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When it comes to scholarship from Iceland, the government of this country does give out many scholarships that centers around the Icelandic language. For the majority if not all Icelandic scholarships, the students applying need to have a basic understanding of the Icelandic language to be able to navigate around the country. Along with applying for language-based scholarships that can over near $75,000 per academic year for tuition coverage.

Typically for all scholarships in this country, a student should have already earned a Bachelor’s degree or show in a motivation letter that they are indeed pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in a study major that can be taken in Iceland.

For any students that are looking to pursue their Postgraduate degree, must be taking a Postgraduate degree that is related to the Bachelor’s degree they have already secured. Now, in Iceland, it depends on the university and their general requirements for admission that may differ. As well as, the requirements mentioned in the eligibility guidelines for those organizations or universities that have an annual scholarship available.

Icelandic scholarships that happen to be both from Iceland and provided by other countries:

  • BA program in Icelandic as a Second Language Scholarship – For any international student who is actively studying the native language and shows interest in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Iceland’s main language. This scholarship will be able to be used when students earn admission to University of Iceland in Reykjavík.
  • The Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science & Culture Scholarship Awards – Awarded to man different students from different countries outside of the EU.
  • Icelandic Roots Program: Snorri Scholarship Program – A five-week summer work-study program available to 20–30-year-old programming students.
  • The private organization scholarship fund known as the American-Scandinavian Foundation – With an incredible $800,000 that goes to support students that want to engage with a student exchange program that will aid with promoting international sponsorship from America to Scandinavian countries.
  • Leifur Eiriksson Foundation – There are three sponsors for this foundation who are the Central Bank of Iceland, the Icelandic Government, and the University of Virginia who offer another student exchange program. This foundation focuses on funding scholar research projects that need just below or above $25,000 in funds.
  • Modern Icelandic Summer Course – This program is provided by the University of Minnesota which splits up a 6-week adventure with 3 weeks in the state of Minnesota and the last 3 weeks in Iceland.
  • The UI doctoral grants fund – This fund was generated to help scholars meet their project budgets with additional funding.
  • The University of Iceland Research Fund
  • The UI’s Research Fund: Travel Grants – Provides an abundance of travel reimbursement that students may need for their research studies.
  • University of Iceland Post-doc grants
  • University of Iceland Equipment Purchasing Fund

There are available resources where international and domestic students in Iceland can study for free at their selected university. This involves contacting the university admissions office as well as the specific programs that offer free tuition-based university or work-study programs that aim to help disadvantaged students.

Latest Active Scholarships from Iceland

Nordic Scholarship - Iceland

Scholarship Name: Living Expenses - Nordic Scholarship - Iceland 2024

5 min read

Country: Iceland

Description: The Nordic Scholarship Is A Prestigious Scholarship Program That Provides Opportunities For Students From Nordic Countries To Study In Iceland. The Scholarship Is Awarded On A Merit Basis, And Applicants Must Demonstrate Outstanding Academic Performance And Potential. The Scholarship Covers Tuition Fees, Living Expenses, And...

Date Published: 01 May 2023

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travel scholarship grants

Scholarship Name: 100.000 ISK Research Fund – Travel Grants - Iceland 2023

4 min read

Country: Iceland

Description: The University Of Iceland Has Created A Generous Fund That Goes Towards All Ph.D. Students That Need Extra Travel Costs Covered. That Is If Their Own Budget Cannot Cover The Initial Travel Research Project Budget. The Available Ph.D. Programs Available At The University Of Iceland...

Date Published: 27 June 2022

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Scholarship Name: $10,000 University of Iceland Watanabe Student Achievement and Incentive Scholarship - Iceland 2022

2 min read

Country: Iceland

Description: The Watanabe Trust Fund Was Founded At The University Of Iceland In 2008 With The Generous Endowment Gift Of $3 Million From Mr. Toshizo (Tom) Watanabe. The Objective Of The Watanabe Fund Is To Strengthen The Academic Ties Between Iceland And Japan. The Watanabe Fund...

Date Published: 09 December 2021

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Scholarship Name: $5,300 Brian O’ Connell (BOC) Scholarship Program - Iceland 2022

2 min read

Country: Iceland

Description: Applications Are Invited For Brain O’Connell (BOC) Partial Funding For The Completion Of The Master’s Degrees At A Nordic SANORD Member Institution. Successful Students Will Be Required To Spend 3 To 5 Months At A Nordic, (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Or Denmark) SANORD Member Institution....

Date Published: 30 August 2021

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