.

However, to ensure that you enjoy your study abroad plans with less financial burden, we have compiled the best scholarships to help you pursue your studies in France in 2022.

These scholarships to study in France are sometimes fully funded by the French government and some other private companies. We want to guide you through International Scholarships in France.

France has several top-ranking universities in the world. They provide an excellent educational system at their universities. In fact, it is quite possible to study abroad all for free! Some of the places to study abroad are also those where tuition fees are at a lower price or even non-existent online degree programs with a lot of scholarship opportunities for International Students.

What you need to know about France

France is located in Western Europe, encompassing medieval cities, alpine villages, and Mediterranean beaches.

Paris, its capital, is famous for its fashion houses, classical art museums such as the Louvre, and monuments such as the Eiffel Tower.

The country is also known for its wines and sophisticated cuisine. The ancient cave drawings at Lascaux, the Roman theater at Lyon, and the vast Palace of Versailles attest to its rich history.

About these scholarships for International students

These universities offer knowledge and skills that are applicable and adaptable to situations that require international interactions. This gives students an advantage over those who studied at home in the competitive global job market.

France, as we all know, has also developed to be one of the best study nations in the world, also with an Environment Driver to satisfy your taste and your desire for academic success.

Studying abroad can be one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student. By studying abroad, students have the opportunity to study in a foreign nation and enjoy the charm and culture of new land, and it is best when they are covered with a full scholarship.

For a variety of reasons, France is one of the best destinations for international students to study abroad, especially for a student in Africa seeking a scholarship abroad.

However, one thing that stands between you and this goal is the cost of studying abroad. But don’t worry, here are the 15 best scholarships in France for International Students.

These scholarships are also open to students seeking an opportunity in both Postgraduate, Master’s Doctorate, and Postdoctoral degrees.

African academics can take advantage of any of these many opportunities to help with academic expenses. See scholarship opportunities for foreign students here.

Don’t miss out on any of these scholarships. Opportunities. You can open any of these opportunities in a new tab.

Therefore, if you are an international student looking for any of the following opportunities listed below, go through the links to find the most suitable Scholarship for you. Some of these scholarships are available to foreign students in France.

  • Young Researcher of the Year Award from the International Transport Forum in France, 2022
  • CIMI Toulouse- University of Toulouse Postdoctoral Scholarships for International Students, 2022
  • CIMI LabEx Postdoctoral Fellowships in Mathematics and Computer Science, 2022
  • PhD positions at 15 SIMaP for international students at MATHEGRAM ITN, 2022
  • UNESCO / Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize, 2022
  • British Council Entente Cordiale Postgraduate Scholarships for French Students in France, 2022
  • Excellence Scholarships for Masters at the Dauphine University of Paris in France, 2022
  • LabEx Milton Master Scholarship for Foreign Students in France
  • Mediterranean Integration Center (CMI) “Mediterranean Water Heroes” Youth Contest, 2022
  • CNRS-Weizmann Institute PhD Research Scholarship in France
  • PhD Scholarships for International Students at the University of Nantes in France,
  • Master LabEx DigiCosme Scholarships for International Students at the University of Paris-Saclay in France
  • LabEx milyon Postdoctoral Positions for International Students in France.
  • Postdoc Positions in Mathematics at the Henri Lebesgue Center in France.
  • Masters and PhD Scholarships for Vietnamese Students in France, 2022

How can I get an international scholarship from France?

They submit applications for scholarships accepted by the French government to the cultural service of the French embassy in their country of residence.

The criteria for choosing the candidates depend on the cooperation programs concluded between the French government and the authorities of the country in question.

What are the requirements to study with a scholarship in France?

The important thing to think about the French application measure is that there is no general body that manages the scholarships.

Each individual foundation has its own layout of models to apply to, so be sure to do the important scouting on the school site or scholarship portal.

Here is a summary of everything you may need to consider when applying for a scholarship in France:

  • Scholarship application
  • A copy of your passport.
  • A passport size photo of you
  • Copies of previous exam transcripts and graduation diplomas.
  • A copy of your European health card (for EU students)
  • Many colleges charge a fee to apply
  • A certificate of civil liability.
  • A presentation card
  • Proof of command of the French and / or English language
  • Proof that you have the financial resources to finance your stay in France

Top Scholarships in France for International Students in 2022

French scholarship opportunities are meant to take you through your undergraduate and graduate studies.

Scholarships here range from fully funded, tuition waivers, internships, French government scholarships, and many other opportunities from institutions and non-governmental organizations.

# 1 Young Researcher of the Year Award from the International Transport Forum in France

Host / Eligible Nationality

The OECD International Transport Forum is pleased to announce the Young Researcher of the Year Award 2022.

The award is open to researchers under 35 years of age who have carried out the research presented in the work presented in an institution, university, or consulting company located in a member country1 of the International Transport Forum.

Which is also open to students from any country who wish to study abroad.

Scholarship Level

It is available to international students and all other students of all nationalities who wish to pursue a research program.

Scholarship Value

A prize of 5 EUR will be awarded. The award winner will be invited to receive the award at the official award ceremony to be held during the 000 Summit (2022-22 May) in Leipzig, Germany. Honorary Merit Awards are likely to be presented.

Application Link

#2 CIMI Toulouse- University of Toulouse Postdoctoral Scholarships for International Students

Host / Eligible Nationality

Applications are open for Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Students funded by CIMI Toulouse – University of Toulouse.

These scholarships are available to holders of doctorates in mathematics or computer science in France or in any foreign country until September 30, 2022. International students can also apply for this student grant.

Scholarship Level

It is available to foreign students and all other students of all nationalities who wish to pursue a doctoral program.

Value of the Scholarship

Each postdoctoral fellow will receive a net salary of € 2,360 per month and will also benefit from medical insurance and social coverage.

Application Link

#3 2022 Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at the Université Côte d’Azur in France

Apply now for the fully funded Université Côte d’Azur Ph.D. Scholarships for Ph.D. Researchers. Université Côte d’Azur offers up to five  Fully funded Doctors. scholarships to researchers from all over the world in the academic year 2019.

Its main objective is to recruit and support the smartest early-stage researchers who are developing a  research program involving one or more laboratories within the UCA.

The Doctoral Program of Excellence will be a recruiting tool to help the UCA attract outstanding students entering doctoral programs.

Apply now

#4 Sciences Po Seydoux Undergraduate Scholarships in France, 2022

Sciences Po is pleased to invite applications for Sciences Po Seydoux Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships from excellent students from developing countries to pursue undergraduate study in France.

The scholarship is open to citizens and/or residents of ten countries located in the enlarged Mediterranean Basin allowing those who wish to study at Sciences Po at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Apply now

#5 International School of Management MBA Scholarships for Students, 2022

The International School of Management (ISM) is inviting applications for October admission. ISM offers need-based and merit-based scholarships to pursue a full-time International MBA (IMBA) program.

 Apply now

 #6. SIMaP PhD Positions for International Students at MATHEGRAM ITN

Host/Eligible Nationality

MATHGRAM is now recruiting 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs). Each ESR will work at a beneficiary institute with a 36-month employment contract and will register as a Ph.D. at a University within the MATHEGRAM network or affiliated universities.

This application is also available for foreign students who intend to study abroad.


It is available to foreign students and all other students of all nationalities who wish to pursue a Ph.D. Program.

Scholarship Value

Living allowance €3,270 per month + mobility allowance €600 + family allowance €500 for researchers who have a family).

Please note that the net salary will be adjusted by applying a country correction coefficient to the subsistence allowance of the country in which the researcher will be recruited, as well as deducting all mandatory social security contributions (employer / employee). as direct taxes (for example, income tax).


#7. Excellence Scholarships for Masters at Dauphine University of Paris in France

Host / Eligible Nationality 

The Université Paris-Dauphine, a member of the Université Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL), and the Paris-Dauphine Foundation are delighted to offer Excellence Scholarships for Master’s degrees.

Selected students are expected to continue their doctorate in one of Dauphine’s doctoral programs where doctoral fellowships and grants are available. International students are not exempt from this great opportunity.


It is available to foreign students and all other students of all nationalities who wish to pursue a master’s degree in preparation for a doctorate.

Scholarship Value

The scholarships amount to 15,000 Euros gross per year. Students can enter the Master either in the first or second year.

Application Page

#8. LabEx Milyon Masters Scholarship for Foreign Students in France

Host / Eligible Nationality 

The Milyon Laboratory of Excellence is inviting applications for scholarships for the master’s program for the year 2022. Scholarships are available for international students.

Scholarship Level

The scholarship is available to foreign students and all other students of all foreign citizens who intend to pursue a master’s degree.

Scholarship Value

The Excellence Laboratory Milyon offers Master or 3rd (Bachelor level) scholarships for a net amount of approximately 1,000 Euros/month, for 10 months. The scholarships are renewable annually.
In addition to its regular scholarship program, Milyon can supplement (up to 1,000 euros/month for 10 months) partial support to study in the Lyon-Saint-Étienne area.

Official Scholarship page of the same year, for more information.

#9 Masters and PhD Scholarships for Vietnamese Students in France

Host / Eligible Nationality

The Embassy of France in Vietnam is awarding the France Excellence Scholarship Program to those who wish to pursue a training course at French universities or colleges, at the Master 2 or Doctorate level.

The scholarship is valid for 12 months for Masters 2 and 36 months for Ph.D. This application is also open to all interested international students.


This approach of scholarship is available for Cote d’Ivoire students and all other students from all foreigners who wish to pursue a Master 2 or Ph.D. level program.

Scholarship Value

In addition to receiving a monthly living allowance, Excellence Scholarship applicants also enjoy a variety of benefits, including direct social security, homestay assistance, visa scholarships, waived registration fees, and tuition fees when studying in French universities.

Notably, Ph.D. students will receive a round trip international air ticket from the French Embassy. Scholarship holders of the “France Excellence” Scholarship Program receive a net monthly allowance of about 615 euros for the master level 2 and 1,060 euros for the doctorate level, plus direct coverage of social security coverage (social security, mutual, and liability insurance).


#10 UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize / Guillermo Cano

Host / Eligible Nationality

The Executive Council of UNESCO established this award in 1997, in honor of Guillermo Cano, a Colombian journalist who died in the exercise of his profession. Its purpose is to reward each year a person, organization, or institution that has made a notable contribution to the defense and/or promotion of press freedom anywhere in the world, especially if risks have been involved.

Scholarship Level

Awarded annually, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day (May 3)

Scholarship Value

The award is marked by a ceremony and the winner is presented with a total sum of US$25,000.

Application Link

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