$60,000 The Clark Scholars Scholarship Program – United States 2023

Written by K Fisher on April 4, 2022

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John Hopkins

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

  • Country of the Scholarship

    United States
  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Bachelor's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    > 12000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

    United States
  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    E-Mail: [email protected]

The highly respected Clark scholars program also known as the A. James Clark Scholars Program, which was created to help future engineers. John Hopkins is known as one of the United States leading medical universities where top doctors and scientists have become alumni and a few continue to teach at the institute.

Known as the oldest medical research centers in the United States, John Hopkins has been around since 1876. Nowadays, the university is the revolutionary leader in world medicine and biotechnology advances.

The campuses that are part of the university are:

  • Research Centers and Institutes of the School of Medicine
  • Research Centers and Institutes of the Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Research Centers and Institutes of the School of Nursing
  • Research Centers and Institutes of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
  • Research Centers and Institutes of the Whiting School of Engineering
  • Research Centers and Institutes of the School of Education
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Space Telescope Science Institute
  • The Berman Institute of Bioethics
  • Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies
  • The Johns Hopkins University Center for Imaging Science
  • The Center for Language and Speech Processing
  • Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute
  • Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
  • Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute

John Hopkins University also has multiple places around the world that have partnered up with the university in the name of research:

  • The Bayview Medical Center
  • Howard County General Hospital
  • The Bologna Center, Italy
  • Hopkins-Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies, China
  • Singapore Conservatory of Music
  • Montgomery County Campus
  • Columbia Center- Carey Business School and The School of Education
  • Washington, D.C. Center – Carey Business School and The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences’ Advanced Academic Programs

With John Hopkins having one of the most outstanding ratio of doctors, nurses, and scientists that graduate from the institution to date, it is no shock that the center for one of the oldest research medical buildings in the world has held such a high reputation.

John Hopkins is a highly competitive institution that chooses students who don’t allow their grade point average to fluctuate too much and certainly doesn’t drop below a 3.2. while attending.



  • Applicants must be U.S. residents or citizens if they wish to apply for this scholarship.
  • Students will need to prepare a statement of intention about their reasoning to study engineering at John Hopkins University.
  • Applicants must show that they into to serve their community, this can be seen as volunteer work.
  • Students will need to present their best verbal skills and problem solving ethics, this scholarship will only look to those that have done the best academically when it comes to choosing who should be picked as a recipient



There are multiple guidelines and rules that all applicants need to follow including these:

  • Specific and catered to classes are going to be requested of the students who wish to part of this scholar program, one class in the Fall and one class in the Spring is reserved for these scholars.
  • If a student chooses to take more management styled classes, this would actually look better and more impeccable on their college record. It is encouraged for students to take management and business innovation classes however, it will have to be decided from the student themselves.
  • A students grade point average may not drop below 3.2. during their entire duration when they are part of the scholars program.
  • All students must be accepted and enrolled with an undergraduate engineering degree while enrolled in this program.


How to Apply

There is no need to send in a separate application in the form of a scholarship application, instead this is for incoming freshmen who wish to become part of the scholars program. In doing so, students only need to send in admission and ask if they can be part of the scholars program. From there the student only needs to write a letter of intent based on why they have chosen engineering and John Hopkins University as their place of study.


Reward – Extra Benefits

There is a huge benefit to this scholarship scholars program with a $60,000 reward. This is incredibly generous but engineering at John Hopkins is quite expensive when it comes down to tuition per academic year.

Students can easily spend $50,000 on the first academic year alone, in tuition fees.

This reward cost was created to cover the whole duration of a students scholar program and to promote engineering work within John Hopkins University.



The official deadline date is November 1, 2022 and this is for the early wave of new students. A regular decision applicant has the deadline date of January 3, 2023.

If the deadline date is delayed or moved for any reason, the John Hopkins University website will notify all students about this beforehand. However, it is suggested that all students check the university website frequently to ensure that they are up to date with the latest information.


Open Submission Window Time Frame

The open submission window time frame is different if the student is an early applicant or a regular decision applicant. That decision will need to be made first before going any further. Afterward, students will be able to start submitting their application towards the Fall of 2022. As of right now, students have plenty of time to start going through the guidelines that are on the John Hopkins University website. The university website is linked to this page and should be used to go through the ‘FAQs’ section if a student has any questions that need immediate answers.



This is an annual scholarship that looks towards the new incoming freshmen who are working towards their engineering degree as an undergraduate. For now, students will need to wait until the Fall of 2022 for the application open window submission time frame.

If students have any questions and they have checked the John Hopkins University website and to no avail, they haven’t found the answers they are looking for… they students can e-mail the e-mail address that is located in the contact section on this page. But all students should be e-mailing to ask about the scholars program and not about anything outside of that inquiry.

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