$500 3rd Place Courageous Persuaders Award Dangers of Underage Drinking in Online Universities

Underage drinking has been a huge problem to online universities, not only in the United States, but all around the world. Most Basing on the fact that these accredited schools online doesn’t have physical connection with their students in day to day basis, they have lesser ability to monitor and manage these young individuals. With minimal guidance, these teenagers have the tendency to be pressured by their peers and join the crew, without having second thoughts of the outcome of their actions.

Education acts as a shield for the younger generation for them to be able to handle every battle they will be thrown upon in the future.  This is the reason why, for parents, giving the best college education to their children is one of the best gifts they can ever give. However, when these younger individuals start to start making friends with the wrong crows, this is where the problem gets in.

Online universities put effort in educating their students the pros and cons of their actions. Getting an college education in accredited schools online for children to have a brighter future is one story, and preventing them from doing things they might regret, is another. One  or two individuals alone cannot make this happen, nevertheless, it is the responsibility of everyone to keep these teenagers safe. Do you ever think of the best way to persuade underage teenagers not to drink alcohol? Set a good example for them. Take big steps and make actions in avoiding this habit. Telling them not to do this or that is only a fraction of your involvement in making this big change happen. Always remember that action always speak louder than words. So, as adults, it is one of your responsibilities to draw a straight line for the younger individuals looking up to you. Be a role model. Encourage fun activities for them, which does not involve drinking alcohol. Surely, there are a lot more activities that are more suitable for their age.

It would take a lot of patience and courage to manage these children, for sure. But in the end, all those hardship will pay off. When these teenagers grow up to be helpful beings of the society, everyone can tap their backs and say they did a great job in leading and guiding these, once hard headed teenagers, but now lawyers, doctors, engineers, nurses and the list goes on. For more information, visit http://courageouspersuaders.com/scholarships-awards/

$250 College for Creative Studies (CCS) Award by Online

A college degree is what everyone would want to have, but could not have- due to several of reasons. For some, getting a degree would mean leaving their hometown to go to a prestigious college. Others would say taking up college would eat most of their time, while some backs out from the thought of college just by seeing the fees they have to pay for it.

Do you want to know the basic solution for all these hesitations? Simple, just take an online college degree, of your choice, on online schools.

Living in a time where everything is possible by the touch of the fingertips, comes to advancement in modern education. Yes, you can have easily have distance learning program in a snap- anytime, anywhere.

If being away from your home or your family and friends is the reason why you are holding back going to college, then getting an online college degree is for you. Don’t you just love the thought of skipping long, grueling hours of sitting in a classroom and listen to your professors’ yapping about anything? By enrolling in online schools, you can sit comfortable in your favorite coach (even on your bed) while getting all the lecture materials you need online. Nonetheless, you can study at any time of the day, at your once pace. If you have trouble catching up on parts of the lecture, you can always go back to it and browse through them again- this is how easy your life can be with distance learning program.

As for the fees, taking classes online can be cheaper option for you. Online classes are cheaper than traditional classes because you will no longer need to pay miscellaneous fees for the school. Also, you save up gas and transportation fee for buses. Lastly, you can manage your own time when you enroll in online courses. This is the best option for most individuals who are busy to take up the traditional style of taking up classes. As long as you have good time management, you will never miss anything out with this type of schooling

The number one reason for more and more people opting to have online classes is comfort. You pick the place, the time and the module you want to learn for the day! Studying at your own comfort zone would be more conducive for you and no one can take that for granted, nor exchange that for anything. Why take the hard path, when there is an easier one?

For more information, visit http://courageouspersuaders.com/scholarships-awards/

$1,500 Lindsey Renee Cianciolo Family Memorial Fund Award

If you are a high school student, then you are probably no stranger to adults and authorities asking you on your plans for your college education? What degree program or bachelor degree are you planning to take? What university or college are you planning to enrol into? Have you passed your requirements for your college or degree program? What are your plans after finishing your bachelor degree? Will you be taking a master’s degree? What kind of job or career are you planning to take? How do you plan to pay for your college education? Those are probably some of the many questions you have been asked.

As a high school student, those questions probably seem daunting, especially the ones about how you are planning to pay off your college tuition fees and other expenses. With the lack of opportunities around you and the ever looming threat of student debts and student loans that come with college, it is understandable if you feel like that. However, do not be afraid for there are plenty of other ways on how you can avoid having your student debts accumulate or how you can save money even though you are still in college. This is by taking up scholarships or entering contests.

One of the contests you can enter is the Courageous Persuaders’ the Dangers of Underage Drinking while Driving Awards. One of the many foundations that support it is the Lindsey Renee Cianciolo Family Memorial Fund. The Lindsey Renee Cianciolo Family Memorial Fund first started supporting and funding two Michigan scholarships with $1,500 in 2007. Up to now, the scholarship funding is still going on and is mostly financed by the father, Michael, and Lindsey’s sisters, Mary and Allie. This is a way of their to denounce underage drinking and to prevent more lives from being lost to underage drinking while driving since Lindsey died due to a motor vehicle accident caused by underage drinking in 2005

Now, this $1,500 is one of the prizes that high school students in grades 9 to 12 can win should they join the contest. To join the contest, they must create a 30 second video at most that will warn middle school students and classrooms about the dangers of underage drinking while driving. The winner will be receiving $1,500 and can also win the other scholarship prizes in the award. To learn more, go to http://courageouspersuaders.com/scholarships-awards/.

$1,500 Friends of Lindsey Renee Cianciolo Family Memorial Fund Award

In the United States, one of the leading causes of death is car or vehicle accidents on the road. This consists of many kinds of variations of road accidents like drunk driving and the other similar incidents. This is why it is baffling as to why lessons about road and car safety are not part of the curriculum in a lot of schools. Most of the times, the curriculum in high schools and middle schools are more about gearing students for their college education like getting a bachelor degree or finishing their degree program.

Along with this, schools are also criticized for not teaching students necessary life lessons like this one, paying taxes, and the threat of student debts in college, among others. High school and middle school prepare students for a lot of academic subjects for their college education or so that they can finish their bachelor degree or the kind of degree program they should take but rarely do they prepare them for real life experiences like this one.

That is why foundations and programs like the Courageous Persuaders and the Friends of Lindsey Renee Cianciolo Family Memorial Fund Award do their best in educating and informing young students about the road accidents and road safety, specifically, about the dangers of underage drinking while driving. This is extremely important since young drivers are said to be involved in car accidents more often as compared to the older and more experienced drivers and adults.

 In fact, Lindsey, the namesake of the memorial fund award, died at the young age of 20 years old on January 5, 2005 due to a motor vehicle accident, which mostly happened due to underage drinking. In order to honour her memory, the Friends of Lindsey Renee Ciancolo Family Memorial Fund Award was created and ever since 2007, they have been contributing to multiple state and national scholarships. The first contributor to this was the law firm of Hickey, Cianciolo, Finn & Atkins, P.C. and ever since then, the fund award had been dedicated in their endeavour of raising awareness and denouncing the dangers of underage drinking while driving by being one of the supporters of the Dangers of Underage Drinking while Driving Award. To join this contest, you must create a 30 second or less video that will warn middle school students about the dangers of underage drinking while driving. The winning team will receive $1,500 and also possible other scholarship prizes too. To learn more, go to http://courageouspersuaders.com/scholarships-awards/